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  • straypoems 33w


    In this world full of darkness,
    where the light is ferociously speechless,
    you can be a candle to spread the brightness,
    and you can be a beacon to cure the weariness.

    You can be a source of inspiration,
    even if you are in affliction.
    You can be a source of motivation,
    even if you are not in a high position.

    You have to realize your worth,
    so you can confidently show the whole earth,
    that you are you,
    and you are definitely true.

    Fill the darkness with your light,
    be the star in the night,
    make a perfect sight,
    and own the spotlight.

    You can and you may,
    don't let the world block your way.
    You should choose what to do,
    so don't let people decide for you.

    You can be a star,
    even if you have a scar.
    You're not yet on the finish line,
    so you should shine.

    Shine and show,
    show that you can grow,
    show that you can be a pro,
    even if the world say no.

  • straypoems 34w

    It's okay to not be okay,
    but it's not okay to pretend like you're okay...

    "Pretending will never be an answer"

  • straypoems 34w

    "Don't hesitate to pause when you're tired and stress"

    Pausing doesn't mean you'll stop, it means you need to rest...

  • straypoems 36w


    A dream makes a person's life wonderful,
    it makes our vision colorful.
    A dream helps us to know which we are destined to,
    it strengthens our hearts to seek the things we love to do.
    A dream let our hearts be fasten,
    and opens our mindset to the possible things that might happen.

    As you entered the door, to start your journey,you dreamed freely.
    Your visions were crystalline,
    they were like diamonds that brightly shine.
    Enraptured to take the adventure,
    not knowing the things that will happen in the future.

    As years passed by,
    in just one blink of an eye.
    You felt something ineffable,
    everything was uncontrollable.
    There were incessant problems you experienced,
    problems that let you lose your confidence.

    At first, you were so determined to finish your mission,
    you were energized and encouraged because of your ambition.
    You were always motivated,
    until one day,
    you felt sophisticated,
    your heart was diverted along the way.

    Along the path you are walking through,
    you started to feel sad and blue.
    You started doubting if your dreams will come true,
    you started to ask yourself if you will still continue.
    Are you going to finish your goal?
    or you'll just return and forget it all?

    Taking your journey is not about carrying your load,
    it is about how will you go with the flow in the narrow road.
    Dreaming is having a goal,
    but if you won't fulfill it,your life will be dark as a coal.
    Will you return to the starting base?
    or you'll efficiently continue and finish the race?

  • straypoems 36w

    When you're too tired,you can take a break from reality.....

    But remember to come back and leave your fantasy

  • straypoems 36w

    Sometimes pain is like the rain,
    you won't know when it'll stop.....

    "It's unsure but it will end for sure."

  • straypoems 37w

    When you suddenly realize that you are fine now.....
    "that's strength"

  • straypoems 37w

    Make sure you are really happy when you smile....

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    Sometimes you need to cry first, so you can appreciate your smile......

  • straypoems 37w

    Reality in the Star

    Everyone sees me as a star,
    and a star shouldn't have a scar.
    They see me at the top,
    and a top shouldn't easily drop.

    I need to have achievements,
    or else I'll live with cruel judgements.
    I need to be number one,
    or else I'll be done.

    I live with expectation,
    expectation that I must meet.
    I live with affliction,
    affliction that I must hid and eat.

    I'm afflicted,
    but I can't explain.
    I'm exhausted,
    but I can't complain.

    I badly want to rest,
    but I can't,
    for I have to be the best,
    and I have no time to rant.

    When can I say I'm free?
    When can I say I am me?
    When can I have a chance,
    to live without expectance?

  • straypoems 37w

    Life is is not life without pain but when it seems like it's too much, can you bear it?

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    On a dark and cloudy day,
    I was alone walking in a narrow way.
    It suddenly began to rain,
    and somehow I felt some hidden pain.

    An unexpected emotion,
    in an unexpected situation.
    Oh how confusing!
    It feels like I'm falling!

    I'm falling in a huge cliff,
    full of sadness and grief.
    I'm falling in a deep well,
    it feels like hell.

    As I experience this feeling,
    I started wondering,
    why do my heart feel this way?
    Why do this pain never goes away?

    On this dark path,
    full of guilt and wrath.
    My life feels like a curse,
    it's getting worse and worse.

    This curse makes my heart ache,
    my life is like a big mistake.
    I am entangled in a big chain,
    locked in sorrow and pain.

    I'm lost in this tight road,
    it feels like I 'm going to explode.
    Oh how creepy!
    I'm always blue and lonely!

    I'm hurt but I don't know why,
    I want to be okay but I don't know how,
    my heart just can't allow,
    to end this, I just want to fly in the sky.