why y'all even reading my weird postss xd

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  • solitaryhue 6w

    It's not just bout the tears
    I suck in every day
    it's the tsunami of emotions
    that I left astray
    others' dreams that I carry on
    the heaviness leaves me paralized
    for the burning anger towards people
    which often leaves me critisized

    it's not just bout the tears
    I suck in every day
    it's the urge of stabbing myself
    that I ignore , everyday
    the heart spoke nothing but utter nonsense
    so I left it in the dark alley
    that I escorted my way from
    only to find a never ending loop hole
    thus I— again find me here
    looking into nothingness
    i have seen this darkness somewhere
    oh- it was that day
    the day moon didn't shine
    as if it was tethered in the sky
    as if it would break out any moment
    but it stood firm
    like any other day
    because it knew
    it's not how it ends
    the after life exists
    despite the palpable emotions
    it knew god has better for it
    or it was just my lunatism
    that pictured me on the dark moon
    the reflection
    I had been running from

    it's not just about the tears
    I suck in every day
    its the soul in my past
    that I betrayed
    If it lived more than it did
    It wouldn't let me bid it away
    Braided smiles held captive
    The drugness of nothingness
    ignorance for my dreams
    the agonizing tar
    that coloured it black
    it's all what distincts
    the soul in me
    from the soul in past
    only if it lived more than it did
    it wouldn't let me die
    before my destined death.


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  • solitaryhue 8w

    boundless pain

    laughing and smiling
    it's what i have been doing
    to cover the pain
    every time i cry
    lashing and screaming
    it's what i have been doing
    to expel the anger
    building inside
    praying for death
    it's what i have been doing
    for rotten pieces i hide
    broken yet alive

  • solitaryhue 8w

    Colour blind

    May your monochromatic orbs fall
    for the entity of beauty
    and the colours of pain
    how the heavy blue in her eyes
    the eye piercing redness of her emotions
    her smiles resembling the vibrant hues of twilight
    reflect in sapphire moonlight
    before you fall for her golden silky skin
    red cherry lips which leave the softest pecks
    the dusky brown in her lens
    and here cheeks resembling rose petals when she blushes
    maybe you'll realise
    the wonders you're missing on
    and the colours which are still left
    in the mundane reality of your life

  • solitaryhue 9w

    I see his memories withering away
    as the time passes away
    I sit by myself every night
    thinking what have I must done right
    that his vulnerable soul is safe and sound
    away from the pain, now that I'm not around

    As I carress the small rusty chest
    open it knowing I ainʼt ready for the rest
    taking a brief look at shiny shards
    lying inside broken and apart
    I take out the biggest one and scream
    not wanting to realise
    how long I have been doing this to me
    it reflects his smile and our happy dreams
    leaving me in chaos
    Did we even meet
    Did he even leave
    I hold the jewel and press it against my chest
    thrusting it deeper in my heart
    I cry, I scream
    I laugh, I bleed
    My bloody hands reach after another piece
    but realise that even moon went to sleep

    I pull it out of my heart
    not really caring bout the deep scar
    because I know
    when I'll see his memories withering away
    as the time passes away
    I'll carress the rusty chest
    open it knowing I ainʼt ready for the rest.

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  • solitaryhue 10w


    Visit her soul some day
    and take a brief look
    at the dark clouds
    which never rain
    the haunting silence
    braiding pain
    the pierced sky
    which still bleeds
    and the ugly wounds
    which never heal
    the abandoned buildings
    which once molded love
    and the dried lakes
    which once sailed hope

    then paint the ointment
    like every one did
    and make her feel like
    such people exist
    who don't betray
    and then Alas!
    leave her hopeless in the midway

  • solitaryhue 10w


    —and I'm just a body

    with dead soul and rippling pain

    just like this ink

    dipped in emotions

    I try to remove his stain

    but it appears every now and then

    knowing I can't change what has done.


  • solitaryhue 10w

    The song of heart

    break my bones, burn my arms

    and rip my every organ out

    until the only soul is seen

    and whatever it takes,

    takes you to give me my old self

    the one which smiled at heart

    had the wings to fly high

    absorbed every negativity

    yet shone like the moon

    if not then tell me what it takes

    to be perfect in their eyes

    very hard this soul tried

    to prove this decayed entity

    but it's not what it takes

    to be accepted in their eyes

    but when you do it all

    after lending me some happiness

    you'll see me smile with crescent eyes

    n' dancing to the rythm of my heart 

    that always longed for this moment

    instead wrote a million dirges


  • solitaryhue 11w


    you're hurting"
    so let it be
    let me realise the depth of pain that I can endure
    let me touch those red bleeding chords,
    running the blood in my heart
    until i grasp the tar which lies inside
    the blackness which numbs my tears
    and sets me free
    from the veiled torture
    that I have been doing to myself
    because the more i reveal
    the more those demons
    keep lashing into me.
    it's smell is too tempting,
    too tempting to not swallow at once
    but it's the human frailty
    to poison it's senses
    slowly yet painfully
    until the parasite licks the drug
    and injects another

  • solitaryhue 11w

    1:22 am

    You gave me love
    I wore it around my lips
    like the most precious jewellery
    I'll ever have.
    You gave me pain,
    and I kept it a treasure too,
    to the extent
    that it coloured my heart blue.