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  • spilling_thoughts 12w

    "Eyes speak and speak a lot, wish you heard" She said
    "I love you too" He replied

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  • spilling_thoughts 13w


    " So many memories created
    Many to be
    Yet you gave away yourself as one,
    Pinning the pain, forever
    Now that I lived a life with it
    Time to grave, besides you! "

    Read the eulogy for the author
    Who worshipped love through
    Broken hearts.

    Those lines marked his last pen words.

  • spilling_thoughts 13w

    My bit

    Be that person who makes "them"
    believe living is worth a thousand deaths
    Lakhs of tear drops and more cries for help
    Be that person who makes "them"
    fight everyday to win life out of dark
    Be that person who makes "them"
    Want to be alive for one more day-
    As kindness is so not believed in real.

  • spilling_thoughts 20w


    Expecting the chaos to pour in
    Her eyes closed at 2 am
    Furthermost pain cracked her heart
    Nerves in distress
    She felt her soul leaving to a darkness
    And rest in a forever sleep
    All in those seconds of termination.
    Just as relieved from despair
    She woke up and tears fell
    Had that been death or
    just an unfulfilled wish to die!

  • spilling_thoughts 28w

    A long walk bears numerous steps of belief
    A diary bears pages with most personal stains
    A dream has most deeper wishes condensed to a fantasy
    A life has it all, but a little time till we die,
    Or a little time till we know it's little.

  • spilling_thoughts 31w

    He knew the dependence keeps their love alive
    So did she
    They are happy, but happiest together.
    Essence to the cocktail!

  • spilling_thoughts 33w


    Slipping by her smile
    He set to reign
    Few steps of cold and craving
    And her heart beat to the song
    The song once he carved and tuned ,
    Though words didn't fly, he sent a smile of love!

  • spilling_thoughts 34w

    To start with many would be better pleased if this post was about a cure for Covid-19.
    But this is also about a cure which is much needed, much unheard and much concealed.
    It's a wonderful thing to feel alive and most wonderful to spread the aura to others. We all are going through many circumstances and situations daily. We do breath, eat, talk, sleep and importantly smile.
    But there are people around us who we think might be going through the routine too. Mostly yes and sometimes things may be different.
    They may be eating but not knowing the dish on the plate or even skip a meal or two; sleeping but not on the time human body and nature deserves it's rest or sleepless together for days ; smiling but crying out loud inside the ears that only they can listen to.
    The part that is painful to hear is many would not know that these things are happening not for a day but together many days and even months, but all through this terrible phases they wear a mask fine enough to conceal everything from us (We less agonied) .
    Also to state that as part of life worries and pain do come and we do swim through.
    But the difference here is MENTAL HEALTH and if that is affected to a point where they are pressed to end and wrap everything once and for all.
    Yes, Depression, Anxiety are words used and heard but feeling it is , never wished and we less often come to understand when a person goes through them.
    And if You have come across a person who is ill mentally (literally a sickness which attracts medications and help), and if you find them on the verge! GIVE THEM HOPE!
    Hope that this world can be a better place, a better state to live with all the differences, uniqueness, quietness, dumbness, seriousness.
    We all fight, But some are special who may be most affected and pushed to a point of concern.
    They need us. If you are giving them hope and saving a life be privileged to keep up some goodness on the earth.
    We are responsible.

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    Hopes and Lives

  • spilling_thoughts 34w


    A day to express,
    If it's hard being lost,being an exhaust,
    to face the downfall is arduous.
    My ruptures don't have to make me immune,
    don't have to make me shell-fit with strength
    don't have to make me feel any less of emotions
    rather can make much more hurt and sober me
    a much more sensitive and delicate me
    a much more feared and shrunken me
    a much more kind and compassionate me
    and a much more ME!
    Do trail of failures have to end with success?!
    Or rather be a composed struggle
    an exact feeling of being MYSELF!
    Decline can be a PART of life too and it's FINE!

  • spilling_thoughts 35w


    He pinned a lot of lies and carved a fantasy,
    Beautiful enough to cover the truths,
    Strong enough to make me live the mirage,
    Deep enough to stay forever,
    Now that he left, my truths are suffocating!