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  • su_____ 3d

    Losing a winning match hurts

  • su_____ 5d

    I don't waste my time to explain
    When some one just intend to get me pain

  • su_____ 5d

    when some one intend to distract

  • su_____ 5d

    The intensity of my hatredness
    Can never be as much as I like

    Bcoz I don't remember whom I hate
    N I don't forget whom I like

  • su_____ 5d

    Learn to help, care, encourage

  • su_____ 5d

    I am neither big hearted to forgive
    Nor small minded to forget!

  • su_____ 1w

    �� Caution!

    All the words below r mere imaginative, doesn't intend to hurt any one

    My first story!

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    It's not mere story!

    Once after both of his parents being killed brutally of our hero

    One by electrification n other by sudden compressive force

    Our hero decided to take revenge

    N kill back his enemy n their family too!

    But for that he had to put himself also in to threat

    Still he sacrificed his life, he sinked in the channel of waste drainage water, got infected himself made sure he is attacked by virus n bacterias,

    Waited for those to mutate within his body, n finally got ready to attack his enemy n their family

    He waited till that black days evening n some how managed to get in side his enemies , as he just had an option to get in through that door, rest all were securely closed with defencing fences,

    But that was actually beneficial for him as because of that extra strong defence at the exterior level, internally there wasn't anything much harmful for him though his enemy had an electrifying tool still it wasn't in functioning mode as there wasn't any need of it in recent days

    Finally he, our hero bite older ones of his enemies family, followed by children too! By looking at this his enemy got deteriorated n finally our hero bite his enemy too before being killed by that same compressive force n eventually he succeeded to demolish his enemies family as all got seriously n severely fatalities of deadly malaria n dengue!


  • su_____ 1w

    The main difference when your work is done by you and by others for you is

    You will do it for yourself n accomplish the needs of it

    While others do just as you asked them to n complete it just as they started

  • su_____ 1w

    जाने वाले जाते रहेंगे
    आने वाले भी आते
    लेकिन मुझे तो जीना ही है
    कोई मेरे साथ रहे या ना रहे

  • su_____ 1w

    Dream High
    Beyond the sky

    Dream keeps us awake
    When we Dream for your sake

    Dream must be pure
    It enables it's achievement n fulfillment for sure

    Dream without plan
    Isn't worth dreaming