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  • starrdust 2w

    Beeen soooo longggg
    This time, I'll try to stay.
    On a hugeee writer's block. Bear with me��

    How are y'all?


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    It has always been us

    I am teary eyed but I won't let it show.
    I take a deep breath and put some powder on.
    You greet me with a tender loving smile
    and I smile back half heartedly.
    I step forward and you lock my gaze with yours.
    I sniffle a cry
    for when I say,
    its not you,
    its me
    you pull me closer and interwine your fingers with mine,
    you kiss my forehead and say,
    'Its us'.


  • starrdust 6w

    Longgg time no see
    How are y'all!?

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    Drizzle and sighs , a glass filled with moonlight and the subtle gaze of your eyes. I offer you the glass but you pour it on my lips. You like to watch me. Don't you? Save some for yourself, I say.' You kiss me softly and say, 'I have plenty, my love.'


  • starrdust 11w

    Hellooo everyone!!
    Been too longgg
    How are y'all?

    #combination #wod

    Set 1
    The moment between saying goodbye and leaving

    Set 2

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    Five more seconds

    Maybe we shouldn't.. I sigh.
    You are intoxicating and no matter how much I resist, you will always find a way to crawl into my life or maybe I keep crawling back to you because...I'm stupid and crazy and crazily in love... With you.
    'Then stop pulling, stop resisting and just come with me..please..' , you say with that look in your eyes that stirs my core and Im rendered helpless.
    I turn away. Sighs.
    I can't.
    Not this time.
    I'm sorry. I have to ..go.
    With a lump in my throat, I start running but...
    Last time, just once and I'll never look back.
    I run towards you and your lips fit perfectly like they always do.
    I can breathe.
    Goodbye, I say.
    But you don't know how unfathomably painful is the moment between saying goodbye and leaving.
    You wrap your arms around me, tighter.
    'stay for five more seconds, please..'
    ' I...I can't.


  • starrdust 16w


    (The fastest like I've ever gotten ��)

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    She is a strong cup of coffee and a warm glass of milk, aesthetic and inspiring; healing and sweet.
    Bravery in her collar bones, fire in her soul, stardust in her eyes , elegance she adorns.
    With wings of hope and splendid thoughts of love, she turns coal to gold with the silver of her words.
    She is a warm blanket of hope carrying comfort of clouds. She is the moon illuminating with her light and the sky carrying it all.
    She is you.


  • starrdust 17w

    Silence refers to the colour white, suggesting peace and comfort.
    Sunshine reminds of the colour yellow, vibrant and bright pertaining to joy and happiness.

    I'm not sure if it goes with the prompt #color
    Lemme know if it does.

    @writersnetwork #ceesreposts
    @fromwitchpen ��

    ~It's okay. It'll be okay.~

    Love love��

    Happy Happy Birthday Carolyn Ma'am! You are such a beautiful soul, an embodiment of comfort and happiness, the peace keeper and a courageous lady. May your day and all the ones ahead be full of smiles and loads of affection. @lovenotes_from_carolyn❤❤❤

    Miraquill liked the post ������❤

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    And if someday, you feel low,
    Imagine your head on my lap while I caress your hair and your eyes flutter in serenity.
    The silence is comforting as ever,
    you wrap yourself into yourself and let your thoughts fade away as I gently move my fingertips over the blades of your hair promising relieving sunshine and warmer days.


  • starrdust 18w

    Its a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds breathing patterns into it. I stare at it far too much,
    you know how another year may have passed and you're stuck where you are. Things are unsettling, settle for a while and continue to unsettle for long but isn't that how it's supposed to be? Disorderliness, the increase in entropy universally and you're a part of it for even when everything seems like a period(.) in your life, its actually a series of dots (...) taking you somewhere you have to be.

    Its a clear blue sky with white fluffy clouds breathing patterns into it and I stare at it far too long to notice the clouds are sailing away.
    Any other day I would have clicked the beauty in the way they embrace the sky and wondered which of the three pics is the best ,settling for really any of them since all of them were same. Perhaps not, they weren't same,
    the clouds are moving.
    You get it, they are in motion no matter what it looks like.
    A little slow, a bit more serenely, a lot more beautifully.

    It's a clear blue sky with white fluffy clouds breathing patterns into it and I stared at it far too late.
    But, as they say,
    better late than never.


    #sail (quote on the bg)

    Does it make sense?

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    Clouds sail away,
    thoughts wander astray
    /Is it raining still?/


  • starrdust 20w

    A little insight:

    The idea was for the girl to be envious of the cigarette and her wish to be as wanted as it is.
    But then the lover crushes the cigg at the end leaving her with the question of whether she wants him over herself. She is perplexed when he stomps the cigg, essentially choosing her but is it too late already?
    For all I know, she chooses herself at the end and I can't be happier.

    Lemme know your views?
    Anyways, don't smoke okay?

    How are y'all?❤

    @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    //of cigarettes and ash//

    The curtain rings rung a soft melody
    while your fingers
    so smoothly
    slid them apart
    The chair beside the
    half open window
    knocked a little
    and the sound of a lighter
    didn't startle me
    Nothing more than a
    subtle silhouette of
    your perfectly toned body
    roughly smoothened hair
    and a slight turn of neck
    to adjust the flick that
    obscured the pleasure
    of your being
    A long swig
    and ash.
    Ash and ash.
    I cough but
    you are intoxicated
    Your eyes shut in
    Every muscle of your
    body relaxing
    The strained backbone
    sinking into the chair
    The nape of your neck
    glistening under the
    silver of moonlight
    while your fingertips
    play with the
    paper roll
    And your lips part
    to fit it just right.
    And 'envy'.
    I. envy.
    the cigarette that smirks at me
    taunting my existence
    while it turns to
    //Oh, won't I burn for you?//
    The ashtray sits to your left
    the remnants you are too
    obsessed with
    to let go
    //But me?//
    As I turn around
    To take my final leave,
    I hear you stomping your feet
    I'm equally perplexed
    For you crush the cigarette
    And look at me
    /104 beats per minute,/
    Intensity in gaze
    You clench my wrist
    And kiss my neck
    Your thumb
    tracing my lips.
    I step back.
    /Why now?/
    Tightening my grip
    over the cigg
    I run
    I run
    I run
    110 beats per minute
    I open my fist
    And click goes the lighter.


  • starrdust 22w

    Its been years since I left the city, obscure images of the sky, the skyline, the line scratched on your forearm, the way you kiss my forehead, the way you kissed me goodbye flood my memories.
    I don't know if I want to see a clearer picture anymore, my pieces have found settlements in these fragments.

    'Peace, though?',
    I hear you whisper.

    You brought peace, your memories bring longing.


    Clicked a picture today, I don't know whether the sky was blurred or my focus or both.
    Random scribble.

    How are y'all?❤

    Not writing srsly abhi ;-;;

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    Obscure memories and you.

  • starrdust 24w

    I borrowed a handful of blue skies from my last lover and splattered them on the canvas made of love letters I stored over the twenty one sundays we spent at the creamery testing every flavour of sundae and exchanging bits of papers with a bunch of words that wouldn't have survived his cold heart, I'm sure.
    He wasn't cold you know, perhaps we had too many ice creams.
    So these skies, you see he was my sunshine and when he left, all I painted were grey clouds wrapping the azure , it was snowing but they didn't feel too cold. They just hurt, they burnt, they fell and dissolved into my skin and stung.
    I, I couldn't bear it anymore.
    I can't have him back, but maybe a handful of blue skies.
    Painting my last stroke of the day and mom calls,
    ' Get some ice cream Ri, its too warm today.'


    Yes, temporary.
    Skies! I couldn't deny them.>_<

    @writersnetwork #prose
    @morsel ��

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  • starrdust 24w

    Heya beautiful souls!
    I hope y'all are doing good.
    Stay happy and healthy��
    Love love.

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    Many apologies!
    I am really sorry for not being able to write for a while. Been super busy lately
    I really want to complete the story
    (kavyakunj which you can read at #seriesnkn btw) but I don't want to compromise on the quality of the content. Please bear with me for the next five to six weeks.

    Till then, I will be here to read y'all, just at a slower pace.