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  • spyzent_crine 5d

    The Moon has been looking at infinite stories all these years , will it follow ours ?
    Will our story be worth it ?

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    Did you look at the moon tonight ?
    Where will we be in the future ?
    How will we be ?
    Will I be or will you be ?

  • spyzent_crine 1w

    Hormones be messing with my heartbeat ,feelings , and my whole body language and be like " that's the guy you love. "

    " bish , since when ? "

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    Heat of the youth, feat. Rationality.

    Hormones act faster ,
    Visibly weird throughout the conversation.
    Rationality hits later,
    Dive in perplexion, Lost in adaption.

    Denial in the reality ,
    Confirmation through dreams.
    Exercise your duality.
    Fangirling through internal screams.


  • spyzent_crine 5w

    #start @miraquill @writersnetwork
    How confidence can be defined through words thought involuntarily.

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    Words out of me.

    All around me are words ,
    That tell me that my brain is at its worst.

    They keep flowing out of my mind,
    Judging it's own carrier through words unkind.
    Words to which actions are bind,
    Both make the confidence confined.

  • spyzent_crine 7w

    Why don't we let people feel what they are feeling even if it's stupid or ain't that worse enough for you ?

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    You're by yourself but with me.

    Don't mind , I won't tell you that it's fine.
    I won't stop you from cryin'

    "Others had it worse " a saturated DIALOGUE.
    But Nothing's worse besides your own TEARS.
    I won't bring out your situations an EPILOGUE.
    I won't try to hype you up with the CHEERS.

    I'll just stay by your side like the thin air.
    I'll turn off the lights , and be that fifth wall.
    As if you are comfortable with no one.
    I'll let you feel your emotions as felt.
    In your own way have them dealt.

  • spyzent_crine 8w

    A little sleep and the reality turns into something I wanted until I wake up.

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    Reality is the real fantasy.

    Life after death is so fascinating
    Fantasies project an alternate reality.
    What good is it in living ?

    Drops of BLOOD and Drops of the TEARS.
    One dries up while living and one after death.
    Which one pains more ? Which gets unnoticed?
    What good is it in living ?

    Tears that I thought had nothing to help
    Built me a bed to my Fantasyland.
    It had Bonds that lasted a kelp ,
    Dreamy figures which Lend me a hand.
    What good is it in living?

  • spyzent_crine 10w

    What one meant through the words , what one has interpreted.
    Over the years the one that spoke might forget but the one that heard still hears it on the clock.

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    Life Carries all the interpretations.
    Regardless of one's own memory and reputation.

    Some day guilt will bury.
    On the contrary ,
    To one's own time.

    People might breathe older every second.
    Time waits along the clock.
    But words remain deep inside uncalmed.
    as if spoken yesterday, those words unlock.

  • spyzent_crine 10w

    Oh ! You're a baby too ?
    Happie children's day !

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    Happy children's day.

    Yes I have to celebrate children's day coz a lot of adults saved my contact as a" baby ❤️"

  • spyzent_crine 10w

    I am not manifesting in here ����

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    Everybody feels low.
    The people that hurt us will hurt the same.
    They are having it as hard as us.

  • spyzent_crine 10w

    Rather than explaining them how they hurt us, we be on action.
    It's a different type of satisfaction.

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    Oh ! Nvm >.<

    Their face be ashed up when we show the same attidude as their's on them.

  • spyzent_crine 10w

    Ever had a blackout in your brain because people angered you so much ?
    Like that "give up" vibes after putting up with their unfair talk ?
    I don't know what to say to you ����

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    Ever Wanted to mould yourself once and for all to their liking?
    Not because you care about them.
    It's just that you don't wanna keep adjusting to be fine with their daily disapproval.