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  • sumita_panigrahi 3w

    यही है सच्चाई। इस सच्चाई के साथ अब जीना है।
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    हर एक चीज़, जो हमें लगता है हमारा है,
    वह हमारा नहीं होता।

  • sumita_panigrahi 4w

    This year was moreover like a roller coaster, most of the rides were on the crest side instead of the trough. But, the good thing is, even on the bad days, I was in hope. I never gave up hope. And when I was on the top, I never thought about the bad days.
    This year was tough, very tough I would say.
    But I fought, atleast tried to fight all alone.
    And hence 365 days passed, without even realising how!!..��
    Some of us, have lost their pieces, some got their pieces, this year taught is how to be a fierce fighter. I just came to know that, with time we will all be ok.
    May most of you are not fine now, may you all are going through a lot, but one day, dawn will be there and the sun will shine brighter than you ever have imagined, one day... Don't let your hope die... Keep your hope alive ��
    Signing off ��
    #byebye2021# #goodbye #happycomingnewyear #fierce #keepgoing #life #love #pain @miraquill @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @writersofmirakee

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    Bidding goodbye to the tough year 2021...

  • sumita_panigrahi 7w

    One day, in your deserted realm,
    Flowers will blossom,
    The plants will be green again,
    You will heard the sounds of birds chirping and childrens playing,
    The flute will again be played and you will be happy again, one fine day.....❤️❤️❤️

  • sumita_panigrahi 12w

    Some baggage just weigh you down.��
    The hardest you want to, carry them, the hardest it stinks. ��

    The best way to be free, is to leave the baggage behind, that once was your favourite to carry.��

    Not everything we have in our suitcase, will stay with us. Some will stay and some will leave. But you, being stuck at a place is the worst thing.��

    Don't do injustice with yourself.��

    Leave it at the place where you started carrying it.��

    Just carry the beautiful memories that you will cherish throughout your life, keep those memories etched to your heart.❤️

    Carry the beautiful one in the suitcase and leave the hardest one behind.��

    And Without any regret, move on in life...������

    #life #love #beautiful #onelife #place #suitcase #loveyourself #breathe #baggage #keepgoing #MirakeeWorld #pod #wod #moveon @miraquill @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Baggage, pugnacious to carry,
    Arduous to give up.

  • sumita_panigrahi 15w

    Sitting on a couch for so long, doesn't make any sense at all for a whole day.. There's no one to talk to, somedays we feel that we should talk to a stranger about our worries..But we know we couldn't...��

    We all experience highs and lows in life.. We are physically present at a place but to be very unfortunate not present mentally. Whole day the mind is somewhere else. Is this type of life we need!!!?? No.Not at all..��

    There are nights you overthink, you can't sleep, you get anxiety attack, you feel sad, you have no one to talk to, you can't even yell, you cry tucking your head to your favourite pillow. And the next day, you pretend to be "ok" and show a smile the whole day, like nothing happened!!��

    What does this mean!!??

    To every other person, who text us, asking, how you doing!?
    Our straight forward answer is, I am good, what about you!?
    And there comes an answer, I am amazing..��

    But you know what there's a loophole in this small closure communication. And that is, nobody from both the side is telling that aren't ok. They aren't doing good lately. They are sad and all.��

    Can we ever rely upon that "one person" to whom we can tell our heart out loud.

    Don't we all deserve this!?

    There are so many days, moments, some time the whole day, when we are sad, just sad. We don't like anything, we don't like to go outside, we hate eating our favourite food, we hate picking up our favourite person's call. We just lay down the whole day in the bed being sad...��

    When you are going through the same phase, don't get stuck there, just keep going. Believe in the process of life. ��
    Find a friend whom you can trust. Whom you can tell your pain. Talk to someone. If you find no one. Make your parents your friend. After one time, everyone trusts you. Your parents are the most trustworthy people in this world. Pick a hobby. Write your feelings and emotions on a dairy. And yes, just "Love yourself".♥️♥️♥️

    Look at the mirror everyday in the morning and just smile. Do your smile make you feel that you are the most beautiful person in this world.✨❤️

    If that's so, you are winning the game. But if not, keep trying and keep loving yourself everyday a little more.��

    In the end, it's just you, who matters, and nobody else will matter.❣️

    And if these things won't work for you,

    Just a very humble request, do talk about this and please consult a doctor.. trust the process... It needs to be treated sometimes.������
    It will heal, promise yourself. You will smile looking at the mirror one day, and the mirror will smile back at you ✨..

    You are beautiful ❤️

    #life #love #beautiful #youare #brave #worldmentalhealthday #keepgoing #strong #pain #health #livemore #regretless #bestrong #smile #talk #doctor @miraquill @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    World Mental Health Day


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  • sumita_panigrahi 17w

    May be one fine day, I am hoping the flowers to bloom again on my floor..
    Not the same one but this time It is more like "self love" that's it. Sometimes, being self obsessed is the best part...
    You are just with yourself...������
    #life #love #hurt #giveup #writers #beyou #holdon #acceptb#keepmoving @miraquill @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Hold on!!!
    One fine day, someday,
    We will wake up and realise that,
    No matter what, unlike today,
    We will win the furious battle with yourself and accept the way it comes..


  • sumita_panigrahi 19w

    No matter how harsh the weather is, we always try to get back home with the umbrella or raincoat or sometimes we pause to let the weather be okay. Then we proceed.
    Then why not with life??!!
    You have got a single life. If you are having a bad time just don't give up. Wait if you can't go. Just pause. Wait till the sun shines. Because sun never stops shining, not even on rainy days. It's just that it gets covered up. Then why not the same thing within our life.
    In life, incidents happen, that break us to the core. But shall we stop there worrying about people's opinion and our pain to get worsen??!! No right!
    We need to keep going. The road that you have taken leads somewhere that you literally don't know. Good and bad things are part of a beautiful life. You are beautiful alone..
    Whenever you are feeling that you are giving up on this "One life", just remember it's just one that you have got and you have travelled so long, you can't stop moving now.. believe me.. just keep going.. just keep smiling... You are important just to you, you gorgeous/handsome.....������
    #life #lessons #moveon #gorgeous #beautiful #keepgoing #keepmoving #handsome #lifegoeson #dontworry #finesoon #worryless #hakunamatata #carpediem #stayhappy #pain #road @miraquill @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Whenever you are having a hustle,
    Never stop in the mid way,
    Just pause for a while,
    Take a deep breath,
    Beleive in yourself,
    And move on!!!


  • sumita_panigrahi 22w

    Nothing comes easy in life. If you are going through good, your life is amazing. But, if you are going through worst, then smile away your scars.

    You are your only savior. Just like your shadow, shadow is the one who never leaves your side no matter how your day is, it remains with you 24*7. Then you can have your own back... Just keep breathing and keep believing ��������

    #life #amazing #beautiful #lesson #gratitide #writer #love #smile #happiness #spread #youareenough #acceptance #help #keepgoing
    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @readwriteunite

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    5 gentle reminders for today!!!

    1)Smile, even if you are going through the worst.
    2) Forgive people, never keep grudge upon anyone.
    3) Accept the truth, it may feel bitter but you have to.
    4)Live your life to the fullest. Never regret anything in life.
    5)Help someone, try to spread smiles.

  • sumita_panigrahi 23w

    We all have someday somewhere lost the road. But as you know there is light at the end of the tunnel. So never lose hope.✨

    Our lives are made up of so many parts. As we grow up, our camaraderie grows. We come across people, things, places and many more precious moments in life. And due time, people leave, things break, places are ruined and precious moments just remain as memories. Memories that act as slow poison to your beautiful mind. You can't escape from them. Some are beautiful and some are harsh. ��

    Things have now outgrown you, people who were once your everything forgot you, what else remained then? Memories!! ��

    Change is constant in this realm.�� Appreciate and accept that..������

    I still have those gifts given by my ex -best friends, now we are just strangers with some memories. We hardly remember each other. We don't even talk. Just, I wanted to tell that with time everything changes, nothing remains the same. So, never get shock at these. In life, we are sometimes stuck, just you are stuck buddy, everything else is moving, the time is, as it is, the people are growing, the things are being made, places are built, memories are being made, nothing is stopping, so why are you!!? ��

    Just gather some courage and come out of your "stuck shell". There is life beyond these broken things and people who left you. So, whatever has changed has changed, you can't do anything about it. Just live with those beautiful memories and keep going.
    There is still something amazing waiting for you ahead, never forget that!!! Now smile ������❤️

    #life #love #hope #beauty #smile #keepgoing #pain #stuck #left #beautiful #memories #lost #keepswimming #time #nothingissame #change #constant @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @readwriteunite

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    Life is a small lane,
    We walk down the lane, to get back to pain,
    Someday we laugh, someday we cry,
    But no matter what, just hang on and try,
    Just in a hope of getting more,
    We lost the way and come back to the shore,
    On the way of your run,
    Never forget that beneath the dark clouds there is a bright sun

  • sumita_panigrahi 23w

    Today, 75 years ago, India, a majestic country got independence. This was special to the whole population who were dying to fly.
    The heros behind our freedom, were those freedom fighters and soldiers who sacrificed their everything to give us this Independence.
    We should never forget their sacrifices and valour. They are the reason, our tricolour flag is hoisted so high...
    No matter, where you are, always be proud to be "Indian". There is no beautiful feeling more than being Indian...
    Happy lndependence day everyone ������������
    #independence #country #beautiful #freedom #tricolour #sacrifices #love #75years #soldiers #freedomfighters #India #Indian
    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    A country which has seen numerous blood and stain,
    The stain which can no longer be washed away,
    The pain which is eternal till date,
    The love which grows everyday a little more,
    The beauty which can be seen everywhere,
    What a beautiful country with beautiful people,
    Who have made it a heaven to live...