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  • susann 2w

    Day 165

    I have been away working
    Working on myself
    Giving myself love
    Kindness and generosity
    All that happened
    Has given me wings
    I am now grown
    I know how to love me
    I care about me tenderly
    I'm letting go and
    Dissolving all the limiting beliefs
    I am on a higher vibration
    I am attracting higher vibration
    Life is good
    My life is wonderful
    I'm accessing the magic within
    And I can witness it manifest without
    I am becoming what I've always been
    I'm more grateful and gracious
    I'm here now and
    I choose love

  • susann 4w

    Day 149


    I am free.


  • susann 6w

    Day 136

    You are on the right path. All your confusion and doubts will be explained. Keep on trusting the Universe. Open your heart and mind. Be alert on the messages being sent your way. You've done the work. Now trust God

  • susann 7w

    Day 126

    Today I experienced pure love. Love that didn't expect anything. Love so genuine it expelled all the negative energy. Love ready to help and ensure safety's top notch. Love that shook an entire place. Love that made everyone around me wonder. Love that reminded everyone how wonderful our Creator is. God's Love reigned supreme today for me ❤️.

  • susann 8w

    Day 119
    First Reading

    Today I had my first astrological and oracle cards reading and it was intense to say the least. I was a nervous wreck, my mind was racing with questions. Weird and legit ones. I'm happy all these was captured by the spirit guides. They were adorable and patient. When I relaxed and became comfortable. The work begun. Whew! I was surprised by how accurate the cards were for me. I guess I needed someone to validate my intuition. The best lesson I took from this experience is that I got an extremely strong intuition and that I must listen to it all the time.
    Ps:- Listen to your gut feelings however bizarre logic makes it. Listen to your intuition because you are right. That situation or person bothering your spirit listen to what your higher self knows about it or them

  • susann 8w

    Day 117

    I feel like I'm experiencing life through a clear glass. Like the fog in my mind is slowly being lifted. I can now balance my thoughts. I can be present in a moment truly. I can see the subtle beauty in inanimate objects. I can feel the energy around me. Warm and cuddly. The slow movement of the clouds enchant me. Magic. The wind on my face cleansing. The water on my body healing. The earth on my feet grounding. Balance and harmony

  • susann 9w

    Day 115


    Today I lived without my anxiety
    Today I lived without my fear
    Today I lived
    Today I was alive

  • susann 9w

    Day 112


    It creeps on you. One day you wake up and see how you living life and you are surprised by how much you've been missing out on because of the ego mind. It's shocking, but after that episode it's hilarious how easy life is with your true self.

  • susann 10w

    Day 108

    Be Alive

    This world is beautiful
    Why are you so gloomy?
    It can give you everything
    Why don't you ask for it?

  • susann 10w

    Day 106


    Breathe in
    Feel the expansion
    The warmth of your energy
    The calmness in your mind
    The non-resistant flow
    Of your life force
    If you focus on it
    You will touch it
    Breathe out
    Feel the freedom
    The serenity within you
    The relaxation in your mind
    The never ending peace
    Feel the creation