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  • smriti_koul 20w

    Please repost this post so that everyone could read this!❤️

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    Read this when you’re sad!

    let it out. go ahead. you don't deserve what's happening to you, but that doesn't mean you should stop being nice. you can find joy in spreading it to others, and while some may find it fun to bring you down, it's slowly destroying their soul. talk to god. only he knows what your going through, no one else can really help you except for him. take a shower. listen to happy music, not sad music. jam out. read a book, take a break from your phone. write a to-do list. doodle. write in your bullet journal. cry into someone's arms. you got this. you're going to be okay, and in a year, it won't matter as long as you learn to get yourself back together. you have a lot of people in your life who love you <3

  • smriti_koul 26w


    Here's to the people we said goodbye to, even though all we ever wanted to hold on to them tightly, begging them to stay.

    Here's of someone who's long gone and struggle to let go.

    Here's to the people we miss so much that thought of them feels like a knife to the throat.

    Here's to the chances we didn't take because the fear of failing was more than something that crossed our minds.

    Here's to the tears we allow to stream down our cheeks night so no one sees.

    Here's to the love we've given our the years, the pieces of our hearts we handed our and never got back.

    Here's to the feelings we'd to hide and fake smile plastered on our faces to make everyone smile.

    Here's to whatever obstacle we've had to overcome, whatever battle we've had to fight, whatever pain we've had to feel, to make us kinder and better people to make us evolve and grow.

    Here's to everyone who believes in something- in magic, in love, in the power of dreams and faith to everyone who had something to fight for.

    Here's to our ordinary lives we never fail to turn into something.

    Here's to our beautiful selves, raw and real, a reminder that life is not a line or constant, there are it's ups and downs and that all inconveniences considered. We're doing pretty damn good!


  • smriti_koul 28w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Life is being hard to everyone but still we’ve to learn how to smile not for others but for us like moon everyone have different phases in their life many ups and downs but still all we can do is learn from all the little things and try to understand that if tough time comes it has some reason to teach us how to be strong!

    Life gives us millions of lessons that make us a angel or a evil it depends on how we’re gonna take that lessons.

    So try to be yourself
    Love yourself
    Understand yourself
    Pamper yourself
    Feel good!

    Please repost this post so that everyone could read this!❤️
    #smritiy #sya #mirakee #writersnetwork #love #pod

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  • smriti_koul 34w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork


    Deep down I know
    Things change, n I've to grow,
    Deep down I know
    Everybody is faking, n running their own show,
    Deep down I know
    These tears showers will stop, n sun will glow,
    Deep down I know
    Happiness will come, n all sorrow will go,
    Deep down I know
    Dust on their thoughts will someday blow,
    Deep down I know
    I will rise and not remain the same,
    Deep down I know
    I've to lead not just follow,
    Deep down I know
    I'll bring that smile, to myself I owe,
    Deep down I know
    If nothing is good, just go with the flow,
    Deep down I know
    I've to fight the world, not my show,
    Deep down I know
    I'll win the race of my life even if I'm slow!✨


    I hope everyone is doing good I know I've post after a decades sorry for that!
    Strength to you all!

    #smritiy #sya #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Strength ✨❤️

    Happiness comes from the heart,
    Try to be happy in this tough situation
    Everything will get fine soon!!!

  • smriti_koul 50w

    One day♡

    One day I won't disturb you like an insane,
    One day I won't eat your brain.

    One day I won't beg you to make me your main,
    One day i won't force you to dance with me in the rain.

    One day I won't ask you to clear the distance between us,
    One day I won't complain.

    One day I won't give you that migrane,
    One day I won't ask you anything to explain.

    One day I won't drop any situation in which you've to remain,
    One day I won't let these memories retain.

    One day I won't allow myself to cry,
    One day I won't go for any loss or gain.

    One day I won't blame those promises you made,
    One day I won't look at my dead heart.

    One day I won't be there to love you,
    But I promise my love will remain.

    One day you will sit beside my grave and regret,
    And may that day you would love me like a sane.

    One day I would close my eyes with your hands,
    And that day I'll live a thousand more lives again.

  • smriti_koul 54w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill
    Thanks for the like @writersnetwork����
    Sometimes we start hating ourself because we start comparing ourself with others. It's okay if you're short, it's cute.
    Someone calls you chubby>>> now your brain start thinking ten times before eating anything.
    Someone said you that you're so skinny that the wind can take away you, you pretended to smile but you looked at yourself and felt bad.
    Sometimes you don't even feel like doing anything on some days. It's okay trust me, you're beautiful even on the days when you don't feel yourself.
    We've grown up in a society which someone believed that fair skin is good and being dusky is a sin. Trust me, you don't need any fair and lovely or glow and lovely or whatever the fuck the new name is.

    If you're a girl you always have to listen you can't wear this, you can't say this, you can't go outside till late night, you can't sit like this and what not and we literally think sometimes being a girl is crime no dear trust me, being a girl is the beautiful thing in this world because you can experience the most beautiful character of a mother! That is beyond your imagination!

    Tell the world that you didn't grow up to take their shit and behave according to them. You're beautiful in your own way!

    World is a sad place without your smile!✨

    Thank for the read!��

    Please repost this post so that everyone could read this!❤️

    #smritiy #sya #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod

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    No beauty shines better than that of a good heart!
    Try to love yourself!
    Beauty is not the face,
    Beauty is the light within you!

  • smriti_koul 56w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    This year has been very difficult for everyone and me too. So I thought why not write down all the things I've faced this year, what I felt and everything!!
    (So much had happened this year(^^) )

    •When this year had started I only prayed to God that everything should be good ( I know it can't be happen). If nothing good can happen with please don't let anything bad happen with me.

    ~In �������������� many unexpected things happened with me that I've never imagined. That made me believe that true loves always wins, if we trust ourself everything could happen
    But at a point my friendship got weak and it made me so heartbroken!
    But I've always learnt that whatever condition is don't reflect your sadness on your face.

    //I could say that in �������������� and ���������������� I've experienced the most beautiful moments of my life that I've never thought I will//

    ~ In ����������, all got changed this virus came and all got shut down. I made a conclusion from it that we literally don't know that when we're meeting someone for the last time.

    ~ In ����������, I've learnt that if you do any mistake it have some motives behind it and due to a silly mistake almost my half year was so good.
    ( Many good things happen that made me so happy)

    ~ In ������ many flashbacks came in my mind from past few years that made me cry but when I looked in my present I feel a sought of relief that I'm happy today! And in last few days of May something had happened that was literally so unexpected like omg! But on last day of may I again lost my friendship and I thought that I would never get it back.

    ~ �������� was just simple m Huhhh>>>

    ~ �������� (Oops my birthday month)
    I realised that we should genuinely care for those who really cares for us. Many people wished me but I still waited for that one wish but it didn't came, it made a little bit of upset but I've got so much of wishes that made my day so beautiful♡
    In mid of the July I again got my best friend (yeaaahhh) but at the end of the month I lost someone of my stupidness, whom I love the most.

    ~ ������������ and ������������������ were like exam months.

    ~ ��������������, it was going normal but suddenly the person whom I've lost in July texted me and then I was so happyyyyyyy!!!!

    ~ ���������������� was a good month not so bad but sometimes I got demotivated due to some people, but I don't share it with anyone. I think so we should not share our weakness or sad moments to each and every person. Try to be strong on your own and I try the most eash day!

    ~ ����������������, OMG I think so its the 3rd best month of the year because we all know that when we're in problems we call/ remember the person whom we trust the most! and it was such a good thing that happened to me after waiting for 7 years!♡


    I don't know that what people think of this year but it was the best year of my life till now because of not the pandemic but something that happened with me for which I've almost waited for 7 years.
    I've learnt many life lessons in this year, and made myself more strong♡


    (Sorry for such long Paras but I've still written little little things that I've experienced and want to share it with you all)

    Thanks for the read!♡

    and yah HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! ♡

    #smritiy #sya #mirakee #writersnetwork #2020kasafar #pod

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    2020 ka safar

    I'm proud of myself that I fought bravely with each and every difficult circumstances!

    Have a happy journey

  • smriti_koul 57w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee


    There're days when I feel emotionally and mentally alone.
    Looking around finding no one!
    Sitting and getting lost in my own thoughts.
    Thinking about how 16 years of my life had passed so soon ( Time is so fast or I'm so slow)...
    There were many sad moments in my life that had broken me into pieces but I've never shown someone my weak side because no one cares.
    Only few people where there in my life whom I can count on my sad moments.
    But actually, we come into this life alone and had to go alone no one stays with us. The people whom I loved the most, trusted are not with me now, but I always think I should patch up with them but my inner soul says why always I should take the first step if they literally need me in my life they can also do it.

    //I want to say that try to be strong, you've to choose yourself, even when all refuse to.
    It's okay to take a break a moment for yourself. Don't try to show your weak side to anyone//
    //I know I'll be okay and then eventually everything will work out. I know that what's meant for me will happen, I know but I need some time to pull myself together because sometimes the shit life throws me in such a different world that gets heavy//
    ||Try to be happy each and every moment||

    ������������ ������ ������ ����������

    #smritiy #sya #wn #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

    (Written after a long while����)

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  • smriti_koul 63w

    Let's start yeah:-)

    Before you try to save the world
    Try to save yourself first,

    You deserve to be happy in the same way
    You wanted someone else to be happy,

    You deserve to be taken care of
    It is going to be you
    who will have to learn how to take care of yourself,

    Learn to treat people good
    But first treat yourself good,

    If you let them treat you unfairly
    It is almost because you feel unworthy,

    It has to be you who has to say 'no'
    Exactly when you want to say it,

    It will be you who have to learn
    How to treat yourself
    With �������������� and ����������������,

    All this is true
    Because no one will
    know you better than


    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Please repost this post so that everyone could read this❤️

    #smritiy #sya #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod

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    ' !

    ~Read the caption!^_^

  • smriti_koul 65w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork :- thank you so much for the like!������

    ♡✰�������� ���� ��������������������?♡✰

    I literally Don't know the real defination of depression because I've never gone through it! But yah I don't know why but I want to share something with you! And I hope that it can give courage to you!

    We all have seen that people specially teenagers go through this "DEPRESSION". First of all let's see what it is? What is its symptoms?
    (Omg it is a disease which have any symptoms. )

    1. ��������������
    2. �������� ����������������
    3. ������������������ ��������������
    4. ���������� ����������������
    5. ��������������
    And many more it's all about internet data!
    According to me what is the main reason that people goes into depression!
    There are almost thousands of reason - about studies, about carrier, about relationships these are the main reasons! and deep into it many more topics in which people start getting depressed!
    ❃ They start losing hope.. they want to be alone because it gives them happinessss! It happens to me sometimes when I started losing hope I want to be alone! Want to cry alone doesn't feel comfortable to share anything with someone!
    But no it's not the solution I know I'm saying that who never done this but we've to share it with someone whom we trust the most.
    ( I know it's very difficult to find, that's why I sometimes feel so alone.)
    But it makes our heart feel light as I've done it! When anything gets wrong with me and I'm broken! I cried and want to share it with someone but don't find someone so I start talking to god and start asking him such stupid questions why it happens with me and all shits!!
    But only solution to this is - if you start losing hope it means you've loosen something! And everything is written in our destination so if you've loosen it means for your welfare and something will come more good to you! So have patience!
    ❃ About studies and carries! Yah it is also a topic of depression
    As we're growing our life is getting difficult, pressure or we could say competition is getting high! And every person is not same have some different quality from others but they also don't know and it's not important that every child would be excellent at their studies! But in today's generation knowledge is getting lack and marks is getting more important! I don't know why but it's reality and we are facing it! A child goes into depression because of the pressure of studies and carrier! What could he/she do when he/she would not score good marks there future would get destroyed! (Such depressing^_^)
    But marks is nothing if you've knowledge you've the power to change the world but all people don't think so! And it effects today's generation! So all we can do is encouraging people who is suffering from it don't act like supportive, be supportive!
    Because children being fed up of all this end their life! And it's the saddest part of all!>>>>>>>>
    ❃ And the main we could say the relationships!!
    I've seen that in today's generation making a boyfriend or girlfriend is getting a trend!
    (*please don't take it seriously I'm just sharing my thoughts not targetting anyone's relationship!)
    And literally I've seen there are only few people's who get married and mostly a relationship ends in 2-3 years or less than it!
    Mainly it effects your studies, your life!

    ✸ So in last I want to say that it's difficult to fight your depression but not possible! As life is so short that we don't when we would be taking our last breathe! But try to live every moment with happinessss!
    (I literally don't know what I've written if there is any grammatical mistake, I'm sorry but try to understand the feeling if anyone gets offends with it then I'm sorry)

    ������������ ������ ������ ��������!❤️

    Please repost this post so that everyone could read this!

    #smritiy #sya #mirakee #writernetwork #depression #pod

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    We've to get cure from it for a better life!