Live every moment making your heart happy.��

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  • smile_its_sunnah 3w

    Tables with treats from creative bakers,
    stop their ships using their anchors,
    as members from seas beyond imagination,
    gathering at one anothers home for the celebration.

    Wide smiles of happiness galore,
    as tailored clothing sweep the floor.
    Branded, sewed, purchased you name it,
    we all can't wait to wear our outfit.

    A blessed month has sadly ended,
    insha'allah our mournful heart has been mended.
    All the prayers and efforts we ensured,
    insha'allah becomes our daily chore.

    I make dua that you have a lovely and blessed Eid, I ask you please to remember my family and I in your precious duas.

    From the Kajee Family

  • smile_its_sunnah 4w

    Stop blaming the world for your problems,
    It is the broken society in which you believe.

    Be Uniquely Beautiful,
    Be Simply Crazy,
    Live Every Moment,
    Treasure every Memory.

  • smile_its_sunnah 4w

    As a stranger, to a stranger,
    I hope you live life appeasing those who opinionate the beauty within your heart,
    Not those who voice opinions that have been tainted.

  • smile_its_sunnah 4w

    I'm confined in my thoughts of Damnation,
    As my loved ones dissapear in societies Imagination,
    Awaiting a call from Misbelief of Perfection.

    I'm sanctioned in the walls of rectification,
    As my heart flatlines when I witness the acts of opression,
    Awaiting a 'supposed' hero that will bring upon correction.

    I am awaiting for my people,
    I am awaiting for myself,
    I am awaiting for my land,

    Because, a life of loneliness is a life where a soul will witness the consequences of believing the myths of temptation.

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    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Will You Be There....
    When loneliness seeps into my affected heart as worldly temptation mocks my suffocation.

  • smile_its_sunnah 6w

    Don't listen to the thoughts of societies manipulated minds, listen to the voices of angelic opinions of integrity.

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    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Breath steadily,
    Listen carefully,
    As your involvement is our dependency,
    Revolt the devours as manipulation is their cowardly tendency,
    Accomplish consequently,
    As strength stains the pain of punctuality.

  • smile_its_sunnah 7w

    We await your period of sacrifice and blessings,
    We await your memorable moments of love and distressing,
    A month where delirious whispers of liberty are confined in the cells of Hell,
    and the scenic mysterious gates of Paradise are opening.
    Pangs of hunger will secure the reason of this activity,
    as our blessing insha'allah will accumulate in our final destiny.
    Loved ones have left the tables of savoury but their memory will always create visions of harmony,
    Aim for change, pray for peace and live for the akhirat.

    I hope you have a Ramadaan filled with peace, enjoyment, love and blessing.

    Ramadaan Mubarak

  • smile_its_sunnah 13w

    Distanced relationships begins from within, as what one can see is how one will react.
    Change your perspective, Rectify your mistake, And witness the beauty of yourself from my perspective.

    #distance #writersnetwork #miraquill
    #pod #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Reflected Dismay

    Mirrored beauty entails imagery of fallacy, as what can be seen is reflected pigments of minded stature.

    What is seen by the viewer cannot be seen by the onlookers?

    I see imperfections, demanding plastic manufactured rectifications.
    I see worthless eyes, tearing with indefinite emotions of secrecy.
    I see myself, yet recognition is ambiguous.

    What is seen by the viewer cannot be seen by the onlookers?

  • smile_its_sunnah 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Chaos

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    Mindless insomniac moments remembering chaotic memories.

  • smile_its_sunnah 13w

    A bond is a creation which no eye can see, no heart can realise yet every cell embellishes.

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    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    A descriptive emotion of unity,
    An acknowledgement of sincerity,
    An unanswered, unaware understanding between two souls with one purpose, one reason and one

    At a moments in life our lives will change drastically, we will leave the environment of familiarity, we will leave the people who trained us, guided us and protected us.

    Everydays meetings will become one minute calls,
    Everydays physical connection will become a digital sight of disconnection,
    Everydays presentation of affection will become tasks of discontentment.

    As we will be to busy focusing on OUR lives than the lives we left behind...

    ....BUT... THAT'S OUR BOND!
    We don't need to see, touch, or show our feelings by being in each others presence because no matter what,
    we know we will be there for each other.

  • smile_its_sunnah 17w

    Slight effort of dimpled ectasy shadows upon serene beauty.

    Glazed visual sight gazes upon a destiny of justice.

    Silence mimics the weak yet their souls concoct loyalty.

    Because for man, it is their self appraisal that changes worldy views of salvation.