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  • soulpriyam 77w



    The one who is a giver
    would be sensitive to the needs of others and will be able to give what the
    other person needs at the right time, instead of giving what he wants to
    give. Also such a person is able to give without expecting anything in

    Have a great day
    Stay blessed

  • soulpriyam 78w


    When we make courage
    our companion in every
    task, we will definitely
    be successful.

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  • soulpriyam 79w


    Protect your peace,
    get rid of toxicity,
    cleans your space
    cultivate love.

  • soulpriyam 79w


    True Positivity

    Wen I have the eye for seeing potential,
    I am not caught up with any
    weakness of the present.
    I am able to see, eve in people,
    the promise of what they
    can do and become.
    When I do this, I will be
    able to help people discover
    the latent potential.

    Have a great day.

  • soulpriyam 79w


    Grow at your own pace.

  • soulpriyam 79w


    A real self transformation takes place when we ask ourselves meaningful questions everday. Self checking and self analysis is the basis of self transcending. We may keep on running in life and never reach anywhere if we don't know why are we running ?

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  • soulpriyam 80w


    You glow differently
    when you're actually Happy.

  • soulpriyam 80w


    अपने बीते हुए कल को
    वो अधिकार कभी मत देना कि
    वो आपके आने वाले कल को
    नियंत्रित करना शुरू कर दे।