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  • struggle_of_mind 10w

    #dedicated to all brave womens who refuse to quit and stop#

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    Strong womens who refuse to quit

    I don't exactly remember how many times I fell but I do remember it took the double effort to be on my foot back.

    I don't exactly remember how many times I failed but I do remember how many times I still continued and tried my best.

    This is what my life taught me yet that bit by bit you become a brick and brick by brick you build a home out of it.

    I don't wanna wait, I don't wanna sit and cry for a long time, I don't wanna keep looking for a hand, I don't wanna keep staring at the gate, I don't wanna wait, I wanna be the heroine of my fate.

    When he left I didn't look for him to look at me back because I knew that if he didn't love me in the first place then a second chance will be like losing my self-respect.

    When my friend left me alone and wasn't available for me, I stopped looking for them because real friends don't exit in our worst phase, they stay, they do stay.

    I continued on the track, right feels like wrong and wrong feels like right sometimes but I keep walking, it's never the straight line because life is a roller coaster ride, keep going.

    Each time I told myself....yes, get up you are brave enough to handle this have to, there is no option you can't be weak, you have to walk.

  • struggle_of_mind 10w

    Am I good person??

    Sometimes my inner soul gets irritated by waiting, tolerating, smiling..... sometimes I hold grudges and wish bad happens to the people who had done bad to I still a good person??

    Sometimes I become fibber to grab something/someone or to hide something.... sometimes I feel....this is mine and I want it anyhow matter what is the method or path... I want it I still I a good person??

    Sometimes I feel why me .....why should I struggle.....why should I let go everytime........ sometimes i feel like, I too need shortcuts to win and no I still a good person??

    Sometimes my heart is not ready to help matter what pain one is suffering....... sometimes it was so rough ..that I quit and I still a good person??

  • struggle_of_mind 10w

    Kabhi na khatam karne vala
    Intezaar karna zaruri hai kya
    Aur Jo humse na kare
    Usi se b-entha pyaar
    karna zaruri hai kya

  • struggle_of_mind 32w


    I had choose the name of my pen because it is not me who is writting, it is my mind sharing the thought. There is lot of confusion from the day I had
    started to understand was always like this whether to do it or not, whether to say or not...etc. The struggle is is like burden where to explode it, who will listen's not like always had questions for sadness and pain but in happiness and pleasure too, it remains the same.

  • struggle_of_mind 33w


    It is the memory of is a time or incident which we had lived at our fullest. It can make u happy for someone or something, it can make u smile at the same time it can bawl ur eyes out.

  • struggle_of_mind 33w


    People say, time makes you forget people, especially when they're not around you. There's even a famous proverb that says, "out of sight, out of mind." But, I wonder how all these proverbs seem like lies now. Your absence hurts the same like day one, when you left. Life hasn't stopped for me, and I won't lie, I've smiled, I've laughed, I've had good moments even after you left. But I've missed you every moment

  • struggle_of_mind 33w


    Months had passed, may be a year, but still why I can't deal with these memories. Why it is haunting me....why there is a sudden smile and than nerve racking pain.....yes I know people says that time will heal everything.
    But often I get thoughts ....if we had the power to erased someone's memories as they left....

  • struggle_of_mind 41w


    The word itself is so harsh to listen...... imagine the person into it.
    ......Is it everything in my mind or in my heart......why it is so unbearable....I cannot deal it.....why it numb my body.....why???

    It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone. Sometimes it is too deep that even a slightest provoke to wound can harm u back.....the madness, the heart-wrenching pain, regrets all can back in moment and left u bleed internally.....