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  • srimythreyasharma 94w

    Windows of my Room

    Throughout the night I gleam and Glam,
    Get lost forgetting where I am in,
    Your presence makes me remind that for every Present there is a Past,
    For every Past, there is a much awaited Brightest Future.
    Staring at you brings back my lost memories of the past, Subtle - Bright & Beautiful ones of course!
    As I always feel you were there lying in the corner witnessing my kith & kin,
    Witnessing my silences, waiting for me to reach, cherish and touch you,
    For the chillest breezes, the sparkles of the Sprinkles & the warmest of the winds hit my face - wiping my tears and love me for what I am!
    Forever loving - Dear Windows of my room....
    I will always love you for being a witness of every emotion in my life!
    - Your Host & Roommate - Mythreya!

  • srimythreyasharma 96w

    Jupiter to Mars

    Once an old man was talking to his daughter

    Daughter: Dadda how much do you love My Mom?

    Old man: I love her from Jupiter to Mars!

    Daughter: Is that a lot?

    Old man: Yes dearie, we first have to pass from Mars to Jupiter and then turn back from Jupiter to Mars! That's how much I love her!

  • srimythreyasharma 96w

    The Happy relationship

    He let her lead,
    She lets him win!
    That's how a happy relationship is!

  • srimythreyasharma 97w

    The Day is Bright

    Everyday is a new sunshine,
    The puzzles in our mind,
    The strong wind over the face,
    A gleam of smile on the tired faces,
    We wake up as a new forgetting yesterday,
    Starting a new day...
    For every night that has a dark shade has a brighter day which rises to enrich the future!
    Be a star that shines at night and be a Smile that gives people a hope!
    Love - Mythreya

  • srimythreyasharma 98w

    No one is yours....!

    When you have no one to speak,
    You keep scrolling the timeline on Facebook,
    You keep scrolling the status on WhatsApp,
    Everything around you changes so fast,
    So fast that once which was yours is not your's anymore!
    You gotta keep smiling and move on is what they say,
    If smiling alone saves you from loneliness,
    I can smile all my life but it doesn't!
    I used to initiate a conversation so easily which I cannot do anymore,
    As I got used to the silence so much,
    So much that even I just stopped talking to myself,
    If this might be due to the guilt of facing me?
    Then I am soon running out of options,
    What else can be an option other than being silent,
    More silence.... Because no one cares!
    They only seem like they do,
    But they don't!
    When you don't care yourself about you,
    How can you expect others to do it for you?
    Just like always,
    An unfinished poem,
    But this time it has a micro tale in it!

  • srimythreyasharma 104w

    Park n Moon light

    Back in the summer of 2019,
    I had a fight with my love,
    Went and sat in the park at my house,
    The chilled moon light and the greenery in the park,
    Love all over made me move back to a glance of our 4 years love,
    All the pain and hassle went away,
    All I have in my mind is how amazingly her presence changed my life!
    Love you Ria!

  • srimythreyasharma 107w

    Summer Breeze; Winter Haze

    Gazing at the stars,
    Smiling at my Grandpa's eyes,
    Life filled with simple & eerie thoughts,
    My bewildered life broke the blunt gaze upon my heart,
    All it wanted was innocent smiles and peaceful sleeps,
    Never that it know how hard life can be,
    Without the bitter truth about how people can vanish instantly,
    I miss those days of Unrealistic enigma and charismatic chaos of our laughs!

  • srimythreyasharma 108w


    Deepest souls have darkest secrets hidden!

  • srimythreyasharma 120w

    Love - Selfishly Greedy

    Being avid for Love as It is Greedy!
    Camaraderie being gregarious for it,
    Feral after the one we ardently adore,
    Love ingurgitates us for without us,
    It is nothing!
    It needs us as much as we need it!
    Love is so heedless that it hurts you for not respecting it's own facet and idiosyncrasy!

  • srimythreyasharma 121w

    She, He & Love!

    She speaks,
    He listens,
    She smiles,
    He cuddles,
    She cries,
    He suffers,
    She lies,
    He understands,
    She gets married,
    He gets heart broken,
    She looks into his eyes,
    He swears to protect her for life!
    Love - Purest form Known!