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  • summermoon 2w


    My natural state of being.
    Ears constantly humming with your words.
    Eyes consistently seeing your side.
    Then the levy broke.
    Bitter burdens burning on the edge of my tongue.
    I screamed. I raged. I boiled and spilt over.
    My natural state of being.
    Hid from me for a moment.
    Quiet was no longer an option.

  • summermoon 4w


    They say there is strength in numbers.
    But I feel strongest alone.
    I know how to protect myself.
    Unconflicted with the intensity of man.

  • summermoon 6w

    To Do

    Contemplate, exasperate, execute
    Work, work, work some more enough to be sore
    Fuel the body nutritiously while watching food videos of people baking cookies tremendously
    Clean, sweep, dust, vacuum
    Learn, grow, expand the mind
    Take a nap, enjoy the rest of the day

  • summermoon 6w

    Part of a piece I wrote in 2016

    #words #wod #petrified

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    What an odd thing it is to be afraid of words.

    Petrified of the way they sound, the way they look, what they mean.

    The unsettling truth they bring as you mutter them.

  • summermoon 6w


    The breath after your heart breaks is when everyone becomes a poet.

  • summermoon 8w


    If my poem doesn't rhyme I still inflate it with life. For even my heart rejects it's beat every now and then.

  • summermoon 9w

    I love

    I love when the wod is simple.
    Gentle challenges preventing me from stumbling over my words and thoughts.
    Wanting to be a poet for a moment but are my words creative enough to pen?
    Worthy enough to be read?

  • summermoon 9w

    Next Level

    There's beauty in seeing what you conceal.
    Hiding from self afraid to create life.
    A new soul, a new being, forward.
    Forward moving into a new you.
    Create, grow, break, die, cry to live.
    Claw your way to the bottom.
    The bottom of your soul and create.

  • summermoon 9w


    When the sun was created it made a silent vow.
    It would never bend to darkness.
    Sweeping across the land with it's rays.
    Engulfing the sky with it's brilliance it.
    Being bold, and beautiful it shone.
    The sun kept it's vow.
    Never moving, always watching.
    Sending down dancing light beams of love.
    Until the sun realized she was a star.
    One of infinity.
    Without darkness no one would know where she comes from.
    No one would gaze on her brothers and sisters.
    So slowly she crept. Hoping the sluggishness of her movement would not disturb her silent vow.
    Afraid that if she gave way to darkness she would never be able to shine again.
    Even so she knew her brothers and sisters would still send down light.
    So finally she set. Bending to darkness.
    The night sky littered with her world of luminous spheres. Similar to her, but different.
    She loved the way her brothers and sisters danced.
    Strolling across the land with their luminescents.
    She watched, waiting for hours until she rose again. Making a new silent vow to always let her family be seen. Until the end of time.

  • summermoon 10w


    stuck in my head space living
    story swirling within
    my own world creating calm
    this world is better than ours