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  • suchismita13 40w

    Oh my soul !

    Oh my soul !
    You are tender yet bold .


  • suchismita13 41w

    Oh my love !

    I was searchin' for love ,
    in the brightness of day and darkness of night .
    Fallen off with heart full but couldn't make it right.

    I was searchin' for care ,
    in the good days and bad .
    Waiting at the edge but didn't find the shade.

    I thought I'll never drive that way where they can hurt.
    But a single turn and I crashed away to the dirt.

    Oh my love !
    I waited for you too long.
    I was grounded & not feeling strong.
    I loved & cared more ,
    thinking you will be there with open door .

    Oh my love !
    I never realized that you were always there with me.
    When things turned dark , you were with light.
    When it was lonely ,  you gave me warmth of night.
    When I was crashing in ground ,  you were waiting for me in sky.
    Thinking I will take leap of faith and look high to fly.

    Oh my love !
    Now I realize you are mine .
    Oh my Moon !
    Thank you for this bond divine.

  • suchismita13 46w

    Shelf on the wall.

    That little shelf on the wall ,
    has loads of memories big and small .


  • suchismita13 49w

    First ride with my Dad

    A colorful evening with Rayleigh scatter,
    And my Dad all set to flatter.
    He had just got his driving license few days back,
    And hence he was ready to show off his knack.
    He insisted me to take a ride ,
    I had no choice but to agree because I had no where to hide.
    Color of the scooter was turquoise blue,
    Where were we heading, I had no clue.

    He keyed in ignition and turned it on,
    squeezed the brake handle and kicked the start peg to move on.
    He raced the scooter as if it was a flight,
    I was nervous hence  I held him tight.
    But as the cool wind flew through my hair ,
    And with roads clean and clear; I had nothing to fear.

    After a while he was driving uphill
    and it also started to drizzle.
    With a bang , the scooter hit a rock
    We fell down with utter shock.

    Terrified by my bleed and cry ,
    Dad decided to pause his crazy try.
    Later as time passed by he became pro,
    But my first ride with him was special with all the flaws.


  • suchismita13 50w


    I gave  you warmth of my heart,
    Knowing you are alone and it was quite hard.

    You took it piece by piece
    working  at your ease.

    But that day I saw you chasing the green fields and the new sky
    Forgotten were those winter and autumn days when I stood beside.

    I still stood there waiting for the season to change
    Hardly did I know that there was nothing for me to gain .

    It was easy for you to hide and break my faith
    As you saw me naive and  not more than a wraith.

    How foolish I was to think you were alone !
    when there was no love  how can it be gone?

    Now I am working on myself  all alone
    Collecting every pieces of my heart  and trying to be strong.


  • suchismita13 53w


    That night when I didn't sleep,
    anticipating that I could squeeze some more time to live .
    But then I thought to end that sleepless night
    Closed my eyes to dream a world of delight.

    Just then we heard a knock,
    It was hour before the daylight struck.
    We saw you were struggling  to breathe
    We tried to get help but didn't succeed.

    You were gone by now
    hardly did we realize that you will leave us alone.
    That day, standing on your grave ,
    Few cried and few pretend to be strong and brave.

    It was becoming unbearable not because that the day was rough
    But because the burden of your loss was fresh and tough.
    All of a sudden everything was irrelevant
    There was pause and silence which was different.

    We know , you are in a journey to live a new life
    Wish you are always happy and god give us strength to survive.
    Memories we made together will always be there
    At times it will make us happy and at times we would cry in despair .

    They say time is a healer it will heal us all,
    It gets better if not sooner but later.
    In that anticipation , we'll  thrive and survive.


  • suchismita13 56w

    Modern Meeting

    Sometimes work was light or Sometimes tight.
    Some teams were bored and some were quite occupied.
    However someone always thought it was right,
    to block calendar for  team meet upright.

    The meeting time had arrived.
    People prepped with laptop, cup of coffee and notepads,
    And some with plans,designs , charts and stats.
    All the background set -
    Some had bookshelf,  some had neat in-house workstation,
    Some managed with green room and some with photos of dream vacation.
    Doors closed , lights on , family prepared to be on mute day long.
    Feels like pause before the storm.
    We dial in and the call begins as is the norm.

    Human talking to human through a box,
    And some peeking beyond the face to glace at backdrop.
    It's so new that there is no strict rule,
    some suited and decked but some in tee's faded.
    But something doesn't change,
    There are still few who are speaking on mute.
    The presentation starts  at the stroke of nine.
    And few moments later there  are movements behind.
    The chaos begins with sound of Utensils and child crying loud.
    And sound of flush and snore to further hound.

    But how do you explain it was not your fault
    You tried hard to resist this revolt.
    But why do you care it's new norm,
    Meeting from home has it's own pros and cons.


  • suchismita13 57w


    Motherhood a very simple yet a complex word to define . Is it just giving birth , adoption or care giving ? It's definitely much larger than that . It's overwhelming, learning and at times just fun . Everyday has new chapters and new learnings.

    Aniruddha always loves to study along with me however yesterday while studying he had a meltdown. It prolonged probably for 30 minutes. I usually try to calm him down and if doesn't work give him space to recover. However yesterday it was bit overwhelming for me and I had raised voice and scolded him. I was so upset with situation I cried hard and long.

    Few minutes past this incident when Aniruddha was calm he went to his grandma and said " Grandma please tell maa not to cry . I'm sorry ! I don't know why I always do such mistakes " .

    When I heard this , despite being extremely happy and proud of my kid for his empathy , I was still crying.....

    Motherhood is never easy !

  • suchismita13 59w

    I do care !

    How can I say I don't care,
    When I see someone has just lost their loved ones.
    How can I say I don't care,
    When I see an infant longing for breastmilk since mother is no more there.
    How can I say I don't care,
    When I see children sobbing for their parents and can't give a final hug.
    How can I say I don't care,
    When I know I would miss that smile of co-worker who has left this world.
    How can I say I don't care,
    When I see people fighting for space to rest their loved ones for the last time.
    How can I say I don't care,
    When I hear political and religious differences are more important than the precious life out there.
    How can I say I don't care,
    When I am worried about my loved ones who live near and far.
    How can I say I don't care,
    When I hear few demons out there trying to take advantage of the situation.

    I do care and I am heart broken,
    But still hoping that everything will be fine .
    Hope that the duty and dedication of those Doctors, nurses and essential workers will heal the world.
    Hope that donations and help from selfless common people will pay-off.
    Hope that food prepared by common people for needy will make them healthy.
    Hope that those funny videos, movies, stories or poems will light up someone's day somewhere.
    Hope that those kids who are orphaned, will get new family whom they will call their loved ones.
    Hope those millions of prayers will be answered.
    Hope we will make a positive and beautiful world coming out of the ashes.


  • suchismita13 64w

    I wonder why ?

    I thought my dreams were written on stars.
    I wonder why did I forget to walk through those colors which I had already built on ground ?