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  • smita_choudhury 32w

    Trees lose their leaves, the sky its stars and people their people. What stays forever are their stories and stories can have 'happily ever after' if we know where to put the period.

  • smita_choudhury 34w

    I am not very active here nowadays. But the uniquely beautiful theme of the challenge made me write.
    Thank you @luvnotes_challenge_host

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #cg_city_chall
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    The city we never were

    To weave words of parting
    Is a hopeless attempt to untangle
    An unvisited mess
    Inherently present everywhere
    For the myriad moments when
    The sea breeze touches my face
    And the sky adorns your hue
    All I remember is of us drowning
    Looking into the eyes
    Not a single word
    But much of a talk
    In plain silence
    A talk enough deep
    To kindle dreams of
    The city that you talked of
    Romanticising the
    pulchritudinous existence,
    When I imagined
    the city we never were
    Alive in the night, sitting by the sea
    Oft the sea waves would wash off our feet
    Side by the streets would be empty
    But our hearts would be full
    I would sing you songs
    Of pristine love and sanguine sky
    I should have known that
    not all skies are calm
    And the violent storm taking birth
    To snuff out our flame of faith
    I could never sense it
    What it carried, how it turned,
    into morose emotions, with time
    A monotonous existence
    And we could never
    rediscover ourselves again
    But I chose, I chose
    to pick up my pieces
    even in grave darkness
    And watch you leaving
    for the city that you talked of
    I never knew
    whether it was exactly
    how I had imagined, but
    Now I too live in a city by the sea
    that hopelessly reminds me of you
    And the sea storms
    Our abandoned togetherness.

  • smita_choudhury 35w

    Write you, like you

    I think I should write about you
    more often
    I think I should write about you
    each time you cross my mind
    I should write as much as I can think
    Write till I bleed
    All your memories, all your words
    Your entire existence in ink
    The day words fall short
    You will be as much on paper
    As much inside my head
    And then I suppose
    It would be bit easier for me to understand
    As to what I was to you,
    And you were to me,
    Then, even now, and perhaps always.

  • smita_choudhury 35w


    We bonded over tea
    Remember that afternoon
    Near the riverside stall you stood by
    And I was searching for black tea
    I don't like milk in it
    You said you don't like it either
    We talked after that
    Perhaps everyday
    Learning more about each other
    Growing close
    May be we both, may be just I
    You were nonchalant, I was naive
    You were there, your existence i could smell
    I could feel your walk, i could hear you talk
    And always in my mind in my head
    In my pure surroundings it seemed
    Like you always existed
    In my maturity I have realised
    You were a summer breeze
    In the scorching heat, you were my relief
    But you didn't last, may be never meant to last
    You blew away, your way, no one stopping you
    You chased your dreams and I wait now by the riverside
    Hoping to meet you someday
    We would bond over tea again.

  • smita_choudhury 39w

    Strange talks of value(3)

    You see, it's not easy to not follow the crowd and have a voice of your own. But when you develop it, without caring whether you will be likeable or not, it will be the most precious thing you have, your conscience, your voice, you should never let it go.

  • smita_choudhury 48w


    When I write verses
    My verses carry my love in them for you.
    The vastness of the sky
    Its blues, does away with mine.
    And I see you in new morn,
    Your absconding agony, your wrath
    It shreds the skin, the skin of new bud that bloom
    The new bud
    It longs for your care too
    You, your wrath, do away with my amour
    My amour sealed with sincerity
    For if my love is sunlight
    Your care is water
    And together we can grow
    So I write verses
    To let you know
    Know that what you feel is yours, is not just yours
    Its ours and together we can cocoon it from shredding.

  • smita_choudhury 67w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Isolation

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    Isolation helps knowing oneself better and in most beautiful way.

  • smita_choudhury 67w


    In dark nights
    During twilights
    In the morn
    Minutes ago happy,
    moments later halfway torn
    There's a longing,
    For skies and greens
    The air so serene
    The usual days, the busy roads
    With leisure at home
    There is crave for routined roam
    More to do with human traits, I feel
    Can't be satiated enough and wide
    With what we have, always it seems
    The grass is greener on the other side.

  • smita_choudhury 93w


    May be all this time life has given us now
    To reflect on our actions and learn nature too balances discriminations.

  • smita_choudhury 94w

    The glow
    that a smile brings
    can surpass
    all darkness.