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  • standard 55w

    Missing my friend

    I can't imagine what I'm feeling.
    I can't get to hold of you..
    I can't hear your voice
    I can't see your face
    I can't hold your hands
    I can't lay on you
    I can't hear from you
    I'm missing you too
    Come back home
    My friend......

  • standard 57w

    Self respect

    Never beg someone to
    Be in your life,if you
    Text,call, visit, pay
    Attention and still
    Be ignored,walk away

    It's called SELF RESPECT

  • standard 57w

    1 precious minute

    Do you know?
    In one minute
    You can say Allah Akbar
    In one minute
    You can pray for your parents
    In one minute
    You can make two wrongs right
    In one minute
    You can be forgiven
    In one minute
    You can ask Alla whatever you want and it shall be given
    In one minute
    You can say Laila Ila allahu Muhammad rosululahi (saw)
    In one minute

  • standard 57w


    Faith simply means
    To have trust that somebody
    Will do what has been promised
    Are you a faithful person?
    Do you know how many people you have promised and later failed them..
    Do you know how many damages of not being faithful has caused around you?
    Have you ever been turned down after you've been promised?
    If yes
    You would know the essencity of faithful.
    Be a faithful person.
    Faith is stronger than reasons.

  • standard 57w


    Believe is to think that something is true
    And possible
    When you have believe everything works out.
    When you have believe you don't stress to much
    When you have believe it seems you are practicing voodoo
    When you have believe you always happy
    When you have believe you accept everything happens under any circumstances
    Believe makes negative thing turn to positive for you.
    Believe in God.

  • standard 57w


    The ability to stay calm
    And accept a delay
    It's good to exercise patience
    In whatsoever you are doing in life
    Patience sometimes may not easy to exercise
    Simply because this life is frustrating sometimes
    But whosoever that ever try to exercise patience
    Never regret it

  • standard 57w


    Life is the best teacher
    It teaches without making noise
    It teaches without cane
    It teaches without black board
    It teaches inside school
    It teaches outside school
    Life the best teacher