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  • snehhaaaa 31w

    This single sentence makes us realize that how important self-love is because it's the purest form of love. After all, it has the essence that can glow your skin, beats your heart freshly, and Always give you good vibes.

    Sympathy is something that shouldn't be there in love people generally mistaken between sympathy and care they thought that both are quite similar but that's not like that care is something much beautiful than sympathy.

    Care is something done for our close ones while sympathy is generally for everyone whom we see in pain for say a child begging we have sympathy for him and from that instance, we show concern but for your friend you have care from that instance you worry when they are in pain.
    So it's important to love yourself not show sympathy to yourself because it leads to pushing away from yourself. Like if you want to know yourself more then start loving yourself. This best way to become a closet person.

    When you love yourself then only you can know your worth and how you should be treated and when all this is violated you can raise your voice too, to protect yourself, and this not something you called "sympathy" this should be "care" for yourself.

    When bunny said
    "Khuda pe daya khana band kro
    Or khud see Pyaar Karna seekho "
    We all should realize that !¡

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    When bunny said,

    "Khudh Pe daya Karna band kro aur khudh se pyaar krna seekho"

    - yeh jawani hai deewani
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  • snehhaaaa 31w


    Keep that hope alive
    Everything gonna be fine
    No longer everyone be at home
    And then we cheers to wine
    Let's pray for those we lost
    It look like I am in a long sleep
    Waiting to complete
    Not want to end up not being awake
    There is nothing which can't be solve
    Let's put our hands together
    And defeat and win the field
    And one day
    We all awake and walk care free


  • snehhaaaa 32w

    Dear late grandfather,

    " always remember no one can be good as your parents will be to you," someone said
    "Yes but grandparents are also bestest for you " I added.

    You always love me Like your own daughter I still remember those rides when I was a kid and we go together to eat and enjoy. Doesn't matter it's 3 pm or 3 am you always available the thing in front of me which I want You always know I am stubborn ways how to handle it.

    I never saw such a great grandfather like him. He was my grandfather and grandmother too. You can imagine now how much he loved me. he was the purest soul I met. Sometimes it's hard to explain that how much I miss him. His dialogues, talk, love, touch everything. But all I have are memories which were beautiful indeed in themselves.

    I wish I could have you here again I know your blessing are always with us but sometimes that's not enough And badly we want you .! I wish this wish can also be fulfilled by you. It has been a great seventeen years with you I wish there could be more but!

    At last, I want to conclude that whoever is with you now in your next life is extremely lucky as we were baba thank you for being such a loving, caring, and understanding grandfather.

    Your Granddaughter

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    To my grandfather

    I am lucky to be your granddaughter
    .......continued below

  • snehhaaaa 32w

    Jo Safar ki shuruwat kare hai
    Wo hi Manzil Ko paar krte hai
    Ek Baar chlne ka hosla rkho
    Musafir ka toh raste bhi intezaar karte hai..

  • snehhaaaa 32w

    That's was her mistake don't you saw her mini skirt, and the way she used to walk she deserves this ", That's what our society says when a girl raped.

    These so judgemental people say that she was too fair that was the reason for her rape she was wearing too revealing clothes that's what the main reason for her rape I mean seriously like don't you think it's all the mistake of that bullshit mentality who protects his sister and rape someone's else sister but on of rape isn't culprit or victim its mentality and discrimination from a very early age we girls taught to protect ourselves. As not everyone is bad not every boy is the same although but talking about those who can't even think that the girl he is molesting is also someone's motsisssister is one of the worst social evil from which girls aren't free as of now no can girl walk at night alone. You usually say that our parents never want us to go out at night alone but why the hell can't stop their sons to do so.

    Because of this rapist, innocent boys are also blamed that "all boys are same" hell no just need to understand who is bad and good for you and mentality is also a crucial part of this evil.

    "No girl has in mind that she will be raped and die"
    Request to see every girl as your sister and every girl should also respect boys.

    Let's puts our hand together and day

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    "Rape is all about mentality"
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  • snehhaaaa 32w

    Being soft won't make you Weak
    The only thing can is hating yourself ,losing yourself
    Stay soft, sensitive and make all this your strengths!


  • snehhaaaa 33w

    Khushiyon ke daman Mai ansoo gira kar toh dekhiye..
    Ye rishta kitna Sacha hai azma mar to dekhiye..
    Apke ruthne se kya hogi mere Dil ki halat ..Zara
    Aaine Mai pathar markr toh dekhiye..

  • snehhaaaa 33w

    Kar kitne bhi Sitam iss Dil Mai dahkan tere Naam ki hogi.❣khwaeshen toh adhuri bhaut hai par...
    Akhri khwaesh tere Didar ki hogii

  • snehhaaaa 33w

    Dear schoolmates,

    It was a journey of approx 15 years, long indeed and we face experiences and learn many new things all over but suddenly on one night, it ended!. Everyone who is reading this and I am also feeling something strange like little bit sad, happy, excited, confused types. In this journey, we met a lot of people some left and some are still with us. Two years ago our streams separated us now are colleges will. But I hope some of our bonds will remain like that only no matter how busy our life is gone because friends are a blessing!

    So after some days, a new phase of our life will start which is full of pressure, stress enjoyment. But the main thing how we deal all this will our maturity and how we enjoy our good time as childhood is different from this phase.

    I know this batch was passed with a lot of difficulties we were not able to meet each other, not able to take offline classes, not able to roam Here and there, not able to tease each other, no farewell, only online classes, and assignments but the positive point was that at last, we all are together, healthy And Safe.

    So here are a lot of good wishes, success, appreciation to all 12thiesss and congratulations for passing this stressful year so happily��..!!!
    P.s kidding ... On serious note
    We gonna miss school lunch, teacher teaching us, breaking fans, lights, fighting with each other, not completing homework And many more.

    Now we all have loads of memories and our friendships.... !!!
    Cheers to the amazing year and amazing people who are reading this.

    (I will tag some of my friends Here if someone left then I sry!)


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    Dear school mates,
    (It was beautiful journey indeed!) caption


  • snehhaaaa 33w

    I love rose because it flaunts beauty with thorns

    I love rose because it flaunts beauty with its thorns
    It doesn't get affected by its thorns
    People love it with their heart and
    It shows its bad side though

    I love rose because it flaunts beauty with its thorns
    Try to fall for thorns
    Because it made it more beautiful although
    I love rose because it flaunts beauty with its thorns