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  • solivagant7 1d

    A fight to reach the end

    when i look in the mirror, i see
    a broken voice shrill to hear
    yet captivated to limit her words
    I wondered If she knew the meaning
    of triumph n glee

    Words trembled to describe
    her picturesque, approaching her
    to speak the consoling words seemed
    as if I'll break that delicate yet
    tough shell she is been holding on
    it felt so delicate like the
    wings of butterfly but her's were broken

    I could see her bones lining her rib cage
    as if telling her to stay strong be bold
    when i saw her i could count
    the days she starved her self,

    Her eyes lacked innocence in them
    I felt how matured she had to be
    besides her little age

    Her skin spoke a different story to me
    as if they wanted me to feel her scars -
    the oozing fear from them.

    But, there was something, i had missed
    to see that fire in her heart, dim yet
    stubborn ,to keep fighting on
    till she reached her end


  • solivagant7 2d

    Healing wasnt a process for me
    it was an emptiness,
    I thought
    would devour me


  • solivagant7 3d

    Human yet a Demon

    when you are a living demon
    an exhausted criminal
    unjustified of the crimes committed
    I see through you they say
    whether right or wrong
    darkness lies inside of me
    a brunt castel in the valley
    an abandoned heart still
    waiting , yes i am a demon with

    when you are a living demon
    underestimated of your power
    you shut down the shutter
    condemn what you done
    finding reasons for the situation
    you deserved it they say
    I fall on my knees what choice
    lead me to this
    yes,I am a demon with unspoken
    words and a curse of suffering

    when you are a living demon
    happiness is not a choice
    dark side comforts you
    and light criticizes your nobility,
    your fate is to die they say
    but i deserve to be a human
    I say, forgiveness is my right
    I scream over and over again
    yes I am a demon with a fire of
    freedom within me
    but dreams aint reality
    I am massacred human
    into the flesh of a Demon
    they said your are burden
    but I am unknown to this world
    yes, I am paralysed demon
    captured with this dream world


  • solivagant7 3d


    life isn't symmetric,
    nor, it follows the rules of geometry,
    I hope it could be calculated -
    the number of lives we lived once i came
    to this human form
    So, it doesnt fall into mathematical category

    I wonder can astronomy be the answer to my
    Does the stars define my destiny
    Or lines on my palm decides whom i get to be
    Does really god has made me?
    If so, does spirituality, clear my sins,
    Do my lies leads my way to the hell or heaven.

    Can psychologist really cure my overthinking
    Those dreams i am having,
    again n again are they
    signs to some future event.

    So many questions, yet no answer
    does life has some meaning
    or its a cycle thats been
    going on and on since ages!


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  • solivagant7 60w

    i wanna fall into his arms
    and say fix me
    i am broken