I am the protagonist & the antagonist in the film called, My Life.

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  • steffy2110 40w

    Our Song

    The record player stuck on the chords of our song.
    On cue, my mind has stalled on that afternoon
    'Cause if you don't leave this town,
    We might never make it out'
    Was the melody by 'The Lumineers' last night a sign?
    wish you could've wrote me a note or your address
    Was that a promise or a farewell song
    Guess I will never know now

    Alone on the stairs, plugged on an MP3 sat the new lad from next door
    You lent me an ear plug when you saw me
    The Comfort in the silence, felt like our normal
    By the stairs we jammed till dusk
    Time never flew by this pace
    Met every afternoon that summer break by the same stairway,
    tuning away from the world to our little happy place
    I remember you once hiding your tears when you spoke of your home
    Of how unfair was it seeing being the prize at the end of battle for custody
    We spoke little, but songs always queued up our playlist
    We named it 'Our Song'
    Made me happy when you said,
    I am your song pal and when we slow danced to our favorites, I felt a chime!
    Did I ever tell you were my first dance
    Guess you will never know now
    You made me laugh with your clumsy steps
    You were the highlight of my day
    Wish I could say them then
    Guess you will never know now
    Do you think of me when you hear our song as much as I do?
    Sometimes feels like a dream I woke up from and you never were here
    If it were all a dream,
    I wish I could say all I didn't
    if ever comes a day,
    I want to add one last song in our playlist.



  • steffy2110 41w


    Is that you again, sweet pie!
    Why do you go out of sight, pulling games on me
    It's ain't fun
    Can you see my stretched arms
    Yearning to hold you tight against my chest
    Can you hear me calling your name
    Can you feel my heart thunder rolling
    Can you hear my thoughts going haywire
    Come, put me out of this misery, can't breathe in here
    Aching for your croons and gentle sways
    Lost in the depths of your ambers, never could I take my gaze off you
    Gliding my fingers through your unruly hair making a mess
    Retaliating with your unforgiving rib tickles, I cackled off lungs
    Wished you could stay longer
    Or take me with you to the pristine gates
    Unfair is this pain and void you bestowed
    Don't know if this knife twist in chest will ever go away, nor do I know if I should
    Do you see me as I see you
    Or am I going faint to your eyes and far to reach too
    Know that I will always love you
    Come what may, I will hold you as always
    In your arms, shall I remain at ease
    Wait for me for sometime please, hold in tight until


  • steffy2110 55w

    What do I, know about Love

    The cold breeze by the shore, fluttering her sundress,
    caressing her wild curls in the air.
    The sun kissed her goodbye,
    before dunking into the horizon,
    making a silent promise to come again tomorrow by the dawn,
    making her cheeks pink and her eyes smile.
    Like this was how they made their pinky promise each day.
    An emotion so strong beyond words, the faith to let go and wait to return, the faith in his return, the faith in her wait.
    Charmed by the keeper colors, wondered I, 'Is this what Love looks like ?'
    May be it is or may be not, for what do I know about Love.

    "Its not all roses and kisses", whispered Apollo*.
    Says He, there'll be days, they won't meet , when the dark clouds glooms over the skies.
    Sometimes he'll go behind the fluff playing hide,
    Sometimes her sad face doesn't want to wake up to his ray of sunshine,
    Sometimes it's just a bad day, so just take a raincheck!
    Not everything is black and white, it's the grey times testing your waters.
    You see, the beauty blooms when the Greys are embraced, because as rightly said,
    'Even with all your freckles, I'll still love you.
    Even with all your goofs, I still want to keep our promises.
    Even with all Greys I'll still come back and kiss you, for it is the Faith that runs the course.
    Forgive me, for I'll mess up and so do I when you do.'
    Hooking our pinkies we vowed,
    "I'll come for the morning kiss in your waiting arms by the dawn, for I need to see your beautiful smile to start my day".
    And that's my silent prayer as I kiss you each time,
    for You are my forever agápi mou*.


    (*1: Apollo is the Greek mythology God of Sun, Logic and Reason, also a fine musician and healer.

    *2: agápi mou means 'my Love' in Greek)

  • steffy2110 55w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Fulfilled

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    I'm kicking and alive.

  • steffy2110 69w


    Is kadar tum mujhe yaad aarahe ho
    Ki dafan gaye saare pal fir saamne aarahe he
    Bhulana chahti hun, par tum ho ki jakad liye ho
    Kyun sata rahe ho iss kadar, ki tum ab mere neenden uda rahe ho
    Kaisa mayajaal he ye tera, ki tum, ho durr, lekin fir bhi paas lagate ho
    Aur jab tumne bahe failaye
    Toh laga shayad sab kuch ek brahm hi tha, shayad tum kahi gaye hi nahi,
    the paas yuhi mere, hamesha ki tarah
    Par ye bhi jhoot nahi, ki me apni khule ankhon se mehsoos karna chahu tumhe, toh kahi chup jate ho hawao me
    Tum ho, ki bas, ab sirf khwabon mehi gale lagte ho
    Kyun sata rahe ho iss kadar, ki tum ab mere neenden uda rahe ho
    Dekho, aankhen mund li he mene,
    isibaat pe, theher bhi jao aur der thodi
    Bhulana chahti hun, par tum ho ki bhulane dete nai...


  • steffy2110 122w

    #nature #poetry #thoughts #diary #life

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    You will see something different I did with the poem's format, hope you will enjoy ��

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    Why I'm hazed...

    Bouts of nothingness spelt showers
    Pouring all over me
    Drenched from inside I feel
    But all seems perfectly dried from the outside.
    You know, having that feeling of being melting within, I'm waning
    I'm slacked and mired,
    With a desire to come back to shore, a drowning man, often splatters with all forces and raising arms for aid.
    But the almost mired, submerged me does have no feels or desire,
    Do not splatter, do not ask for help.
    Almost feels like once full of flames have been extinguished.
    Can't feel my breath, emptiness all it is.
    Nothingness catching up the emptiness sooner.
    It's all in the likeness of the hazy sky, apparently all is gloomy and opaque.
    The thickhead almost on the verge to thud the ground.
    The inchoate feelings is growing on me.
    The wise men says, It's the Autumn of Life.
    Can't weigh what's right, what's wrong, what's good, what's bad.
    Men say I'm blaspheming the Creator.
    But I no longer conceive my actions out of my voluntary.
    Father, O Father, do you hear,
    Where are my broken pieces, who filled up with void?
    That vacuum feels like bondage, the shackles tightening their grip.
    Is this The Autumn of Life?


  • steffy2110 137w

    (from "Gully Boy" soundtrack)

    #ratrace #mundane # lifeexperiences #travel #love #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts

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    "Ek Hee Raasta"

    Ek hi rasta jispe chup chap sar ko jhukaye huye
    Band aankhein kiye log chalte hai saare janam
    Jaante bhi nahi, sochte bhi nahi, puchte bhi nahi
    Unko ye rasta lekar kahin jayega?
    Ya kahin bhi nahi?

    Chalte chalte kahin ek mod aata hai
    Sidhe raste se bilkul alag
    Koi deewana hi hota hai jo ki udhar jata hai
    Warna baaki toh sab sidhe raste pe hi
    Apne saare janam chalte hai
    Sar jhukaye huye band aankhein kiye aur yeh dukh liye
    Mod jo dekha tha uspe mudd jaate hum
    Toh najaane kahan tak pahunch paate hum

  • steffy2110 141w

    Caution: Smoking is injurious to health ��

    #nosmoking #janhitmeinjaari #publichealthinterest #awareness #quitsmoking #caution #irony #ironypoems #paradox #conversations #cigarrette
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    #thoughts #poetry #life

    Title translation: Matchstick
    Conversation of a matchstick with a young boy who has now turned to a serious smoker, matchstick reminiscing over the old days when the boy's mother used to light lamp with the matchstick to pray for his son's health and now the boy himself destroying his life with the same matchstick.

    Conceptualised and Written by Steffy Varghese, (steffy2110)

    Follow my work on

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    माचिस की तिलि

    Jhulas kar diya jalayi
    Hawao ke jhokhon se bachkar ladkhadayi
    Saans phoolkar bhi datti rahi mein
    Amma jo tumhari lagati hume bade pyaar se
    Tili se lagati woh, agarbatti ki khushboo faylati angan bhar
    Duayein mangati woh apne nanhe ki sehkat ke lye, humare aass mein Daata se haat jodti, hume bhujne na deti woh
    Bada achha lagta tha
    Ab bade ho gaye ho tum
    Par na samaj, abhi ho tum
    Aaj tum bhi lagate ho matches ki tili
    Par ab woh khusboo hoti nai mehsoos
    Hoti hai ab, toh bas ghutan
    Ab sab dhuva dhuva sa lagta hai bilkul tumhari fefdo ki tarah
    Na dekte ho tum muje us aass mein, jaise amma dekha karti thi
    Saansein phul rahi he tumhari
    Khoklepan se ud gayi he jawani
    Ab toh bas kar lo
    Khumar aisa chaya hai ki
    Shamshan bhi paas lagta hai.


  • steffy2110 141w

    #love #truelove #trueloveneverdies #oldcouples #couplegoals #wedding #dreams #death #deathofyourlovedone #love #friendship #inspiration #poetry #life #thoughts #diary @mirakee @mirakeeworld @iamv49 @writersnetwork

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    The Love never dies...

    Fragile was I then
    Forcing my eyes to open to a blurry vision
    Fingers shivering to find warmth of my man again
    So fragile and powerless, my hand dropped on the bed
    Soon his wrinkly arm lifted mine
    And held it closer to his heart, beating fast
    Saw my handsome's face with my blurry sight
    But little did he know, he couldn't hide his inside tidal wave from me
    For who better than I could feel his heart skip a beat when he held my fingers close to him
    Asked I, 'honey, take me home ! I don't like it here'
    Then came a young doctor to check on me with medicines for me
    Gently tapped my head asking to take rest
    Didn't like when the young lad took my man with him outside the room
    All I remember is some whispers and before I could analyse any further,
    The deep slumber hushed me down to young days
    I was all dressed up for a white wedding
    I was young and cheeky blush
    flowers in one hand and the other in my father's hand
    Across the aisle stood a tall handsome guy in black with pearly whites and sparkly eyes
    couldn't he take his eyes off me, so couldn't I
    Holding my left hand he said 'I do' and kissed my lips
    Tears of joy rolled my cheeks touching his
    Into my eyes looked he says " I'll love you forever, sweetie"
    In half conscious I woke to find my oldie by my side holding my hand.
    I felt his tears on my hand.
    Weepingly he murmured softly, 'I have loved you so much and shall love you forever'.
    Caressing his fluffy loose cheeks with my fragile fingers, said I, 'the love shall never die, my love' and then went I to a deep slumber but never to wake up again.


  • steffy2110 141w

    Finding my Wise

    Older I get, the wiser my WISE becomes
    The heart no more cries to let go off
    Lighter it feels now
    As weakened skin to take the detox en route
    Nurturing the thick skin is the new craft
    Feels like an invisible cape on my collar
    No longer does it care, nor does it count on them
    Those days are only a reminiscence of the past
    Oftentimes famished feels wore me out, drowned me down
    Could n't race against them
    Sinking in the deep sea, mixed was the inner chemistry, ready to swallow me in its sinkhole
    Slipping sand became the rescue to calm my nerve wrecks
    Quiter I became now, empowered I feel, wiser it becomes
    Confused are they,
    For they seem its gotta do issues with
    Little do they realise it's their actions what thickened its skin, more dense, more wise!
    Why wait at the reception for the love from them,
    when its in my full reach to give in abundance.
    It is to embrace the blemishes than to loathe and punish thyself.
    As wiser it becomes, the soul drenches in youthfulness.