Pure manipulation and some coffee

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  • sunsets_and_cherries 13w

    Thank you @writersnetwork for ❤

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    Some people believe fate is fickle.
    A flap of the butterfly's wing could easily alter the course of future.
    But I personally think of it more like a ripple effect.
    If an event is bound to happen the universe will make sure of it.

  • sunsets_and_cherries 13w

    You are beautiful and kind. And I'll keep telling you everything I think about you because I'm selfish, because I want you to remember me a little differently, because I want you to mention about me to someone a little differently from the way you would mention others and I am telling all this to you because I want you to remember this, remember me and that's how I behave when it comes to every important person I have with me, so that I could fill my urge to MEAN something to them. And so I'll tell you what I want and how I feel and I'll be very honest, the type of honest people get scared of, but just so that you get to know it all, I'll give my all( imagine me smiling).

  • sunsets_and_cherries 13w

    You know, I've seen you. I've seen you doing the best thing ever. And it's so fascinating to see how quickly you get fascinated by everything. The way you realise something for the first time. I mean that's the best scene you made in my eyes out of your life. Because the way you express the feeling of "WOW" is something you made me realise when I'm not quite good at it. So I'm pretty grateful about it (imagine me smiling).

  • sunsets_and_cherries 13w

    On some days I die
    And on some, I wish to die
    That's the only way to survive
    Being insane is just a personality trait

  • sunsets_and_cherries 13w

    Dead Blood

    Killed in winks with horsity of words
    Either loved by the rival or
    Blood in my swords
    I'll love you so much, you'd DIE
    Then wish to crackle on your end
    As you moan passing by.
    Lovely sunset and metallic blood on hands
    I'll wail your death
    As you turn into sands.