I love writing as part of my hobby and hope to meet other writers to connect with each other.

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  • smileyme 70w

    Yup I called you
    I called you
    But then
    You never replied me
    all the time
    I always called you first
    Because of that
    You thought that it’s okay
    Even if you didn’t call me
    Even if you didn’t reply me
    But what if
    All I wanted
    Was you to call me first
    So that I knew
    You still cared?

  • smileyme 70w

    No I shouldn’t be too attached to humans. I should not keep wanting to talk to humans. I should not should not keep wishing others will talk to me. Cause only I will get hurt. Didn’t I tell you a thousand times? You will get pricked if you loved too much, why didn’t you listen? No thorns don’t care about your heart, you gotta love your heart first, you know?

  • smileyme 72w

    A piece of paper
    Folded into a plane
    Waiting to fly to a broken heart
    To save it from
    The crashing memories
    I will save you
    Even if I am just
    A paper plane
    I will love you
    Even if I am just
    Waiting to be loved too

  • smileyme 78w

    I loved how you brushed against
    My skin
    Like a gentle brush
    On paper
    Like water colour
    Spreading love onto
    All fragments
    Of my broken heart
    I may never heal
    I may never heal
    Once you left
    Once I no longer
    Was able to embrace you
    In my arms
    I regret
    I regret
    Not hugging you
    More than I should
    I regret
    I regret
    Not loving you
    More than I should
    I regret
    Not knowing
    You were leaving me behind
    I regret
    So much
    Cause I will never ever
    Get to meet you again
    I am crying everyday
    Cause I miss you
    I miss how you
    Came when I called
    I miss how you
    Loved me
    Like nobody could

  • smileyme 87w

    It hurts to love you
    Like a snowman
    Melting in your hands
    Because you don’t love me
    I really do
    Even during the cold winter nights
    Your love
    Is like hot chocolate to my heart

  • smileyme 90w

    I shall learn to be
    Even if I am
    I shall learn to be
    Even if I am
    I shall learn to be
    Even if I am
    I shall learn to be
    Even when I am in
    I shall learn to be
    Even if I am
    I shall learn to be
    I was

  • smileyme 91w

    Don’t tear the pages
    Of this magical notebook
    Because it is the book of answers
    She opened everyday
    To seek your golden key
    She knew not
    Whether fantasies would ever
    Become alive
    She is still amazed at
    How much
    She adores
    Every tattered and torn pages
    Of your diary
    She found out
    It is because
    It is where you found her
    It is where she found you
    Love is not found
    Just in beautiful places
    But in pain and memories
    Love is you

  • smileyme 91w

    The door to love
    She never dared to open
    The door to hearts
    She never dared to knock
    The door to you
    Was always closed
    But she always tried to open
    Funny and ironic
    How much she loves you
    Without you knowing

  • smileyme 91w

    In this garden of mine, I found rosy bouquets of memories. Treasures are found not in gold or silver that rust tomorrow, but in friends so true like you! Medals we earn, but true friends, we hold dear for life! Shine forth your golden rays from within, for you are definitely worth it!

  • smileyme 91w

    I found a friend so dear to me, warm and sincere. She cooks the best dishes, and she is very very kind. I truly appreciate my best buddy😊 just like this bouquet of flowers she gave me for my graduation, she is truly a sweet and wonderful person! I am so glad I found rosy flowers in the park! The trail of life is full of trials, but we will stand brave and courageous till we earn medals of happiness!