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  • smily_aina 9w

    #oct_oeuvre #end

    //Haal-e-dil hum bhi sunaate lekin
    Jab woh ruqsat hua, tab yaad aaya ~ Nasir Kazmi//

    P.s. Hope y'all are doing well :) keep smiling ����

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    Lights were dim,
    his eyes were bold
    Never leave me, I was told
    How I wish we'd together grow old
    Pains me the thought,
    as I hold
    his freezing hands
    so cold


  • smily_aina 13w

    Love me not for my smile, it’s for everyone, it’s free
    Love me for the devil inside me, I’m not an angel you see
    Love me but cherish me for the tears I spill
    Love me but remember, my eyes really can kill
    Love me and my scars, the blemishes I flaunt
    Love me or not, it’s up to you what you want

    Not a sweet talker, barefaced I am
    Growing a bit stronger, each day I am
    Sometimes I might falter, clumsy I am
    Some days a bit darker, moody I am
    Amidst the pitter patter, merry I am
    Amongst my little family, a fairy I am


    #anaphora followed by #epistrophe

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    / Love me, for who I am /

  • smily_aina 14w

    He adores words weaved by her

    Her compelling charm imbibed in those

    Those that shine as shimmering stars

    Stars each fall fascinated by her smile

    Smile, that captured million hearts

    Hearts of mirth and misery alike

    Alike yet different, constrained but free

    Free in a world just she could see


  • smily_aina 14w

    Warm clouds embrace me

    Hope silently drizzles

    Sky composes picturesque lights

    As my eyes meet yours

    Ablaze, ever so bright


  • smily_aina 14w

    #triolet (ABaAabAB) #contest_j

    P.s. This is the fastest I ever wrote :D

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    Where the sky meets the sea
    You’ll forever be mine
    I’ll fly and jump in glee
    Where the sky meets the sea
    No you or me, just we
    Fingers entwined with thine
    Where the sky meets the sea
    You’ll forever be mine


  • smily_aina 14w

    I pass by a familiar, snow filled lane
    Who would've thought I'd come here again
    A miracle, what else could it have been
    Who would even believe what I’ve seen

    Back then, I was home earlier from work
    I lived alone, now that I broke up with that jerk
    The path felt oddly eerie
    Wind gushed, chilled and dreary

    Inside my pocket I reach for the keys
    Something grazes by my nape, and I freeze
    Spooked, I look left and right, then turn behind
    I see nothing, Am I out of my mind?!

    "It's me “ I hear a voice creak
    Wait… did my door just speak!
    What nonsense, I dismiss the thought
    But is it him? Is he sorry that we fought

    Hoping to open the door, I go ahead
    “DON’T. Pls don’t come inside” he said
    “Alert the cops first, there’s a guy here, armed.
    If not... you will be harmed”

    It was a desperate plea
    But surely was hard to believe
    To act upon what I heard
    Yet I decided to trust his word

    Soon arrived a group of men with guns
    Supposedly there was a criminal on the run
    The silent street was soon filled with chaos
    It wasn’t a needless warning, I suppose

    The criminal was caught and apprehended
    But they couldn’t find a trace of the one I stated
    I contacted my ex, apparently he wasn’t the one
    That voice is gone now that I had a safe return

    Well of course I moved to another place
    But it doesn’t help much, the change in space
    I still do remember, my mind plays it on repeat
    I still freak out when I hear a door creak

    #writersnetwork #door

    #lalawrites (hope u read it)

    P.s Finished it at last..and I do feel this was rushed, and I was still late in submitting -_-
    I tried making it fun to read...hope it is

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  • smily_aina 15w

    Set of Tankas (5-7-5-7-7)
    (@jaya___ I couldn't end it in just 2 Tankas...sry ��)

    And it's difficult if u ask to name any two accounts to be read. Anyways, @bluepuppy01 I love her story writing, that's something she excels at.
    @dory_d Writes with her heart


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    Most days I wonder
    Who am I, a mere blunder?
    Creation of God
    I know, but is it alright
    Where one's day and other's night?

    Like Latin and Greek,
    Though these disparities are
    What makes us unique
    Different from crowd? Be proud
    You're doubtlessly not a freak!

    From city or slum
    Special traits, we all have some
    Who am I? May be
    Someone kind, yet not stupid
    Grown up, with a heart of kid

    Bubbly, not torpid
    Open book, with nothing hid
    Flower, yet a weed
    Helping hand to one in need
    With a smile where all concede


  • smily_aina 16w

    My anxiety sits in a corner
    Mourning my dwindling wits
    Esteem cowers in fright
    Warmth scattered in bits
    Nothing worth a sight
    Just a look of creep
    No jump of joy, neither does it weep

    My composure sleeps in a closet
    Insanity holding the reins
    Mind filled with deranged thoughts
    Wrist covered in purple veins
    Fallacity applauds with a smirk
    Beholding the truth it feigns

    / …...and I wonder, Is this really the true me? /

    #start #writersnetwork

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    / …...and I wonder, Is this really the true me? /

  • smily_aina 17w

    I never believed love surpasses logic
    But if it's you,
    Could it be true?


  • smily_aina 20w

    Happiness possesses the charm that flowers do. When you're happy, you are like a garden blooming with flowers attracting every passer-by towards you. You become that sweet little boy on the street handing out a flower to everyone spreading his cheerfulness. Happiness spreads, it multiplies. Being happy can be anything but stupid. 

    But happiness is happiness. It's simple, like an open book - but being in pain isn't. Sorrow, grief, misery, depression are all like those locked treasure chests locked and buried deep inside your heart. And one needs to dive into it to comprehend those messy tangled up feelings. When an artist expresses his feelings on his canvas, these messed up feelings are very well camouflaged and only the ones with gifted eyes can uncover what truly underlies.



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    /And an unexpected smile can be the antidote needed for that poison called pain/