You, me, and a whole lot of poetry...

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  • sonakshiarora 34w

    You look into a mirror
    Counting all your woes
    You wish you were taller
    Had a slightly smaller nose

    Bigger, browner eyes
    Fingers not so short
    More prominent clavicles
    A stomach that's taut

    There's repulsion in what you see
    An erroneous reflection behind?
    But perhaps most probably
    The concoctions of your mind

    The mirror shows you an image
    Distorted by your thoughts
    "Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Show me all that I am not."


  • sonakshiarora 34w

    We're victims of human propensity
    The penchant to feel guilt
    Pulling down our empires
    We once stood and built

    Bathed in flammable misery
    One matchstick far from decay
    A case of acrid gaslighting
    We must char ourselves away

    We no longer are the masters
    Our fires can't be tamed
    So we wait to get consumed
    By the embers of these flames

    An entreat to end our sorrow
    This fire is what we crave
    These insecurities grew so loud
    That they dug our own graves


  • sonakshiarora 37w

    Shrouds of golden tragedy drape us
    As the birds sing the songs of sorrow
    An impending doom awaits us again
    It is yet another tomorrow

    These mountains are the witnesses
    Of abandoned taciturn streets
    The scents of peril loom the skies
    Disaster must not taste so sweet

    The waves of shores find no ankles
    For them to bring slow relief
    This new beginning regales
    By proffering us our grief

    The flora of dawn has forgotten to bloom
    Wisps of winds whisper warnings
    Another day weighs upon us
    It is, indeed, a good mourning


  • sonakshiarora 46w

    We've imagined a perfect life
    Concocted in our mind
    The script has been written 
    All scenes carefully designed 
    Our stories are already planned
    Word-by word, day to day
    We've put a movie in place
    Directed in our own way
    We're aware that reality differs
    It's unintended, brutal, misshaped
    So we took to daydreaming
    And carved our own escapes
    Truly, life does digress
    It's got a mind of its own
    A storyline has gone to waste
    Pristine ideas overthrown
    We never recouped from the diversion
    Life has commited a treason 
    Spring might blossom upon us
    Yet winter remains our season


  • sonakshiarora 46w

    When we were little
    Our mothers used to tell
    Stories of pretty damsels
    Living in distress
    So we took to understand
    When life seemed blue 
    There's always a fine prince
    Coming to our rescue 
    They never told us how
    We never questioned why
    The pauper always needed
    A prince for her to pacify
    It took us long to realise
    We aren't Snow White
    Albeit the same adversaries
    We get no royal respite
    Our shoes must fit perfect 
    They can't slip off our feet
    We've got to run our race
    There's no time to sit and weep
    No stroke of luck, no magic wands
    No godmothers to set our sails
    There's no guarantee of happy endings
    Our lives aren't fairytales


  • sonakshiarora 60w

    The world isn't a shattered place
    It's much different from what we think
    It's made into smaller fragments
    Each one interlinked
    I like to think of it as
    One big broken piece
    So that we can find our ways
    With a little more ease 
    And,perhaps just like this world
    Our hearts are segmented too  
    So that you can find the part 
    That's meant to fit with you


  • sonakshiarora 61w

    We're all warehouses of emotions 
    With heavily guarded iron gates
    Ever-increasing our fortified walls
    We shield our fragile estates
    We've locked up our feelings for good
    Since we could never set them free
    The world didn't have a use for them
    So we also threw the keys 
    But even the strongest of the merlons
    No matter how huge
    Could only hold up our weights so much
    Before they drowned us in our own deluge
    We forgot to drain out the storage
    And it filled to its brim
    We sunk down to the rock bottom
    Because we never learnt to swim


  • sonakshiarora 73w


    I'm penning this letter tonight
    But the address isn't filled
    So that it might wander around
    And find where its meant to fit

    The paper has my wishes inscribed
    Of hopes, wants and other things
    For if the cover ever chooses to fly
    My dreams might gain their wings

    It's safe inside this envelope
    That wafts along with the breeze
    Slipping into crevices often
    It'll carry all that it can seize

    I know the perils that lurk outside
    And the envelope might get stuck
    So I'm sprinkling into it
    Some stardust and a little luck!

    As the envelope finds it way
    Across the seven seas,
    I hope its tour continues
    And my dreams won't ever cease

    Now I'm sealing this envelope
    For it must commence its journey
    But if you ever manage to find it
    Know that it was me


  • sonakshiarora 88w

    Maybe our life is just a maze
    We're trying to navigate through
    Entwined with hurdles on the way
    We encounter out of the blue
    We often reach the same spot
    While searching our way out
    They call it 'coming full circle'
    Perhaps that's what life is about
    Our only compass is our heart
    That's powered by our minds
    Showing us the pathways to
    Doors that are hard to find
    There isn't any concrete map
    But life does offer us some hints
    It's important to catch them in time
    For they're the keys to this labyrinth


  • sonakshiarora 89w

    Someone once asked me
    "What's your biggest fear?"
    And I told her it was getting lost
    Amongst 7 billion people of this sphere
    It's easy to get concealed
    As the world increases its pace
    For I feel like I'm in a marathon
    Just about to lose this race
    It's hard to keep up at times
    When there's so much that I don't know
    I'm scared of getting walked over
    Trampled before I get to grow
    Everyone's swimming ahead of me
    As I struggle to keep aloft
    I'll drown to the bottom of this ocean
    And I'm afraid I'll get lost