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  • someonedeepinthoughts 1w

    Yeah! Obviously there are people
    who hate you and don't like you at all
    And some "may" love you
    The way you are.
    But whatever it is that
    should not matter to one at all
    If you love yourself
    That should be enough
    Actually more than enough


  • someonedeepinthoughts 2w

    Feeling an ajeeb funda

    Don't but just an inadvertent,
    I visited his profile
    I crushed someone like him...duh!
    I mean itna koi kaise pagal ho jata h
    At one time I cried to meet him
    And now I just escape from him
    Cz I hate to talk to him
    We say he or she betrayed us
    I say our own feelings betray all of us
    Cz those are out of control
    Kabhi bhi kuch bhi yaad aajata hai

  • someonedeepinthoughts 24w

    Not everyone is blessed with beauty
    Kitna b bolo batsurat honey ka gam kabhi gayab nahi hota

    Aur zindagi bhar reheta hy

  • someonedeepinthoughts 26w

    A bit closer

    Can I be a bit closer to me
    Shedding all the tears of looks
    Accepting and loving thyself
    With wellbeing and smile maintain
    Can i be a bit closer to me
    And have mesmerized time with me
    Beneath my arms nourishing me
    Can I be a bit closer to me
    Cz I wanna say I love me
    Till death and after
    Can I be stand with
    Being closest of me

    I is me & me is my


  • someonedeepinthoughts 28w

    Life without money
    Is a phone without net

  • someonedeepinthoughts 28w

    For kids death is horror
    For adults death is wish
    For senior citizens death is unwanted truth


  • someonedeepinthoughts 29w

    Before stepping new life
    I d k baby
    What's gonna happen next
    May be not so scary
    Hoping to be beautiful dearly

    Wid my love
    I d k baby
    What's happening to me
    Just laughing beautifully
    Hopefully not hypnogely

    Be it earthquake or snake
    Go to hell all
    I am sleeping so well
    Better be silent and join me
    This is so relaxing baby


  • someonedeepinthoughts 30w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Obligation

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    Promise an obligation

  • someonedeepinthoughts 31w

    By unknown writer

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    Happy sad love

    Observing her calms me like the waves of oceans do
    The time I stare her dream world is created so true
    To walk around and have chill
    Being with her yup I get dormant
    just like an relaxing pill
    It's like I'm at the top of mountain at night
    and cool breezes are passing by
    soothing my soul well polite
    and everything is calmed down
    Fading all reasons to frown
    Yeah I know I cant have her
    To you all
    May be a sad love and a good reason to empathise for
    But no words for explaining
    How wonderous is it in helping
    her Being A silent lover
    I call it as happy sad love forever


  • someonedeepinthoughts 32w


    What's so wild
    To make it mild
    May be my thoughts
    killing me deep inside

    What's so wild
    to make it mild
    May be the way I compare with others
    Killing me deep inside

    What's so mild
    To make wild
    May be my self esteem
    Trying to kill all those taunts so blind

    What's so mild
    To make it wild
    May be my heart
    Always in someone's heart