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  • smartsam 3h

    Lovely & Friendly!

    Are you frustated
    are you cheated?

    Are you looted,
    & you hated?

    Have you been derided,
    with wrong all you collided?

    Are you finally refused
    are you slanted abused?

    Are you sad very
    or are you confused?

    Are you not liked,
    are you not choiced?
    Do you feel uncomfortable
    normally in them to poise?

    Are you optional
    are you deluded?
    Are you not loved
    very much secluded?

    Are you unhappy
    as skipped & any
    you can't copy!

    Are you lonley?
    You not then only!
    Come to me then
    dear come to me!
    lovely I'm & so friendly!


  • smartsam 12h

    Idiot Box,Mobile & All!

    Half truth,fake,
    media & idiot Box!

    Demon connects
    rest & reconnects!
    Media is the one
    jinx & menace!

    No people are as aware
    of themselves but more of others!
    By channels & constrained
    gossips overwhelming single matter rather!

    Media blinds rather constraints
    vision & mind on one it suspends!

    TV channels & repeated
    Face cute alluring &
    mirroring parallel sentiments!

    What a stupefying
    a jumping a darkness!
    By & on very television
    movies & soap markets!

    Truth is pushed
    rather away slided!
    Smile fake & fake glory
    immersed with colours & beguiled!

    This market media cinema & office box!Rely never on it sole
    this indeed is viral of Idiot Box!


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    Idiot Box, Mobile & TV!



  • smartsam 1d

    Our Love!



  • smartsam 1d


    Words of Emotions-


  • smartsam 1d

    Love Absolute!

    Beauty of eyes is good
    yet beauty of vision very good!
    Cute those lips ahh!
    Words escalate super
    those forgo blah blah!

    Cute those cheecks
    yes so appealing!
    Untainted natural still
    true beauty revealing!

    Tight apparels maybe
    for whatever reason!
    Figure natural docile,curved
    mind-blowing every season!

    Bloom those curves
    heartbeats throb more!
    True magnificent beauty
    witness face whole night
    spent amidst spheres!

    Cute that curve
    swaying, dwindling waist!
    Only arms knows cuteness
    that fit in it soft best!

    "I Love You" said it's nice
    again & again!
    When love blooms
    deep in heart though
    its love absolute then!


  • smartsam 2d

    Sound Harmony Music!

    I love sounds, music &
    vibes as dream!
    The resonance of a coin
    on empty vessel rings!

    Fond of viola
    alto & saxophone!
    Wow!Lovely the trumpet
    perfectly blown!

    The bass drum deep
    resonates lively!
    Beautiful Bells Ahh!
    sounds so comely!

    I love most
    reverberate of strings!
    So sweet emotions
    & memoirs to mind it brings!

    The pluck of a string
    on wooden guitar!
    No less lovely
    sound of pure tenor!

    My heartbeats dances
    on piano notes!
    What more soothing
    than sound of sweet flute?

    Layer harmonica with
    synth & vocal!
    Play lovely tunes on synth
    voices mixed dual!

    Excited heart touching
    sound waves of tenor!
    Echo resonates & of
    flute I'm a lover!

    Pipe organ old
    violin charisma sonic!
    All sounds Oh! I love
    music is my tonic!


  • smartsam 2d

    Global Disease Covid-19

    How the disease spread
    what a global pain?
    Allover people fear away
    people if not

    India by lockdown
    United States also locked!
    France plagued countries other now & uk too lost!

    How many chinese expired
    tells none for sure!
    This pandemic centuries
    worst dire!
    Person to person
    covid 19 spread everywhere.

    Air penetrated the body.
    Take a look at negligence
    What really happened?
    puzzled medicals even
    expert science!

    Spain, England, Turkey,
    diseased even doctors
    & nurse.
    Not just a disease it's
    a terrible curse?

    Working men
    locked in house now.
    Scientists quizzed
    puzzled by virus new!

    Fear all over the world
    men scattered away!
    I wonder if any use
    whatever they spray!

    No god no this!
    Please listen to me.
    Never I want to hear
    covid 19 disease!


  • smartsam 3d

    Love Improbable!

    Love might be for me
    I never knew!
    Of all womankind
    loved me if you?

    I was novice
    a man generally!
    A gender special
    specific in unique eagerly!

    Your eagerness
    was but withheld!
    Emotions of your love
    didn't overwhelm!

    How shall I know
    my soul already chaotic?
    Love of your heart much
    but feelings non wordic !

    May be I was a fool
    in matters of love!
    After all I loved no woman
    nor any woman past me loved !


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    Love Improbable!


  • smartsam 4d

    #कविता @कविता @mirakee_marathi
    @मराठी #काव्य #मराठी_कविता

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    बालपण परत यावे!

    वाटे कधी जीवास
    बालपण परत यावे!
    शाळेचे दिवस अन्
    मित्र जुने भेटावेत!

    न्हवती माहीत कधी
    व्यर्थ जीवनाची पोकळी!
    प्रेमभावच सर्वत्र सख्या,
    मन निरागस मोकळी!

    व्यर्थ की सार्थ
    आता जीवनाची व्यथा!
    तेच जीवन खर- बालपण
    कळतंय कुठे आता!

    ते मैदान, ते रस्ते
    ती झाड, तो कट्टा!
    कुठे हरवल ते लहानपण
    सुखाचे दिवस ते मित्रा?

    शाळा, ती छडी
    अन् खडबडीत बाक!
    अजून हि आठवते मनी
    येते कानी मित्राची हाक!

    चाराणे, आठ आणे,
    रुपयाच्या त्या चिंचा!
    न्हवत्या माहीत तेंव्हा
    अकस्मिक ह्या चिंता!

    आठवणीचे परत मित्रा
    धागे दोरे सुटावे!
    दिवस शाळेचे यावे अन्
    मित्र जुने भेटावे!
    दिवस शाळेचे यावे
    मित्र जुने भेटावे!

    वाटे कधी जीवास
    बालपण परत यावे!
    बालपण परत यावे!


  • smartsam 5d

    World I live in!

    No not caps
    but helmet more!
    Now this as doctor
    mask often I wear!

    No not play
    but fear more!
    Hence more distance
    & protection to wear!

    No I don't walk
    rather I escape!
    For name sake
    they call in walk brisk!

    Perplex this dark generation!
    Neon lights & flash more!
    Live less people here
    albeit die more!

    I live in world where
    joys less sustain!
    Life unpredictable
    more problems & so fear!