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  • storyteller_agam_ 22h


    Loyalty in a relationship means to settle for less,
    Never to each other for anything surpress.
    Always have that imperfectly perfect ones stories,
    And become each other's god fairies.

    It means to have taken the stress away,
    Let the pain in water sway.
    The beauty of staying together forever,
    And doing over them a sprinkle shower.

    Loyalty in a relationship is very important,
    It is to make sure that you don't get any dent.
    It's about loving each other unconditionally,
    And no matter what always being friendly.

    ~Agam Sachdeva

  • storyteller_agam_ 11w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Sibling

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    The one who gives me HAPPINESS

  • storyteller_agam_ 11w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Unspoken

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    Silence was enough to feel his words

  • storyteller_agam_ 11w

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  • storyteller_agam_ 25w


    With sitting under the moon with a cup of coffee,
    Along with it having my favourite caramel toffee.
    Something just pinched me so hard that I was numb for a while,
    But once I got normal I couldn't resist my smile.

    I wanted to complete my aim to be a doctor,
    And want to be my parents proud daughter.
    With the next sunrise I had to wake up with a different vibe,
    That anyhow I have to fulfil my dream even if I have to sacrifice my chocolate bites.

    That day I released fulfilling aim has to be my biggest crush,
    To fulfill it I don't in my life at all have to rush.
    I just need to work hard and never lose hope,
    Have faith and in my life let the sun's ray pop.

    I've to anyhow be "Dr.Agam Sachdeva* and be proud,
    I anyhow have to stand out of the crowd.
    Finally my aim has become my obsession,
    I don't have to sacrifice it for anyone's possesion.

    I promised myself to be a little more responsible,
    In my life, be kiddish but while saying and doing be sensible.
    I promised to be happy and never find depression,
    One day my hardwork will make me successful out of my favourite obsession.

    ~Agam Sachdeva

  • storyteller_agam_ 26w


    I was in grade 9 when I read this beautiful story of a girl who has a voodoo doll,
    Everytime she was upset for the pins from it she called.
    Her father was though a sweet man but she was always scared of her as it's a tan.

    Her grandma asked her to prepare a voodoo doll for her dad,
    So that she never on him gets sad.
    He was so happy on seeing it,
    All his serious face goes into pit.

    Voodoo dolls are found all over the world,
    It's a practice followed even by nerds.
    It's famous all around the globe,
    And sometimes become powerful than to sob

    ~Agam Sachdeva

  • storyteller_agam_ 30w


    With out of that red stain,
    Before judging think about period pain.
    It's a natural process, my child,
    Don't let your life be mild.

    It's a sign for a girl to grow up,
    Enjoying in rain a coffee's cup.
    Red it is in colour,
    Of "devi maa" blessing it's stirs.

    It's beautiful to bleed,
    It's the best deed.
    We get the power to give birth,
    Have million blessings in th girth.

    It's a pretty colour, red strain is amazing,
    In life everything should be normal instead of dazzling.
    It's a blessing to bleed only we have,
    Our ourselves we should clap.

  • storyteller_agam_ 32w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Endure

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    Our friendship scattered

  • storyteller_agam_ 32w

    Hi guys,
    Dm to be a part of this community.
    It's under STALWART.

    Shining Stars
    Founder: Agam Sachdeva

    Founder: Soham Prakash Baral
    Co Founder: Agam Sachdeva


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  • storyteller_agam_ 34w


    Walked in my life as an unexpected hope,
    A notification in life suddenly popped,
    It's an untold story of my love,
    Which is woven in a necklace of a story of a pair of dove.

    He might know I love him,
    I wish he loved me back so that I can be in tim,
    I wish I could tell me how much I love that one soul,
    He is my life's pole.

    Oh, It feels I have been taken my heart away,
    All my love just swayed,
    The love is forbidden forever,
    I would say again? No, never!

    It pains alot, my heart literally aches,
    He might not be someone else but pain it takes,
    The closeness I lack,
    I wish for that I had a beautiful hack.

    I truly love him so much,
    Since when I loved him, I craved his touch,
    It's so difficult for me to survive like this,
    Without being his.

    Killing a life of my own,
    I wish it was true. What? "His tone."
    I really love him alot,
    More than a person's dream house's plot.

    I want to tell him again,
    There is no cure of the forbidden pain,
    I love him truly,
    You can love me too, (my heart is already his, PURELY)

    You say, I should tell him how much I love him,
    I told him but it's taking away his tim,
    In his heart, resides his beautiful half,
    In my life thinking about him has the highest graph.

    ~Agam Sachdeva