Your Love Makes Me Strong Your Hate Makes Me Unstoppable

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  • sundarcvc 11w


    Something more powerful than all words combined.
    Something more painful than all the battle scars.
    Something that says so much even when nothing is said.
    Favorite food fed to the imagination which devours one alive.


  • sundarcvc 11w


    Someone who's will to get lost,
    Is more than to freeze in fears frost.
    Moving forward at all cost,
    Going back is not even a last resort.
    Doesn't matter if the stay is a hut or resort,
    Always manages to build a good Rapport,
    Delving deep into the human expressions,
    With it's locals support.
    Experiencing their days and nights,
    Sometimes shedding light,
    To our darkness within with useful insights.
    Paving way for others into the uncharted,
    Which is more bright and more sorted.
    Proving humanity is still not thwarted.


  • sundarcvc 11w


    I was busy watering our blooming relationship within,unnoticed that out of habit I've been watering the wounds instead left by the thorns of your betrayal,where now weeds of expectations took a deep root.

    In the midst of solving their problems,we act unnoticed of ours.So when the time comes to face ours,they act unnoticed and point towards the stars.

    I was busy looking for the perfect solution,unnoticed of the fact that she only wants me to listen and in the end kiss her on the forehead and cuddle.

    Violently fighting my thoughts,unnoticed, that's what's making it worse and causing stress of all sorts.

    I blamed others for not being loving enough,unnoticed that I was spreading hate in search of love.

  • sundarcvc 11w


    Two things are eating my soul,
    The ideas that are being sold,
    And trying to fit in every shiny mould.
    What if we try to be bold?
    Will be viewed as an outcast low and behold,
    Listen to others for they are more wise,
    Again and Again grilled in and told,
    Only to realize there is no fit all one size.
    And yet,we all want to get that ultimate prize.
    The prize of struggle free life.
    Within which all these ideas,
    Neatly packed,
    And inside our head they are cleverly,
    Discreetly stacked.
    So when the time comes to act,
    We have unknowingly,
    Already signed a pact.
    All these shiny mould of life changing hacks,
    Are just a large scale experiment,
    To see how we conduct and react,
    The result,results in the creation,
    Of the other shiny fascinations,
    Carrying on in the name of the nation,
    Their intellectual assassinations.
    Keeping us running is there vocation.
    For if we don't proceed with caution,
    They'll make us run till exhaustion.
    For if you stop to take a breath,
    You're immediately said you lack passion.
    For passion is the current market fashion,
    The market for human emotion,
    Selling them life's shiny promotion,
    Hiding behind it is all the dark motivation.
    Can't blame them totally,
    As they are all our very own creation.

  • sundarcvc 12w


    Assumptions and opinions thrown around,
    In a continous spree,
    The ideas and beliefs which always,
    Never ever comes for free.
    But without a doubt we take a bite,
    Of the wretched fruits from the society's tree.
    Under it's shade we feel safe,
    Expecting to take a refuge,
    Funnily yet obviously we are totally refused.
    As a society aren't we together and fused?
    But their sarcastic smile said it all,
    It was I who had it totally confused.
    Floating in my own dream land of Utopia,
    Untill I fell hard in the land of dystopia.
    Each having their own trees,
    And their own fruits to eat.
    Shades are safe and fruits delicious,
    At the expense of their thoughts and beliefs,
    We are doomed to repeat.
    Planting your own tree in the society's soil,
    Will be nothing less than a humungous toil.
    For taking a stand makes their blood boil,
    The scorching heat from the community,
    Sometimes a sharp thrust into our dignity,
    But even freedom is not free,
    Gotta float in the perineal river,
    Of society's anger and envy.
    Until our seed becomes a tree in the river banks,
    And we can finally enjoy the fruits of serinity,
    Sharing it with others,but unlike others,
    We share it through with responsibility.

  • sundarcvc 12w


    Passion for you fires up and burns me alive,
    Rising from the ashes for together we thrive.
    Highest divinity from Lowest Conciousness,
    Taking me in as a whole that bonds our soul.


  • sundarcvc 12w


    Meticulously Meditating My Monstrously Meandering Mind,Mining Macabre Memories Mostly Mad Malicious Moments Marking Machination Magnanimously Malignant Methodical Mawkish Mate. Me Mixed Midst Mortified Multitudinous Melancholy Mitigating My Mate's Morbidly Mercurial Manner.

  • sundarcvc 12w


    Those big air filled candy like things,
    Everytime I see one,
    My inner child lights up and sings.
    Boy oh boy,the joy it brings.
    But the"mature guy"; in me always stings.
    "No more a kid,gotta do bigger things";
    Grown Up!! Sigh...
    I walked slowly to the nearby bench,
    Sat down and around I looked,
    People jogging,dogs playing,kids running
    When a sudden sound had me shook,
    Turned around and I see a kid with a sad look,
    Looks like his balloon has been busted,
    By other laughing kid with a small hook.
    Why,you look at that little prick!!
    Felt like teaching him a lesson with stick.

    And that's when it struck,
    The reason for me being stuck!
    The inner kid within me is very much alive,
    It's just that the inner prick version,
    Is making it difficult to thrive and survive.
    "You ain't a kid,Grow Up,That's difficult,
    To the family and friends you're an insult,
    Friends are getting it easy but I get no result.
    Cry is for weak,you're a strong adult.
    He's achieved so much,pff look at you.
    What was that,is that your best??
    HaHaHa,I think it's best you to just leave
    And leave it to the best,
    Cause seriously you ain't like the rest."
    And on and on and on,
    Hook after painfully sharp hooks,
    That prick,pricking on to burst my balloon.
    Or I should say balloons.
    Leaving me in a deep pit of blues.
    Where I sit and stare into the darkness
    And totally out of clues.

    I get up from the bench and bought a balloon,
    Gave it to the kid who felt sad and alone,
    But that was only untill I gave him,
    This air filled colorful delight,
    Make him jump with joy and surprise,
    But out of nowhere came this prick,
    Now with full of spite.
    Seeing an adult me with the kid,
    He ran away with Fright.
    I took that kid on a walk,
    She was so cute I just had to talk.
    So I ask her name,
    With all your her charm,
    And spring in her step,
    "My name is Sapna"
    And she asks mine,
    Imitating her spring in her step charm,
    She gives a cute smile,
    And I say my name is Sundar.
    I ask Sapna what's her Dream,
    She hugged her balloon tight,
    Without thinking for a second,
    Looked up with stars in her eyes,
    "I want to go to the moon one day"
    With a smile I thought
    It is a "Sundar Sapna"

    Wish it was easy to identify and
    All our pricks be only on the outside.
    Sadly both the prick with the hook,
    And kid with the balloon are with us inside.
    We prick our own balloons.
    Sure the prick is a master,
    Of many illusions and disguise.
    But it's upto us to protect the kid,
    Or leave the kid in the mercy,
    Of sharp hooks,letting the balloon be pricked.
    So you get to pick sides.
    Stand with the kid or take a painful,
    Balloon busting skid.

    P.S -

    Sundar - Beautiful
    Sapna - Dream
    ";Don't let anybody say you can't do something.Not even me.People can't do something themselves,they'll say you can't do.You've got a dream you've got to protect.You want something go get it,Period."

    Will Smith(Pursuit Of Happiness)


  • sundarcvc 12w


    I have been growing hope in your backyard,so one day we can cuddle under it's shade of love.But I was so busy nurturing it with understanding and care,that I failed to notice the rope of expectations tied around my neck,tightening with each step I take alone.It's only about time that my growing hope takes deep root and grows high and strong,as you step back and leave me hanging!


  • sundarcvc 12w


    "Swimming in a turbulent stream,
    In pain I hear my inner self scream,
    Strongly hoping that all this is a dream.
    My eyes dying to see a hopeful beam,
    But the powerful undercurrents,
    Had a whole new scheme."

    Swimming in a turbulent stream,
    In pain I hear my inner self scream,
    Strongly hoping that all this is a dream.
    My eyes dying to see a hopeful beam,
    But the powerful undercurrents,
    Had a whole new scheme.
    Years of accumulation,
    Of worry,resentment and accusations.
    My immature egos persuasion,
    Led to falling out in many situation,
    Losing opportunities,
    People in Conclusion.
    Hurt,Beaten and Covered in blood,
    Turbulent streams of emotions,
    Powerful undercurrents of thoughts flood,
    But I was glad to stumble upon a quote,
    Giving way for realization to bud.
    "Worry is like a rocking chair,
    Feels like you're doing something,
    But it takes you no where."
    Looking back to all the things I did,
    All those reactions was a big dud.
    But I sure am a stud,
    Had to make right a lot of bad blood.
    So I took a plunge,
    Swimming against the turbulent stream,
    In pain I hear my inner self scream,
    But now I have my realization in my team,
    That ray of hopeful beam.
    The rose of happiness started to bloom,
    Yes the thorny prickly past below,
    Did sometimes spell doom.
    But the fragrance of change that spread,
    Making me forget the doom's dread,
    And cherish the smell of hope that bled.