I can't help falling in love with me ����❤

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  • sowhatnattynuts 2d

    Dear past
    Thank you for connecting me
    With my present
    Who made me smile again

  • sowhatnattynuts 2d

    We may not forget
    Those who made us cry
    In the past,
    Can't we accept
    And focuse on,
    Those who made us smile again
    In the present...

  • sowhatnattynuts 4d

    Cold coffee(summary)

    It's the boy she never told she like
    It's the girl he met on hike
    He tried to call her out for date
    But unfortunately,, she's running late
    As she start looking for him
    In the middle of a cafe ,where she never been
    That's how, the two odds meet
    And so do their, cold coffee
    Which ended up to a date unseen,
    And ,so a girl of eight
    Reminds them about their blind date
    Years passed, direction of winds changed
    But what's still the same
    She , he ,and that same, old, cold coffee

  • sowhatnattynuts 1w

    Falling in love, isn't always about
    Being with that person,
    Sometimes,letting them go
    With a heavy heart, is love
    Having no regrets
    Not Holding on your breath
    Moving to a happy ending
    As you see them smile
    waving your last goodbye
    Cause you know
    You know there're be happy ,safe and sound
    Doesn't matter with you,or someone else around
    Is love

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    So love,
    Dosen't matter
    If you go
    Or stay
    I love the feeling
    Of falling in love with you

  • sowhatnattynuts 1w

    Sometimes, holding on
    Is... love
    And Sometimes,
    Letting go
    Is,also love

  • sowhatnattynuts 1w

    You can't give up

    Because their is someone
    who didn't give up on you
    You can't give up
    Because their is someone
    who sacrificed their life
    So that you may live
    And acchive whatever you want
    So you can't give up

  • sowhatnattynuts 2w

    And just like that,
    You go lost in the moment
    Which you know
    Will turn into a memory
    As you flip the page

  • sowhatnattynuts 2w


    Imagin a night full of stars, cold and calm
    Where everything, slow down
    it's just you ,sitting next your favorite corner
    Where you feel the most warmer
    Gazing at the starry night, from your rooftop
    As you lay down to your favorite spot
    And go nostalgic
    Or maybe
    A late night walk with someone
    You know you love to be around
    Passing by those empty street
    Where you don't pass a soul
    Cracking jokes, sharing some of your favorite stories
    Without being aware
    That the moon, and the stars found a seat
    As you look up ,the moon passes a smile
    As well as the stars winks
    the night changes
    you forget about all your worries and cares
    And just go lost in the moment
    Which you know will be a memory

  • sowhatnattynuts 4w

    Someone said, right, that
    "Beauty lies, in the eyes of beholder"
    "Beauty, is a feeling"


  • sowhatnattynuts 6w

    When everyone leaves
    It's just you Standing next to the mirror
    Thinking "this is the end"

    You know what, that's where,
    The journey of victory begins.