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  • sleepinghermit 1d

    To my past existence
    Seek not the false star of Venus
    But bear your own shine
    For romance lies not in a persona
    It is instill in dreams, ambition
    Fear not the shroud of the night
    But the fake promise of sunshine
    All in the end, transform into your own star
    Not to outshine the moon
    But to be brighter in your today
    Survive the horrorful evening
    And in the dawn of a new day
    You shall have hidden victories
    Relished by your own celebrations

  • sleepinghermit 1w

    I scream inside
    An empty noise I can only make
    Waiting for the sunrise
    As the stars slowly leave my sight
    A temporary emptiness embrace me
    Coldly searching for a brighter hope
    I await the sun
    Show its brilliance
    So I may gently raise my head
    Wishing false hopes become real
    And whisper to myself
    "Everything is gonna be okay soon."

  • sleepinghermit 2w

    We are in the ocean of love
    As I submerge myself in passion
    I drown in my own emotion
    Grasping for beloved oxygen
    Which I sought from your kiss
    Our tongues intertwine left to right
    But our destinies refuse to connect
    Currents of time drift us apart
    Never to sight each other again
    In this ocean of love
    I now swim alone refusing buoyancy
    Sinking into hatred in things I can never possess

  • sleepinghermit 3w

    I take one step
    Outwards this oblivion
    I fear but I push on
    Without any light as my guide
    I slowly walk towards survival
    And I keep wandering
    If one day fantasies come true
    I hate everything around me
    So I travel aimlessly
    Looking for an existent salvation
    Unseen by my eyes

  • sleepinghermit 3w

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    As the clock strikes 12 AM
    Horrific necromancers invade my mind
    Bringing back dead thoughts to life
    Slowly consuming my flesh
    Struggling to sleep
    Then I gently weep
    Each buried past
    Pass through my bones
    Numbing me to move
    I thought I have forgiven
    I thought I have forgotten
    Yet each sin lives to haunt
    I was foolish to realize
    What I tried to forgot was me

  • sleepinghermit 3w

    Where will the winds take me tonight?
    As my soul floats in the ocean
    I trap my emotions in a fishbowl
    Traveling through tides of time
    A tiny speck of existence
    Drifting to find a place in this Earth
    Free yet imprisoned by my own thoughts
    I searched for the key on my own prison
    In this vast waters where I swim my adventure
    Looking into the island where I can stand still
    Then utter the most awaited words
    "I belong here."

  • sleepinghermit 3w

    Tear me into million pieces
    Every fragment of my being
    Contains universe of emotions
    Scream but your name

  • sleepinghermit 4w

    Where to my dear balloon?
    As I hope worries ends soon
    I wish to float in the skies
    See another ray of sunrise
    Enlightening the abyss of despair
    So I may leave this nightmare
    Ending chapters of sorrow
    Towards a brighter tomorrow

  • sleepinghermit 4w

    In midst of giving up, remember there are unseen people who see as a champion of hope.

    #start, #wod

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    I have been growing hope in our backyard
    As I confront my problems head on
    I show a struggling face
    Battered frontyard by storms of this Earth
    Yet behind me
    I shield it with all my might
    A wish I planted inside my heart
    Behind what I hidden from the world
    Will be the beacon of light
    Who wish to follow my lead

  • sleepinghermit 4w

    Another shot of alcohol
    Nightmare make seductive call
    Drowing myself in pleasure
    Sweet dreams I seek to treasure