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  • sproutedseeds 13h

    Our first bicycle ride
    I could see my little sister's smile hide
    Looking at her friends with pride
    To be on the pillion seat
    Could see her joy expressed with this treat.

    Bonded by blood
    tears flow like flood
    when it was time to go back to hostel
    That feeling of separation from the dwell
    cemented with love,care difficult to shell.

    Today I stand here after a decade
    only to realise the same wind swayed
    convincing my tears to stop cascade
    atleast the home is there with some shade
    guarding the memories of childhood days.

    The ache of saudade
    sweeps over my thoughts
    for today attitude has changed
    built with walls of status while
    cracking and seeping memories
    of the little joy, happiness,
    of my little sister still lingers
    but she has forgotten as her
    level of her status is
    much more to matter.


  • sproutedseeds 18h


    My own sibling who is far well off in all the ways finds it difficult to digest my success gradually seen as throughout I have sailed in turbulence.

    It hurts me
    I am her well wisher and she is always in my prayers.
    But she being younger shows her jealousy by
    poisoning my well wishers mind

    What for????

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    Bricks of blood cemented tightly to make strong bonding
    to stand in construction of relations
    it undergoes for redevelopment
    after which gets a better and new look
    "Jealousy"pricks through the wall
    of siblings which was bonded
    and cemented with same blood.

    "Jealousy" is a blindfolded disease which has
    no medicine to cure.

    We have come empty handed
    but can leave with handful of love
    and affection which is priceless.

  • sproutedseeds 1d


    Depressive and sad we are
    when we reach you after
    passing through monsoon and

    The brightness is snatched by you
    for making the days shorter
    just because you want to enjoy the chillness
    cuddled in your blanket of snow you have long nights.

    Isn't this unfair?

    You bring joy of Christmas no doubt
    but make us depressed too for bringing
    an end to this year.

    Leave us alone to solve our problem
    here itself.
    When the birth of new year is rejoiced by us, please don't interfere
    as we are awaiting for the kite festival
    which brings us out of our homes and no more in bed, feeling lethargic, but now
    Energetic to make the sky look colourful
    and echoes of joy heard all around.

  • sproutedseeds 1d


    Hello December!

    You look gorgeous, chill
    and attractive with spirit of
    Christmas glowing on your face.

    Your blanket of snow has always fascinated me to chill out atleast once with you in the
    Christmas party.

    Will you dance with me
    till your tenure here?
    I understand you will have to leave before the dawn of New Year.

    But being with you I get good vibes to see a new day marked on the new calendar
    with new hopes.

    Will be waiting patiently for your hug meanwhile will meet our Eleven friends.

    You have promised to meet me again in the same place and time. Till then good bye dear!!


  • sproutedseeds 2d


    I can sense the PIN DROP SILENCE
    as my mind has become dormant.

    makes me feel blank,
    words,thoughts,feelings, FOUND MISSING
    which is FAIRLY OBVIOUS
    for a writer's block.

    Sometimes, a LOUD WHISPER
    of the DULL ROAR is heard
    when the challenge is announced,
    My quill, which was to be FULL TIME HOBBY,
    helps my thoughts with words for
    interpretation, makes my mind active,
    when the FINAL DRAFT is posted
    gesture of appreciation is seen from
    a SMALL CROWD which makes me happy.


  • sproutedseeds 2d

    LOVE HATE journey

    Life is PRETTY UGLY
    ONLY CHOICE is my breath
    that I am alive
    though LIVING DEAD
    with a smile to make them believe
    the journey is AWFULLY GOOD.


  • sproutedseeds 5d


    @writersnetwork thank you for the like ❤️
    @miraquill thank you for editor's choice ❤️

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    Dear audience,

    Do you fear to face this fake world?
    Do your hopes hide while hiccups hinder?
    Are your dreams denied with doubts?

    Every problem has a solution if
    Every effort is taken care to
    Erase your fears with leap of faith.
    Hop bodly with your hopes to finishing point
    with confidence in your every step.
    Prove your uniqueness with your simplicity
    in every attempt to achieve success.

    You wii be judged, doubted, criticized
    by the toxic people around who will
    never try nor appreciate others to move ahead.

    Just ignore with your focus on your goal
    to make your dreams come true.

    Keep moving forward with faith in your prayers and trust your instincts which will guide you in your journey.


  • sproutedseeds 5d


    Dear audience,

    Good evening!
    Its cool and pleasant evening.
    The nature plays it's role as scheduled.
    It never has the fear whether Sun will
    rise tomorrow morning.
    It never looses hopes to bloom in spring
    nor it never stops painting the vast sky
    of dreams with rainbow colours.

    Nothing is going to be permanent.
    Each moment has a message.
    Never get offended with back biters
    instead defend your hold with confidence.
    This world has selfish people who will
    try to knock you down.
    You may just slip but your hopes should hold the grip to make you stand.

    Stretch your dreams like the sky.
    Be accommodative to accept both dark and bright side visible on your path.
    Let it smudge into your dreams to get
    a rare colour, unique, difficult to achieve.

    This life is beautiful if fear is withered
    allowing hopes to bloom and dreams to spread its fragrance.


  • sproutedseeds 1w


    Dear November,

    How should I perceive you??
    Just one and thirty days to welcome
    the New Year
    Or that you are leaving today
    and just one and thirty days for
    this year to end.

    Today on your farewell, I would
    appreciate your support to the nature
    in bringing or rather adding beauty
    and happiness.

    You will always be remembered
    for the crispy crimson leaves shed
    while the trees applauded in joy.

    I understand that December
    is waiting to take your place
    to illuminate with lights and
    practice of choirs to be sung
    on the joyous day of Christmas
    and I can't keep you holding
    for every month have their own
    style of bringing happiness.

    Will miss you!!!


  • sproutedseeds 1w


    Peel the past slowly
    Break the thoughts
    which looks hard from outside
    but soft from inside
    Grate them, stir well with quill
    spread it on the canvas of new hopes
    Garnish it with positive words
    A plate of optimism is ready.