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  • surabhig 20w

    Will you bring me those flowers,
    I always can buy myself,
    But just to feel that joy of being bought specially for me..?

    Will you bake that birthday cake for me..
    Knowing that I'm in love with those home made fantasies ?

    Will you ever write a poem for me ?
    Knowing how happy I would be to listen to that melody ?

    Would you take me on a long drive ?
    On that silent beach,
    With sunset painting the decor most beautifully it can..
    And the winds playing a harmony,
    With the beats of our heart...
    That serenity and dream....
    Will break me and bring to reality,
    Knowing its going live,
    And its so much like heaven...

    Then that ring....
    Which I know you have bought with lots of planning...
    Will you finally take it out..?
    And ask me....
    Ohh yes that usual..
    Will you be my forever...
    And then that answer...
    Which I dont know how many times,
    I have answered to myself...
    Yet this time..
    I will be loud and declare a yes...

    Then will you ask for that dance...
    Which I have practiced a ton times...
    But this time is special...
    As its not only the grand rehearsal,
    But also the finale...

    Together and forever,
    Will that always be only a dream ever ?

    Will this imaginary photograph,
    Ever be developed,
    And if so..
    Will it be that "happening" to have the best of my uploads ��☺��


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  • surabhig 20w

    If belonging to the past,
    It makes us hit nostalgia hard.
    If lying in the far future,
    Its nothing but a imaginary dawn...

    A piece of paper,
    Developed out of negatives,
    But now moreover,
    Small rectangles,
    Coming in all sizes, filters, shapes and music cover.

    Now those endless captures,
    And seamless uploads,
    Earlier was a cut throat limit,
    Just 36, yes a 36 to have a best fit.

    Someone's extract of chilling over the beach,
    Someone's extract of having the perfect dress,
    Its just now a matter of few clicks and press.

    Photograph is just an enroute to the memory,
    Which otherwise would have been distorted,
    As we can't trust our minds keeping all moments healthy and lively as always ❤❤


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  • surabhig 23w

    By unknown writer

    Heared somewhere,
    Found somewhere
    And read somewhere...

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    Dream is free,
    But the hustle is sold separately.!

  • surabhig 24w

    Its said that,
    All is well, that ends well,
    But what is on a higher pedestal,
    The ending,
    Or that "Wellness" with which it ended,

    In the days of childhood,
    This would seem as the good things,
    With which something ends,
    But today I realize,
    That endings in itself,
    Can not always be good,
    Some can be disturbing,
    Like deaths,
    Some like a moment ceased,
    Some like a memory erased,
    Or may be something that got forever delayed...

    The fact we can't deny,
    Anyhow is,
    Endings need to more acceptance,
    Even when its a complete stop,
    Its ok, to halt..
    Its ok, to wait,
    Its ok to be still,
    When nothing happens that great,
    Just letting of all crash,
    means the real essence of the END.


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  • surabhig 24w

    It feels empty today,
    As the day rises,
    The routine catches me tight,
    A rapid run through,
    Of the morning knight,
    That lazy breakfast,
    And delayed meetings,
    Make the morning turn to evening,
    Like a fastest flight...

    A bit of web series,
    Insta reels and stories,
    Add some distraction,
    With some distorted sight...

    I get stuck with some grief,
    About some unsaid things,
    Some actions and some compromises,
    Haunt me and make me grieve.

    I want to learn to start a new,
    Not compare,
    Not ignore,
    Not envy,
    And not rush,
    Just a slow pace,
    Happy cycle,
    No matter if that,
    Turns monotonous.

    That small piece of thought,
    That makes me learn something new,
    Makes me draw something fresh,
    Paint as life has bought me a heap of colors,
    Anew and distressed...

    I am learning,
    To find myself,
    Or atleast create...
    Where I believe that a voice grounded,
    Stands better
    than something perfectly echoed...


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    I am learning..


  • surabhig 35w

    I am back after a long long time.
    Actually, I can say that it is my season 2 of the writting era.
    Season 1 was the time when my mom could recover from cancer.
    And now season 2 is when I am just lost in my past...
    Though things are quite straight now, there is stiffness everywhere.
    I have lost in that despair and that disgrace...
    I have lost myself in the process of medically healing myself....
    I have lost the happiness, to listen to the sound of rain...
    I have lost the taste of my perfect coffee
    And infact the desire to make it as well.
    I have lost hope in all,
    And amongst all.
    I have been a machine,
    Operating on some logics that's all.
    A slumber deep sleep and a buffet full of food,
    Topped with cheese,
    I dont believe in fantasy,
    In anything above than these...

    I have lost the faith,
    In the almighty,
    I have lost the cheerfulness,
    Which was in abundance with me always...

    As some sequel have their own charm,
    From season 1 to season 2,
    These characters change a lot,
    A season 1 flashback,
    Holds in my life as well,
    I was that girl, happy go lucky,
    Waiting to flaunt my dreams,
    Always and forever.
    Dreaming of something bigger,
    Deeper and peaceful.

    Season 2, this time,
    The characters and their backgrounds,
    Are locked same now,
    But the only thing changes,
    Is my view,
    I am that woman now,
    Who has become independent,
    To such a core,
    That now she dreams of nothing,
    No man can make her happy,
    Neither she is wanting to give away her happiness
    To any such stranger...

    Seasons change,
    Leaves have their fall,
    Skies empty themselves by raining,
    And the sun rises above all...

    Correlating then,
    I am at stage 1...
    There are 2 more phases of trauma,
    For that sun to heal
    For that sun to come.


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  • surabhig 38w

    Food for every mood,
    And thought for every food,
    A click of the moment,
    Captured and seized,
    In our hearts straight..

    Cooking a poetry,
    Is a tough task indeed,
    It needs a heavy preparation,
    Making rhyme is not the only function...

    Some figures of speech,
    Some reflection of memories,
    A pinch of nostalgia,
    A spoon of hope,
    And a cup of peace at heart...

    A dash of dreams,
    And a handfull of sleep...

    A flashback,
    A comeback,
    Of transforming words,
    To memories.

    Cooking all these,
    On a mild flame,
    That will brim,
    Up all the moments,
    Back to live stream.

    Then served piping hot,
    Garnished with soothing music,
    Laid on the long dinning table,
    Awaiting ears,
    Thirsty for some interesting piece.


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  • surabhig 44w

    Nostalgic for the past, anxious for the future,
    Trying to live today, with hopes dead forever !


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  • surabhig 45w

    Set A : I am nobody! who are you ?
    Set B : Truth

    Where there is known,
    Nothing to the world,
    Where its all hidden to the worst,
    Where it is all buried deep,
    Its all that disturbs our sleep.

    Its the mightiest of all,
    The tallest then the fall,
    The broadest than the bridges,
    And the highest of all hills,
    Its truth that rises all of the above,
    Brightening the darkest of all sorrows.

    Its a whole some for a nobody !
    Its always a known for everybody!


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  • surabhig 49w

    I am running at the fastest speed possible,
    And with gathering all the breathes possible,
    And just wishing that I borad in to that train,
    For this week, I don't want to reach late again !!

    And in the admist I fall down,
    Unable to balance myself and making a frown,
    I try to get up and again land down in the bed,
    Yes its past 8 AM,
    My boss would be calling me at any stage,
    I get up and wake up from my dream,
    That dream which was once a reality,
    Strucks my mind hard,
    Every day as this covid gets itself increasing,
    Leaving me in the closed indoors,
    For all and everything.

    Then I wake up,
    Get fresh and join my office,
    On mu bed besides my pillow,
    Is my office,
    Which was once 2 miles away.

    Then I am wokring,
    Grabing some coffeeand breakfast plate,
    I did not even realise,
    The moment i get up to keep in the sink,
    Its almost past 1 PM,
    And my stomach is growling,
    And asking me, to grab some rice,
    Within it.

    This day and this week,
    Is going on and on forever,
    From morning coffee,
    To tea time breaks,
    We are landed in front of laptops,
    Post that parked in our phones,
    To binge watch,
    The insta stories,
    Latest covid updates,
    And some Netflix series.

    A week of 5 soon comes to an end,
    And thaf saturday,
    That lazy Saturday,
    Is so very stricf on us these days,
    Get up early,
    Put on the maks,
    And complete the grocery, veggiee shopping,
    For the next week,
    We need to stock our fridge quite well.

    A sunday is the laziest of all,
    Some news of covid,
    Some news of death,
    Some news of work,
    Some of again that dalgona coffee stuff,
    Everything virtual,
    Taking out the reality,
    Cameras off,
    And voice on mute,
    It seems the worst of all quarrantine.

    Washing hands,
    And what not !!

    This lockdown,
    Is going into heads,
    I want that running behind the train,
    That fights over window seats again,
    That walks in my office campus,
    That food of my canteen,
    That machine coffee,
    Amd that fun meetings,
    Those conferences,
    Attended for free food and coffee,
    Those work overtime,
    And that street side,
    Chai and sandwhich time,
    I want this all !!

    Once which was my reality,
    Today has been a dream,
    Only if the coming generations could know,
    What a pandemic,
    And lockdown would be !!


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