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  • sumaira0616 59w

    Rahul Vaidya is a contestant of bigboss 14!!! But he won many of the heart through his one liner dialogue used in the show and his personality���� and has become the top most search on GOOGLE❤️❤️these lines are translated into English also .thank you ����

    Some of his dialogues��:

    1)safai karlo dil ��ki,kaan ����toh saaf hojaiyenge dil�� ka kya karoge(clean your heart,ear can be cleaned,what will you do with your heart)

    2)Hum dil❤️ ke raja ��hai pyaar�� bhi dil�� se karte hai dushmani�� bhi dil ❤️se karte hai(we are the kings of heart,love is also done with the heart and enmity is also done with heart)

    3)aap bolo toh kamaal�� hai hum bole toh bawaal❔ hai (if you said it is amazing and if we said it is commotion)

    4)hum dua�� karte hai aur ho jaate hai badnaam vo qatal��️ bhi kare toh unki charcha bhi nahi hoti(we pray and become infamous they killed but they are not even discussed)

    3)sher�� hamesha akela hi hota hai,gidar�� saath me chalte hai(lion is always alone dogs enter in groups)

    6)saste waqeel�� hamesha beech me bolte hai,halka aadmi(cheap lawyers always talk in between,low budget man)

    7)zyada heroin�� mat bano ,dimaagh me jo chalta hai na fashion ki priyanka chopra hoon (don't act like heroin as if priyanka chopra in fashion)

    8)hum kisi ki khwaish nahi zaroorat❤️ banna chahte hai(I don't wanna anyone's wish I want to be their need or desire)

    9)pehle hamara khud ka opinion kuch hona chahiye (first our opinion should matters)

    10)dosti aur dushmani insaan ko kamzoor bana deti hai aur mai kamzoor nahi banna chahta(friendship and enemy makes a person weak and I don't wanna become weak)

    11) muqaddar se kehdo akela nahi hoon mai,dua'oon ka khafila chalta hai mere saath����(tell the destiny I am not alone, prayers are always with me)

    12)kuch toh rahi hogi unki bhi mazbooriya,warna yu chahker bewafa�� koi nahi hota,kabhi khudko bhi tatolker dekho faasla�� bewajah ka nahi hota.(their must be something forcing them,even if they are compelled,there is no unfaithfulness,look at yourself frantically,there is no needless distance)

    I personally feel he nailed it������his personality and behaviour already won the hearts no pointless talk in the whole show his real personality������even bigboss is a big fan of his one liner dialogue (as per the Twitter)

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    Rahul Vaidya from bigboss14

  • sumaira0616 67w

    If you understand these points you can live life without disappointment and without pain ��

    1)Be valuable not available

    2)you have two ears�� and one mouth�� follow that ratio , listen more talk less��

    3)God uses broken things beautifully,broken crops�� yield seeds��,broken seeds ��give life to new plants�� when you feel you are broken trust him,God is planning to utilise you for something great.�� always trust God fully ��his plans are best for you ����

    4)share you happiest moments with those who were their in your toughest times ⏳

    5)Be good enough�� to forgive people but don't be stupid enough�� to trust them again

    6) don't love�� too deeply because mostly the depth of your love�� today will be the depth of your wound�� tomorrow

    7)never make promises ��when your are happy��
    Never make decisions ��when you are sad��
    Never reply ��when you are angry��

    8)some people love you��but don't tell you
    Some people tell you but don't love you��
    Never trust blindly

    9)your attitude is your price tag it shows how valuable you are��

    10) your life will be better��,when you realise that it's better to be alone�� than to chase people who really don't care ��about you.

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    Valuable message

    Always remember that God's loveis greater than your disappointments,and God's plans ✍️is greater than your dreams

  • sumaira0616 74w

    Hey!!!hi my friend here I just wanna say I am giving a pause to everything till my NEET exam that is on 13th September!!! I will be offline till that for my studies hope you guys support me as you always did ���� I need your help just pray for me soo that I must crack NEET and join mbbs ����hope for the best����

    Thank youuuuuu sooo much guys!!! remember me in your prayers ��!!!see you soon�� take care bye Allah Hafiz ����������

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    Special announcement

    I am going offline till NEET
    Neet exam ahead!!!my friends pray for me I want mbbs seat

  • sumaira0616 77w

    Happy eid-ul-adha to all of you may god bless all of us ameen!!!��
    Do you know why this festival is celebrated?let me explain the reason behind it in brief hope my words are correct!!!
    Sorry in advance agar kuch galat likha ho I go

    Once prophet Ibrahim( AlaihisSalaam)saw a dream in that he heard the order of Allah to sacrifice his son prophet ismail(AlaihisSalaam),
    Soo he wake up and said to his son Allah wants this to happen so his son prophet ismail (AlaihisSalaam)agreed and he thought ��!!would Allah accept me a small boy as sacrifice then they started the journey on the way,a shaitan tried to stop them like diverting them but prophet took a stone and hits the shaitan all the shaitans were converted to stone thier for in hajj their is a ritual of hitting the shaitan with stone....
    Yeah then they reached the place prophet took the knife�� and he closed his eyes�� because he can't see his son dying and prophet ismail's eyes too were closed and he pray that Allah plzzz accept my sacrifice �� then in the name of Allah he cuts the head then he opened his eyes and saw their was a sheep instead of prophet ismail (AlaihisSalaam)a sheep was sacrificed Allah interchanged them the almighty changed prophet ismail (AlaihisSalaam)with a sheep subahanallah ����
    Almighty Allah was toooo impressed with prophet Ibrahim(AlaihisSalaam) and prophet ismail (AlaihisSalaam)sooo Allah ordered it is compulsory for every muslim to sacrifice sheep or a halal animal on this day.������

    Mashallah subhanallah Alhamdulillah ��❤️

    May Allah forgive all our sins and accept our sacrifices. Ameen!!!��

    A heartfelt wishes on the festival of sacrifice������❤️������ Eid-ul-adha mubarak ����

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    Eid-ul-adha mubarak

    Eid-ul-adha mubarakto you and your family from me and my family

  • sumaira0616 79w

    Mirakee was just an app as the others,
    But now it's like a family that bothers,
    It inspire like father and
    Care like mothers....

    Mirakee gives a platform to fly,
    No one is professional but we can try,
    Convert you pain, happiness into quotes,
    Let your success touch the sky....

    Mirakee always helps us it cares,
    It inspires, encourages and motivates,
    Their admins always their for us they never let us down,
    They inspires,helps and friendly nature they shares....

    Happy Birthday mirakee,
    May you live a long generations free,
    I love mirakee they too love their mirakeeans,
    Guys do you agree ��������.

    . . @sumaira0616

    #cees_hbm_chall #carylons_challenges. #lovenotes_from_carylon. #mirakee

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    Happy Birthday mirakee

  • sumaira0616 80w

    Live your life in such a way that

    Let someone laugh because of you,
    But not on you
    And let someone cry for you,
    But not because of you

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    Valuable message

    Zindagi jio toh aise jio ki....

    Koi hase toh aapki wajah se hase,
    Aap per nahi.
    Aur koi roye toh aapke liye roye,
    Aapki wajah se nahi.

  • sumaira0616 85w

    Guys original content hai,�� I wrote it ✍️������������hope ki jiske liye hai vo padle������!!!!aur wapas aa jaye!!!������❤️

    Jab mile ek dusre se toh vaakif tak na the hum tum,
    Ab juda huye toh samajh aaya kitne lazmi the tum,
    Jaan ab maaf bhi kardo yu chodker na jaao safar me
    Tum bhatakjaao toh raasta Mai dikhau Mai raasta bhool gayi toh raah dikhao tum����

    Rab se tauba Karli hai ab baaki ho tum,
    Mana ke galti ho gayi ab maaf bhi kardo tum,
    Chaho toh Lelo mjhse wada nhi dukhaungi Dil dubara
    Ek akhri maukha dedo apni Chahat Ko tum��

    Sirf dua nahi meri Mannat ho tum,
    Meri aankho Ko jo raahat de vo Sukoon ho tum,
    Khuda se kehdiya hai lo ab tum bhi sunlo,
    Jisper sirf mera haq hai vo Mohabbat ho tum❤️


    © sumaira0616

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    Love life

    Mere jeene ke liye bohot zaroori ho tum...

  • sumaira0616 87w

    Eid Mubarak to you and your family
    From me and my family ☺️������

    Meri eidi Paytm se transfer kardo����

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    EID Mubarak ☺️

    May Allah bless all of us ,stay blessed and stay happy

  • sumaira0616 88w

    16th ,may
    Happy birthday dear,
    I am sorry can't wish you personally but...��,ek birthday pe jab wish Kiya tha toh call toh Kari thi but aap late pickup kare the toh sonchi tha next birthday pe first karungi(it's 12:00am now)����but....
    And I remember Mai aapse poochi thi aapke phone me ye app kaisa?so your answer was aise hi dhoondha bhot Naam but nai Mila toh Mai search me nikaalke di thi. .
    And sorry for everything aap sab kuch mostly bhooljaate na hamesha bhoolgaya bolte na ye sab bhi bhool jaao na plzzz....ek Baar khush raho.��
    Aap ye post nahi dekhte i know but this is for you many many happy returns of the day ❤️��dear

    Mere rab se mujhe itna khareeb kardiya hai,
    Tere Ishq ne mujhe majboor kar diya hai,
    Khuda har pal tujhe khush rakhe,
    Maine apni saari dua'on Ko tere Naam kar diya hai

    By juveria

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    Happy birthday ❤️

    May god bless you with longer life and showers his blessings upon you and fulfill all you dreams Ameen ☺️❤️


  • sumaira0616 91w

    Danger love

    Vo jab paas tha toh ehsaas kabhi ye hua nahi,
    Sabse khareeb tha vo mere per usne kabhi chua nahi,
    Aaj jab duri banaker rakhna majboori hai,
    Toh samajh aaya uska nazdeek rehna kitna zaroori hai