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  • standbyme 2w

    I'm Groot��

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    The dinosaurs
    once looked at
    me in the wrong
    way & you know
    what happened
    to them!


  • standbyme 6w

    Music should touch people's heart,
    not the ears.


  • standbyme 9w

    Warning:Religious content.Reader discretion is advised.

    Born of a virgin, Alcmene.
    A God for a father, Zeus.
    The only begotten.
    The savior.
    The good shepherd, the prince of peace, bringing gentle persuasion & divine wisdom.
    He died, joined his father on Olympus [a 1000 years before Gethsemane.]

    You see, the early Christian leaders, they threw away Hebrew manuscripts & borrowed from pagan sources all over the place. Taken alone the philosophical teachings of Jesus are Buddhists with a Hebrew accent: Kindness, tolerance, brotherhood, love, a ruthless realism acknowledging that life is as it is here on earth, here & now. The kingdom of God, meaning goodness, is right here, where it should be. That's what buddha brought in. That's what Jesus taught.

    But then a talking snake made a lady eat an apple, that's where Jesus got screwed. Heaven & hell were peddled so priests could rule through seduction & terror, save our souls that we never lost in the first place. Buddha & Jesus would laugh or cry if they'd known what was done in their name.

    Ceremony, ritual, processions, genuflecting, moaning, intoning, venerating cookies & wine, that's not what Jesus had in mind. Everywhere, religion from exalting life to purging joy as a sin, Rome does it as grand opera. A simple path to goodness needs a supernatural roadmap!

    Ps: Believe in what he tried to teach, without rigmarole. Piety is not what the lessons bring to people. It's the mistake they bring to lessons.

    Read the prequels at #jesus_rules

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    But then a talking snake made a lady eat an apple.That's where jesus got screwed.


  • standbyme 21w

    The true union between man & woman can take us beyond this animal lust into total trust & merging with the other where each becomes both.


  • standbyme 22w

    Why do we take so many alcohols & drugs? Have you ever asked yourself that?

    There was this booze ad, super minimalistic, only a bottle of schnapps against a white background & this was written underneath it in capital letters "A vacation from yourself". That's what this is all about. Humans are the only living beings on this planet who can constantly worry about themselves. About their fears, needs, deceits. We think about the future, about the past, what we did right, what we did wrong. We think & think & think. The thoughts up there, they permanently comment & evaluate everything you do, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. You just can't take that forever & that is why i say, man has a natural need to take drugs. Even the natives in the jungle take drugs: mushroom, cacti, ayahusaca, that sort of thing. All the people in the history of mankind have taken drugs: Indians, Mayans, Incas, Romans, Greeks, all of them. We need to get away from ourselves every now & then. Otherwise we go crazy.

    Ofcourse there are other ways to take a vacation from yourself. Meditation for example, dancing, yoga, sports, sex, anything. All right but drugs are easier, open the bottle, drink, done. And human beings are lazy by nature, that's the second law of motion. We continue to be couch potatoes unless an external unbalanced force whup our ass!

    Ps:This writeup is an explanation & not a green signal to take drugs.

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    Human beings are lazy by nature.That's the second law of motion.We continue to be couch potatoes unless an external unbalanced force whup our ass!

  • standbyme 23w

    Warning: Religious content.Reader discretion is advised!

    Guy learned Buddhism, thought about it for a while, on his return to the mediterranean, became an etruscan, seeped into the roman empire, he didn't like what they became, a giant killing machine, he went to the nearest thinking "why not pass Buddha's teachings on in a modern form", so he tried, one dissident against Rome? Rome won, the rest is history, well, sort of, lot of fairy tales mixed in, they called him Christ, actually that's the medal they pinned on Jesus to fulfil their prophecy.

    The crucifixion: They tied him but nails & blood make better religious art. He blocked the pain as he had learned to do in Tibet & India. He also learned to slow his body processes down to the point where they were undetectable. They thought he was dead. So the followers pulled him from the cross, placed him in a cave. His body normalized as he had trained it to. He attempted to go away undetected but some devotees were standing watch. Tried to explain. They were ecstatic. Thus jesus was resurrected!

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    They tied him but nails & blood make
    better religious art!

  • standbyme 23w

    The commandments are just modern updates of more ancient laws, hammurabi's code.

    The old testament sells fear & guilt. The new testament is a good code of ethics, put into our mouth by poets & philosophers that are much smarter than Jesus Christ. There are a dozen new testaments, from hebrew to greek to latin to tyndale, all the way to king james, all revisionist & all called revealed truth.

    Moses were based on Misis, a syrian myth & there are earlier versions. Jesus found floating on water, the staff that changed to a snake, waters that were parted so followers could be led to freedom & even receive laws on stone or wooden tablets.

    Apostles, they weren't really apostles. They didn't really do any real teaching. Peter the fishermen learned a little more about fishing. The mythical overlay is so enormous & not good. The truth is so so simple. The new testament in 100 words or less, you ready?

    To be continued . . .

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    The message is never practiced.Fairy tales build churches!

  • standbyme 24w

    Passion remains the spirit behind existence.Nothing will ever change that.It's how we use our passion,that is of essence.


  • standbyme 26w

    Most people prefer
    your dramatic cumulus
    and nimbus clouds
    but i always had a
    weakness for your cirrus.


  • standbyme 30w

    WARNING: This is a religious content. Reader discretion is advised.

    The good book did not arrive by facsimile from heaven. The bible as we know it was finally presided over by one man: The pagan emperor Constantine. He was a life long pagan who was baptized on his deathbed. Constantine was Rome's supreme holy man. From time immemorial, his people had worshipped a balance between nature's male deities & the goddess or sacred feminine. But a growing religious turmoil was gripping Rome.

    3 centuries earlier, a young jew named jesus had come along, preaching love & single God. Centuries after his crucifixion, Christ followers had grown exponentially & had started a religious war against the pagans. The conflict grew to such proportions that it threatened to tear Rome in 2. So Constantine may have been a life long pagan, but he was also a pragmatist. And in 325 A.D, he decided to unify Rome under a single religion, Christianity because he didn't want his empire torn apart. And to strengthen this new Christian tradition, Constantine held a famous ecumenical gathering known as the council of nicaea. And at this council, the many sects of Christianity debated & voted on everything, from the acceptance & rejection of specific gospels to the date for easter to the administering of sacraments & of course the immortality of Jesus. Until that moment in history, Jesus was viewed by many of his followers as a mighty prophet, as a great & powerful man but a man nevertheless, a mortal man.

    Yes, I'm saying that Jesus' divinity came from a vote. In those days, Gods were everywhere. By infusing Jesus the man with the divine magic, by making him capable of earthly miracles, as well as his own resurrection, Constantine turned him into a God, but within the human world. And he basically knocked the more distant Gods out of the game!

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    The difference between a cult and a religion:A cult has a guy at the top who knows the whole thing is a scam.In religion,that guy is dead!