Every word can mean something to someone.. So words should be soothing not harsh..

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  • sreeramvan 6w

    Late nights,
    Staring into nothingness,
    Questions arise,
    Is it worth the pain,
    To carry on,
    Are we living for us,
    Or the others?
    What is the point,
    Does one care?
    Can one help?
    Where to begin,
    Carrying out,
    To live the same way,
    Day in,
    Day out,
    Can one be content forever,
    Where does it stop,
    Is death the end?
    Or is it a beginning of new cycle?
    Can one keep running away,
    Will it solve everything?
    To feel nothing,
    To block the pain,
    Does it help?
    Will it ease out?
    Does it prolong the inevitable?
    Circle of Life,
    Pain and happiness,

  • sreeramvan 12w

    It isn't
    The loneliness
    That haunts me,
    The words of others..
    The pressure
    For the company,
    To be human,
    The yearning,
    The deprivation,
    How does one survive,
    We see many,
    On their own..
    Do they really thrive?
    Is it all a facade?
    How does one know?
    How do they do it?

  • sreeramvan 13w

    Anger management, sometimes requires destruction of innocent things.. better things than people.. #break

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    The rage courses through me,
    Every cell of my fibre,
    Fights for destruction,
    Be it words,
    Or things,
    It aches for it,
    Finds things around,
    The sounds of smashing,
    To see them break apart,
    In to tiny pieces,
    Brings in a calmness,
    Beyond words,
    To be at peace,
    Rage leaves finally...

  • sreeramvan 15w

    Things you didn't say at all

    To know someone,
    To understand their silence,
    There is certain comfort to it...
    To know you,
    To know us,
    Our crazy talks,
    Silent words,
    Something just for us,
    To hold in our talks,
    Our secret language,
    To hear the words I say,
    To hear the words you never say,
    To say,
    This is us,
    We are perfect,
    For each other...

  • sreeramvan 16w

    Things i am thankful for... For all the people I love..

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    As a kid,
    I dreamt big,
    Aimed for the unreachable,
    Had skewed thoughts,
    On things that makes one happy...
    As an adult,
    I understand now,
    Of things needed to live,
    Of people needed to be happy...
    There are many,
    To be grateful for,
    Of people,
    Who shaped me,
    Made me who I am,
    Of the regrets,
    That I learnt from,
    Of pain,
    That taught me strength,
    Of love,
    That drives me to strive..
    To be thankful,
    There are many,
    Of all the things,
    Biggest to smallest,
    I carry them,
    I live for them,
    Thanking them,
    At every step of my life..

  • sreeramvan 19w

    Words don't
    Mean much
    When you don't follow through...

  • sreeramvan 21w

    A father's daughter #father #love

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    Every child's desire,
    To have a hero,
    To grow to be someone,
    To have the support,
    To flourish..
    Every teen wishes,
    To have the freedom,
    To learn and develop,
    To make mistakes,
    To understand oneself..
    Every adult hopes,
    To have a constant support,
    A friend to confide,
    To be accepted...
    To have such a person,
    Who is with us,
    In every step of our growth,
    A hero,
    Personal cheerleader,
    A friend,
    Someone to look upto,
    The one to hold onto..
    My father,
    My person,
    My hero,
    Someone I always look upto,
    I always cherish..

  • sreeramvan 23w

    There are many,
    To write about,
    To share,
    Of pain,
    Of love,
    Of nature,
    The growth of self..
    Words are many,
    The thought of it,
    Is all the same,
    Writing may be many,
    The feeling elicited,
    Is all the same..
    Unique as it is,
    Unites many,
    Understands all...

  • sreeramvan 24w

    Writer's block, such a pain... #blocks #words #writers

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    There are days,
    When words leave me,
    Emptiness surrounds,
    Chipping away my sanity,
    Moving on autopilot,
    A survival,
    A routine,
    Waiting for a return,
    To feel something,
    To crave something,
    To connect,
    To write,
    For it to only abandon again,
    A vicious cycle,
    A struggle,
    Of a writer,
    To carry it with them
    Till the end...

  • sreeramvan 24w

    In sickness and health,
    In happiness and sadness,
    The highs and lows of life,
    We crave for comfort,
    Be it people,
    Or food,
    Something to hold us,
    To keep us happy,
    Give into the high..
    To crave for it,
    A food for life,
    That gives me the high,
    I carry it with me,
    A block of chocolate,
    A small pack of happiness...