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  • snehamitra 9w

    Oh god,my god!

    Oh god,my god give me the wings to fly
    but not so high

    Oh god, my god give me the tongue to speak
    but not to hurt

    Oh god, my god give me the heart to love
    but not to hate.

    Oh god, my god give me the power to help
    but not to hurt.


  • snehamitra 12w


    Wondered where have you been
    Until i have seen
    It was just like a dream
    Nature you're just so clean

    Travelling in a train
    Window seat on myside
    Poems crusade starts as i reside

    Wonder what I've seen
    Looks like its a dream
    The world around looks so green
    As if its painted clean

  • snehamitra 18w

    If a chef proposes

    If all the events of my life are curries,
    then you are salt in them,
    your presence might not be noticed -
    but without you there won't be any taste in my life.

  • snehamitra 18w

    Somtimes words are not required for conversation

    Sometimes it doesn't happen though you have a lot.


  • snehamitra 18w

    Everyone has their own speciality!
    If moon is so special that it spread its radiance at night, then its because of darkness we are able to see that.

  • snehamitra 18w


    Life is uncertain
    Sometimes you have to do the things that you never wanted to do
    some times you can't do the things that you really love to do

  • snehamitra 22w


    Some times its so foolish if we think why we won't think about our death.

    The only day when even the one's who never really cared start showing their love.

    The day when,even the most hated person gets utmost attention.

    Its soo foolish if we think why we wont think about our death

    The day even the most respected person will no longer be called by his name or designation.

    The day when all our connections with this world get disconnected.

    Its soo foolish if we think why we wont think about our death.

    The day when the true colors of the closed ones will be outcasted,but the day we wont be there to see it.

    The confronts of property sharing starts between brothers even before the decision of the father's rituals to be done.

    The day when you finally realise all that greed,swank was nothing but a trap which humans fall into.

    The day when you realise all the properties you've earned won't be yours any more -all you are left with is a six feet tomb.

    The day when we finally rest after going from one son to the other son's home like a less quality product being returned

  • snehamitra 22w

    God--> What if

    Up there far far from here
    Stays the superbeing,they say.

    What if he just stays and stares at us like we're all the contestants being auditioned?

    What if we're just the puppets that are being moved according to his wish?

    What if he creates the problems just to feel thrilled when he gets bored?

    What if all the tragedy that occurs due to pandemic is just a comedy to him?

    If he exists is he so heart less to let all this happen or is he some sort of psychopath who enjoys when people suffer?

    What if he is just troubling to remind all that there exists a theos within thyself?

    If he's really there, why would he let people waste resources in the name of offerings to him?

    Or is it because he became egoistic just like humans? - expecting something in return after doing some favour.

  • snehamitra 23w


    When I look into the mirror

    When I look into the mirror,
    I see the face which I won't show the world.

    The face that only I know,
    The face that has the brain which knows all about the truth of the bitter society,
    but the face that still wears mask and smile infront of everyone.

    The face that want to question with aggression when something is wrong,
    but the face that still stays silent thinking someone (god) would take action.
    The face that want to make the change,
    but the face that is scared to be judged.

    Its the same face that couldn't do anything other than to write about the same face thats looking into the mirror

  • snehamitra 24w

    If I Ever Love again

    If I Ever fall in love again, I will show you to the whole world with the enthusiasm of a child showing the tricks he had newly learnt.
    I will learn from the mistakes, fights like how a child learns to walk after falling many times

    If I Ever fall in love again, I will listen to all the words that come out of your mouth, with the same enthusiasm of a child listening to his grandmother's stories.
    If I Ever need to loose you, I would get scared like how a child gets scared when he gets lost in crowd-- (so many people are present around but no one's presence make sense).

    If I Ever fall in love again, I will fight with the whole world to protect you like how the mother hen protects her chicks.