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  • sugandhswani_ 1w


    I walked, walked alone on that beautiful road,
    That took me where I remember not...
    But I remember that sound of silence...
    That I heard loud, along the journey...
    Where they whispered, and sang and laughed with me...
    The fallen leaves of the winter, the fall...
    One of the few sounds I cherish,
    As I walk through life, on this beautiful road...

    14th January 2022

  • sugandhswani_ 2w

    The Journey

    I grew up in a world, where
    everyone was trying to reach somewhere.
    Big dreams feasted on the eyelids,
    With a side of idolization of grandeur.

    A race to the destination,
    And eager eyes to reach the stop,
    Where maybe the mind meets contentment,
    And no more sleep the fears shall rob.

    Fervour though found them frail,
    My desires to reach some destiny around,
    I know not where I could reach,
    But the journey was where euphoria I found.

    I too had dreams, not big but small,
    To look out the window as I walk the way,
    To meet all the lands and waters I see,
    And greet all the rocks, the grass, the hay…

    Unaware, where this journey would end,
    I see, I learn, stumble, rise and fall,
    For this life and next and then another,
    And the odyssey is where I find it all…

    The me, old and the me, new,
    The merriment, lessons and colours of grief,
    All the suns I need and raindrops a few,
    With some moons of doubt and some more belief…

    5th January 2022

  • sugandhswani_ 2w

    We read books,
    Finish one, close it down
    and move on to the next...
    We don't reopen the same book again...
    We might just learn something,
    And happily cherish the learning,
    Talk about it... But we don't get attached...
    Why can't we feel the same way about love?
    About those connections.. Relationships...
    Why do we get attached?
    Sometimes stuck...
    Why is it so difficult to move on?
    They say.. To love is to let go...
    I guess we love our books more then...
    I find this difficult to understand...

    3rd Jan 2022

  • sugandhswani_ 2w


    Opening some,
    Closing some,
    Some for a bit,
    Some forever,
    Keeping some half open,
    To go in and out...
    And then Visiting some from time to time...
    To smell those similar scents,
    That would bring nostalgia,
    As life walks by...

    3rd Jan 2022


  • sugandhswani_ 3w


    She bathed in golden sunlight,
    And that light was all she had,
    For the darkest of shadows that lurked
    In the corners, fell cold on the warm sand.
    Sand that shone of her dazzling dust,
    That dripped from her feet as she did walk,
    Bare, beautiful and burning raw,
    With fragrant whispers of lustre,
    Braided in her locks...

    29th December 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 4w

    The beginning, the end?!

    Things begin and things end,
    Things are now and things were then.
    The smiles begin and then they fade,
    They were here and now you look for them...
    Those eyes that melted your soul,
    Pierced through your heart burning with passion,
    And washed your bosom in sweet tears,
    Where are they now, were on you then...
    Those hands that made you shiver,
    Yet you were warm in those arms,
    As your blood rushed up and down,
    Your bodies one as you felt it then,
    Those lush lips that made your flush,
    Pink in desire of that love you made,
    That touched your soul as it escaped in that moment,
    For a moment now as you think, and in that moment then...
    The love that remains and the love that was then...
    Love that began and would never end...
    Left something in you that you treasure still,
    Do you feel more now or you felt it then??

    25th December 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 4w

    The Star in the fields

    The landscape was that of winter,
    Not the cold harsh one though,
    The one where warm sunny skies smile,
    And soft and mellow, moist winds blow.

    He found himself in the middle of nowhere,
    Yet it was everything he desired.
    Not alone amidst those mustard flowers,
    That wore a graceful golden yellow attire...

    He smiled as he looked at the clouds,
    They cheered for him as he struck a chord,
    He pulled some strings with his musical charm,
    And as they swerved, the fields did applaud...

    He was elated, felt lighter than light,
    That kissed his face as they picked him up,
    The clouds white but warm like wool,
    And he lay on the sky that filled his cup...

    With birds that sang in his melody,
    And then gently dropped him onto the fields,
    That cushioned his back with more laurels,
    For he was the star, all that world would need...

    And I saw that joy like I had never seen,
    As he swayed on yellow flowers, that joyful face,
    And that filled my soul, in that precious moment,
    Where someone found and end to the chase...

    22nd December 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 8w

    I often wonder how trees know endless stories and literally become pages of history, while flowers, born for a day know no stories for they are long gone before any tales unfold and become beloved bookmarks...

    #tree #flowers #nature #beauty #love #books #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

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    Books and Bookmarks

    I was walking past this bower
    And felt an urge to sit down,
    Under this green, grand tree
    With a bony flowery crown.

    I had fancied some silence,
    A mellow shade and calm
    But instead began reveling,
    In this old storyteller's charm.

    Not sure three centuries or more,
    This tree had lived for long,
    Had it's leaves full of secrets,
    And a trunk with tales and songs.

    Songs and spiels of people,
    Of lovers old and friends new,
    And generations alive and dead,
    I heard them, one or two.

    While I listened to the old wood,
    I saw it's flowers looking at the sky,
    Smiling at the songs of the birds,
    But quiet all along, maybe shy...

    They knew nothing, maybe didn't care,
    "Why waste in gossip this life short?"
    I think, they thought while fading with the day,
    This beautiful blushing lot.

    Is it not uncanny? I wonder as I walk,
    That these trees know the world,
    More than you or I could,
    And become pages of history furled.

    And these pure unworldly flowers,
    Born and gone in a day,
    Blank and free from facts and fiction,
    Become bookmarks, in stories they stay...

    26th November 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 13w

    We often feel we change, more like lose ourselves on the way... Shed the emotions and feelings as we grow into something else or the new kind of us.
    And we often miss those parts of us, the pieces we think we have left behind, wondering how things change and so do we, as we grow and evolve catching up to life...
    I too felt I left some of me behind and missed that me from time to time... The childlike, freer, bolder version me... But then I accepted the process of life...
    And one odd day I realised in a moment, that I found that back, that missing part of me, I felt whole just like I was a decade ago and I have neve felt more complete!
    For now I am the old and the new me...
    Never fret if you think you lost yourself through this journey... Trust me, You will always find You someday...

    #life #love #sunshine #sunrise #sunset #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @miraquill

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    Sunrise Sunset

    I often wondered, as I sat on the grass,
    Where I had lost that sunrise soul,
    The one that threw confetti golden,
    As she walked past the hearts she openly stole.

    I often wondered, as I spoke to the stars,
    Where I left that gleeful girl,
    Maybe at the crossroad where destiny met freewill,
    I gave her away to some parallel world.

    I often wondered, as I touched the flowers,
    Where I lost that piece of my heart,
    That flickered with feisty fires fearless,
    Holding flambeau when the nights went dark.

    But then I accepted, as the wind went by,
    The ‘new me’ that survived without that ‘me’,
    Maybe this price we pay as we grow,
    And evolve into us, shackled or free?!

    And then I sojourned in the hills for a while,
    A place where I took, a day at a time,
    Free from my world, wonder found new meaning,
    Places and people became tickles and chimes.

    As I climbed up the hill to watch from the top,
    The best sunset of my life,
    The crimson valley brought me back to me,
    And the memory of sunset became sunrise!!

    22nd October 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 16w

    The Song of the Fall

    It’s more…more than something,
    than everything, this season holds allure,
    And I feel orange, with a salmon soul,
    Like I was reborn, perky, and pure.

    This nip in the air takes me back,
    To that hot cup of cocoa, I shared with you,
    Sip on sip, like a warm hug,
    That I cherish still and never outgrew…

    The warmth of October sunshine,
    Takes me to the brazen fields,
    Where I lie as the wind whispers
    to me, the songs of leaves that kneeled.

    The crisp leaves of the fall,
    That form a beautiful, scented carpet,
    For me to walk and make music,
    While I gather the treasures for my autumn basket.

    It’s the last dash of colours,
    Before the wicked winter gloom,
    And the sky is dressed in shades of tangerine,
    And birds are playing with its muffler maroon.

    No time in the world fills my heart,
    The way fall does in its snuggly serape,
    And I sit here blushing, looking at today,
    Autumn giggles and leaves goosebumps at my nape.

    3rd October 2021