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  • ssunayana 24w

    Fly High

    Being able to trust, you see, is like having a pair of wings. When you can trust, you go a long way in your journey. When you can trust, you get to rise above and see the bigger picture. 

    When you can truly trust, it sets you free.

    But, even the birds have to take their learning lessons. Even they have to wait for their wings to grow strong enough to support their weight. Even they have to make a few failed attempts at flying before taking their first flight. 

    So if today was the day when you waited for your wings to grow strong or made a failed attempt to fly, it is ok. If you could not trust enough, it is ok. Don't lose hope.

    Your wings are getting ready.

  • ssunayana 26w

    Please Don't Quit!

    The day will come, sooner or later.

    It will happen one day,
    That we'll choose to look beyond
    The religion, the cast, 
    The nationality, the gender
    The race, and everything else.
    You'll see.

    It will happen one day, Dear Humanity,
    That we will stop failing you,
    That we will choose you,
    Above everything else.
    You'll see. 

    Till that time, 
    Please don't quit on us.

  • ssunayana 26w

    The War is Worth It

    If you have to,
    Fight the bloody wars,
    And stand your ground for the truth of you,

    For the times when you chose to survive,
    Even when it tore you into pieces,
    Just to breathe your days through,

    For the days that seemed not to end,
    And yet, the moon found you standing strong,
    Because you kept on doing, just you.

    If you really have to, my dear heart,
    Fight the bloody wars,
    And stay kind to the beautiful Flawsome You!

    For that's the only time when,
    The war is worth it.

  • ssunayana 29w

    You Have Me

    There is a time for the mighty storms and then there is a time for calmer waters. Neither outlives the other. And the ocean holds space for both.

    There is a time for answers and then there is a time for silence. Neither outlives the other. 

    So hold space you, dear heart!
    Hold tight if it's too silent tonight. 
    The answers will come when it's time.

    Untill then and afterwards,
    You have me.

  • ssunayana 30w


    We don't stay at one place, not really. We move along with the earth, and what keeps us moving along with earth is gravity - the one force that binds us together.
    But we keep moving together and that's how we find our stable ground.
    It said so in my Geography Lessons.

    And probably, it's the same with people in our lives. You keep growing together without any certainty whatsoever of what life brings along. 
    At the end of the day, as long as there is that one force that binds us together, know that you have your stable ground.
    It says so in my Life Lessons.


  • ssunayana 31w


    It's so much more than four walls and a roof.
    Despite the distance and the storms,
    And all that you've been through,
    It's that one corner in the whole world,
    That always stays true to you.

    It's a shelter for all that's yours, for all that's you,
    You may find it in a place, in a person,
    Or anything that you do,
    And home, through it all, belongs to you.

    I hope, dear heart.
    May you always find your way towards it.
    May you always find the courage to walk towards it.

  • ssunayana 36w


    Tu mere bachpan wala ghar jaisa lagta hai.

    Khidki pe thodi dhool jami hai.
    Kapde kitabein kuchh faile hue se pade hein.
    Oonchi almari jahan tak haath nahin pahunchta
    Kuchh aisa sa hai tu shayad,

    Apne khayalon mein titar bitar sa lagta hai.
    Tu mere bachpan wala ghar jaisa lagta hai.

    Baarish mein paani ki boond girti bhi hai.
    Kuchh hisson mein dhoop andar aati nahin.
    Fir bhi sukoon tere paas hi milta hai shayad,
    Maano jaise tu hi thikana hai mera,

    Tujhse door rehne me darr jaisa lagta hai.
    Tu mere bachpan wala ghar jaisa lagta hai.

  • ssunayana 37w


    For your Victories
    That I didn't celebrate waiting for validations,
    And for your Losses
    That I didn't mourn waiting for consolations,

    For every time I made you chase
    After the unrealistic perfections
    All the while ignoring your imperfect realities,
    All the while forgetting that
    You are human too.

    For all of that, Dear Heart
    You have my sincere apologies!


  • ssunayana 40w

    Day and Night

    Day and Night. Salt and Pepper.
    Two contrasting ends of color.
    And yet so many different shades exist 
    In between the two ends.

    Day and Night. Joy and Grief.
    Two contrasting ends of emotions.
    And yet so many different emotions exist
    In between the two ends.

    Day and Night. Hope and Fear.
    Two contrasting ends of your state, dear heart.
    And yet so many possibilities exist
    In between the two ends.

    And I want you to remember that.
    It never is "The End".
    That's the thing about Possibilities,
    They always exist.

  • ssunayana 45w


    It makes us vulnerable enough 
    Enough to make us humans,
    Rather than the kindest of Gods

    Love makes humans of us.

    It makes us strong enough
    Enough to make us humans,
    Rather than the most cruel Monsters

    And yet again you see,
    It is Love,
    That makes humans of us.

    Stronger with the vulnerabilities
    That's what Love makes out of us.