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  • someone_you_know 2d

    Ps. Ending it all where it started! Thanks for all the love and support. It was a beautiful experience being here... you people are love♡

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    People say goodbyes are hard... but trust me,
    stories ending without a goodbye are even worse! :)

  • someone_you_know 13w

    It was exactly 24th July, 4:44 pm when you entered in my life. Today an entire year completes. I'm happy as well as sad at the same time. Do you know why?
    Because last year exactly at this time, I had you with me but today I don't! Wasn't our story really short?
    I'm happy cuz you filled my life with colours... actually bright colours. But the sad part is you took all of them back with you. Those colours disappeared , just like you did.

    Thinking about you is just like diving into an ocean ocean of laughter ocean of tears ocean of love ocean of betrayal ocean of memories



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    And darling,
    Even if you and me couldn't be together forever,
    still I assure you to adorn my heart with our
    cherishable and beautiful memories forever...

  • someone_you_know 16w

    This is a byproduct of a long convo with a really special friend of mine who was heartbroken, almost a year ago... I wrote this poem quite randomly, so read it only if you want to.
    And please BE REAL. BE GENUINE.

    Ps. This is a repost from a bunch of my initial poetries, which got deleted by mistake. Hope you don't mind reading it again!

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    The Girl...

    The girl you touched in that way
    Still experiences nightmares which led her astray

    The girl you grabbed like that
    Still with herself is in a combat

    The girl you body shamed years back
    Still gets conscious and her confidence still lack(s)

    The girl you made out with and at last dump(ed)
    Still has in her throat a dilemma's lump

    The girl you abused mercilessly... you remember whom?
    Still fears to face the world outside her room

    The girl you wrote shit about in comments
    Still is afraid to post something on events

    The girl who loved you so deeply but whom you betrayed
    Still is not able to love her ownself , cursing herself for "how you played!"

    The girl who wished to live a long life with you
    Still oftenly questions herself, "I'm still surviving, is that even true?"

    The girl who was a life loving person
    Still asks her destiny, "Are you still not done?"

    The girl who was a normal human being
    Still can't find any reason left for living


  • someone_you_know 17w

    Ehh, random mess!

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    And darling,
    Your absence made me hate my ownself
    not because I couldn't hold onto you for a little longer,
    but because after you left, I've been punishing myself for
    a crime I never committed.

  • someone_you_know 17w

    If I am the Juliet, then I'd choose only and only you as my Romeo.
    I'd choose you in all my fantasies and my realities.
    I'd choose you when you're close and even you're afar.
    I'd choose you when you love me and even when you don't.
    I'd choose you when you're mine and even when you're not.
    I'd choose you today, tomorrow and everyday.
    I'd choose you over and over again, until my last breath and even ever after.

    Everybody in this world is free to love. And in fact love comes more naturally. Sometimes all I want is to breathe love, pure love. And when I close my eyes and muse about love
    ...all I can see are your alluring and mysterious eyes,
    ...all I can hear is your deep and mesmerizing voice,
    ...and all I can feel everywhere around me is YOU.
    Me thinking about love, and not having the fear to lose you is the last thing to happen ever. 'Cause they say nothing is forever. But I wish to hold onto you forever and a day as you were the one who used to make me feel more ME. You were the one who never failed to make me feel beautiful and loved. You were the one who turned me into a better version of myself.

    //Darling, I lived the best days of my life
    when I had you to walk beside me on those deserted streets at late night(s)
    Darling, I lived the best days of my life
    when I had your shoulder to cry on when every single hour I just had to strive
    Darling, I lived the best days of my life
    when I had your hand to always hold whenever I was on the verge of being alive
    Darling, I lived the best days of my life
    when I had YOU, which was the only thing I yearned for to survive//


    #love #and_darling

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    //And darling,
    If I am the Juliet,
    then I'll choose only and only you as my Romeo.
    I'd choose you in all my fantasies
    and my realities.
    I'd choose you today,
    tomorrow and everyday.
    I'd choose you over and over again, until my last breath
    and even ever after...//

  • someone_you_know 18w

    Was off for a while! I'm back, maybe :)

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    I fathomed
    that envisaging
    YOU and ME to be
    US was just a mirage...

  • someone_you_know 18w

    When I was 8 years old,
    I found my father in all those optimistic words I learnt

    //He's brave and brilliant
    He's courageous and intelligent
    He's cool and caring
    He's a dreamer and inspiring
    He's generous and gentle
    He's kind and tender
    He's loving and motivating
    He's patient and sacrificing
    He's soft-hearted and selfless
    He's sweet and nice
    He's understanding and wise

    ~He is my dad and he is one of a kind~ //


    When I was 11 years old,
    I conceived my father to be present in all those subjects I studied at school

    //In mathematics, he is my every single solution
    ...'Cause for all my problems, he is the only one who knows the final conclusion
    In chemistry, he is my oxygen
    ...And for my every illness, he acts like a medicine
    In biology, he is my heart
    ...'Cause nobody can ever separate us apart
    In physics, he is my energy
    ...And every moment spent with him, for me is a special memory
    In computer science, he is my code
    ...'Cause he taught me that desired destination can only be reached by taking difficult road
    In English, he is my punctuation marks
    ...And made me realise that even the epitome of beauty, "the moon" is flawed and has scars

    ~My dad is not only my superhero, but my entire world~ //


    When I was 15,
    I saw my father's reflection all around me

    //He is the man who loved me from the day I was born
    And he is the one by whom even my flaws are adorn(ed)
    He is the man who taught me how to stand and to walk
    And he is the one who groomed me as how to confidently talk
    He is the man who motivated me to have faith on myself without having any doubt
    And he is the one who knows me inside and out
    He is the man who was my first teacher and also a friend very dear
    And he is the one who can do anything to avoid my every single tear
    He is the man who never gave up on me, no matter what the situation is
    So yes, I am proud to be my daddy's little princess

    ~To have a father like him I feel truly blessed
    Because as a father and moreover as a human being, HE IS THE BEST~ //

    P.S : Being a girl, I feel really grateful to have such an amazing father figure.
    A father is a person whose efforts are sometimes left unnoticed. We should never forget that our father is the one who binds the family together. He may not say "I love you" to us a hundred times, but deep down he is the one who loves and cares about us the most. He makes sacrifices throughout his life just to give us a better life. We owe a lot to our parents, and can never pay them back.. so let's just make them feel loved. Let's give them our time, it's all what they want from us.

    Wish a very happy father's day to all those strong and respected fathers out there. Lots of respect.❤��

    #character maybe it counts��
    #roadc @writersbay (reference: para 2)

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  • someone_you_know 19w

    awakens hope
    in the lifeless landscape
    by renewing and blooming each

    Cinquain (Syllable count : 2-4-6-8-2)
    @writersbay #wov1

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  • someone_you_know 20w


  • someone_you_know 20w

    ~I am love ~

    • When you were an infant
    Gazing at your innocent face with those curious and radiant eyes, your mom constantly used to smile...
    ~I was present in that unconditional smile of your mother who
    always found HER OWN REFLECTION IN YOU~

    • When you were a growing teenager
    Those people out there in the society filled you with insecurities and inside you evolved a self doubt...
    ~I was present in that "DON'T WORRY my little champ, YOU CAN DO IT" told by your dad,
    who had never dying faith in you since the very start~

    • When you were turning into an adult
    Back then when you were clueless about your life and wanted to end everything with a sharp cut of a knife...
    ~I was present in those eyes of the guy to whom you were his entire life,
    Looking at the broken you, whose eyes yelled, "I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU. DARLING, I NEED YOU TO SURVIVE."~

    • When it was the time for your farewell
    And you were living the final moments of your life...
    ~I was present in all those memories going across your head
    Which you wanted to cherish even on your DEATHBED~


    //I am a walk in the rain
    I am present in every lover's each single vein
    I am a tool for a broken heart to mend
    I am a road to walk on, without any end
    I am present in the serene moon who visits you every dark night
    Reminding you to adorn your scars and still shine bright
    I am a romantic song which can make anyone sway
    I am the air without which you can't survive a single day
    I am tender, pure and genuine
    I was born to make this world a better place to live in
    I am not wicked, it's you who used me for wrong
    I am a boon whose presence makes every bond strong
    They say I live in their hearts and I feel like every other emotion
    But trust me, I am rare yet if you try to seek me, I'm endowed in God's each single creation
    I don't break people's heart and I am not illicit
    I am love and I am in myself enough explicit//

    They say "Love is like the air
    You can't see it
    But you can feel it."
    So fall in love and feel me!

    ©LOVE ||someone_you_all_know

    ||Falling in love is never a crime.
    Breathe love. Pure love.||


    [PROMPT 2 : POV of love]
    Lines in "..." are from the novel A WALK TO REMEMBER by NICHOLAS SPARKS

    @say_me_krish ik this is a complete mess! ;_;

    Ps. Just tried something different from my usual write ups. And tbh I personally don't know how to write a pov and I don't even remember reading one!
    So just scribbled anything that came to my head. Please pardon if there lies any mistake. Suggestions are most welcomed, as always!

    Edit : I'm still not able to believe that I'm freaking the second runner up of this challenge. Thank you so much everyone for your kind read❤
    Much grateful ��

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