A healer who herself heals through writing... Doctor by profession Literature and music keeps me alive!

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  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 4d

    Strength of character is all about hearing opinions but maintaining your own..
    It comes from taking your own self more seriously than any other person..

    Becoming sorted needs a bit of selfishness


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 4d

    Just a winter evening...

    My half-read novel lies on the table...
    As the dusk sets in,I look through the window,
    To get a glimpse of the lighted streets;
    It's been the same,I know how that distant light keeps flickering in a beat..
    The flights pass above with a sound well-adjusted to my ears,
    The stars twinkle and the sound of 'azaan' comes from far beyond..
    I wonder what is the feel of the tune?
    At some point I guess pain and happiness all become one!

    I sip my coffee and shudder a bit in the cold
    Surprisingly,I don't get nostalgic now-a-days in winter..
    I just dwell, existing and breathing a bit of fire into my soul that's cold at times;
    But never dead...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 2w

    Happy New Year

    Our society has always paid less attention to 'individual failures' and has had primary concerns about 'social successes'...
    Individual underachievements, unfulfillments in career,love,life....are sacrificed for social successes...for following the crowd,for doing things with predictable consequences...for the social 'pass mark' in the report card!!

    This new year, I wish we start giving importance to individual needs...start to affirm what we want for ourselves,and encourage expression of the same in it a career choice,a partner choice,a choice of motherhood,a choice of doing what we know is our recipe for contentment...

    Let's go from being judgemental to being observant...
    And from being unnecessary critics to being just opinionated...

    May good mental health prevail for all
    Happy New Year


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 2w

    That leftover smell that lingers on me,
    When you leave...
    I often try holding on to it;
    On some lonely nights when my thoughts wander,
    I remember our walks by the field...
    Years go by,with people,places and promises;
    I wish I could run back to you sometimes,
    Just to rest my head on your chest and breathe;
    Listen to that heartbeat,and count the moments missed,
    The togetherness sacrificed,
    The pangs felt and all those teardrops
    that have dried up on the sands of time...
    Waiting for a new dawn to arrive,
    With some stolen moments of undying love...
    And some embraces that heal the wounds since ages...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 6w

    I love the way you make
    this heavy world feel so light,
    I love the way you make
    the darker days bright,
    You stay so near to me
    even when out of sight...
    You raise me up in the
    moments I am tired to fight!

    Here's a note to say I love you
    and want to hug you tight!


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 6w

    December realisations...

    1.Setting boundaries is a must.

    2.Self-talk helps you acknowledge your own issues as well as re-analyse different perspectives.

    3. Customize what you offer to people..customize your energy,your information,your love.. according to priorities and reciprocations.

    4. Forgive for your own mental peace, but remember what that taught you..keep that learning with you.


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 9w

    Some days I crave to drink love
    from the depths of your soul...
    Intoxicating myself with
    some adulteration;
    As the sweet poison runs
    through my veins,
    Draining me, exhausting me into
    some hypoxic stillness;
    I slip into a trance state that
    blurs my reality..

    I hear you whispering in my ears but
    The wetness of your lips and that
    old familiar odour--
    Confuses my already bewildered mind..
    I wonder if I can make it back home?
    But then your arms pull me close..
    Close to your pounding heart
    in a warm embrace..
    And I realise home has been
    this very place...
    All the while...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 13w

    The rail-tracks meander their ways,
    And the train shudders along..
    Past fields,cities, rivers;
    Past people,stories and moments,
    Unnamed...unheard...and uncountable;

    As I sit by the window,looking at those trees,
    The towers..the wires all spiralling around;
    Dancing their ways as the train passes by,
    I see far away at some bank by the river...
    Me and you sitting and watching the ferries ply by...
    Looking at the sombre sunset together...

    Someday when all this running around ends,
    And we are tired of answering most of the questions..
    I would like to meet you there on a quiet evening...
    Beside that lone river bank and tell..
    How badly I have missed
    being myself with you...all this while...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 14w


    You know not what poison is;
    You are blinded by sugar coated promises,
    You put a fake smile on to hide your blemishes,
    You think luxury will give you the respect you seek,
    You belittle others and further trouble the weak...

    You know not what poison is;
    Your desires get to newer heights everyday,
    You snap off your roots and go defiantly astray,
    You mistake encroaching upon others freedom as one of yours,
    You shout for rights amidst all your worldly chaos...

    You know not what poison is;
    You run behind money and time laughs at you,
    You burden your head with taxes overdue,
    You shun your talents and carve out a robotic hero,
    You dominate your peers to satisfy your stupid ego...

    You know not what poison is;
    What you let control you is your poison ;
    Stop it before it gets a hold,
    Stop it before it chokes you,
    Stop it before your poison blurs your identity...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 15w


    Your hazel eyes..draw me to an abyss,
    Filtering the colourful world
    into your monochrome;
    Hypnotizing me into a trance where
    my senses are blurred..
    My ears fall deaf to all the clutter
    of the streets..

    We lay on the couch gazing
    at some faraway flicker;
    Holding hands and promising forevers..
    In a world which changes colors too often!!
    I wish I could forever see the world like this...
    Through your eyes,into an ocean of
    Unfathomable some shallow days
    Of unfulfilled desires...