Chunks of happiness lies in a plate of well decorated words ����>>�� Shine✨

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  • sush_1501 6w

    To be...

    //Evening tea
    Come and sit with me
    Will talk weaving poetry
    Till reality turns fantasy
    Shall take you, shall take you to my world//

    Yelling it all Dreamy
    Is something, arrives naturally
    Dispersion of thoughts
    Or pollination of notions
    It's a birth
    Birth of emotions
    Birth of a connection
    Welcoming the ambience,
    Shall never repent.
    Days later, she was a POET.

  • sush_1501 7w

    #jff #cozyoucan

    P.S.: Daily issues got daily tissues.
    To who ever facing what ever, know that no one can deal your problems better than you. You are presented with it coz you can potentially overcome the same.

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    Out of nowhere
    They comes up in a bunch
    Curtailing your regular flow
    What?.. Nothing but PROBLEMS

    I'm not complaining.
    They are meant to come
    Distort your peace
    Disrupt your daily way of living
    Adding on cinnamon to your daily cup of tea
    Or, Just taking away cheese from your piece of Sandwich

    But just a reminder,
    They come to you
    Coz, you can deal them better.

  • sush_1501 7w

    For some seconds...

    Choking pillow answered, I felt you for real
    Musings met a verse of you
    May be for some seconds few, something ethereal
    I dreamt, what I dream.

  • sush_1501 8w

    #mundane #wod

    P.S. : The mundane act of recapping my pen, after spilling some good length of answers has my heart.
    Credits reserved by rightful mosquitoes, stood there till I prepared.


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    Heretofore, a night akin
    To as dark as this
    I, I was so similiar as I'm just now.
    SILLY it was, as I knew
    SILLY it is, as I realised(again)
    That, I was meant to witness the
    Concert Of Mosquitoes.
    What?..I was invited.

    //I ran to learn, learn to speak
    Speak some, a some, so could be heard
    I was inspired (PERSUADED)
    Changes are to be welcomed, I did.
    Changes are to be accepted, none did.
    No, they aren't inculpated.
    Coz it never matters. //

    To learn?.. no, was learned enough.

    Mundane is when usuality is checked
    It's not, when efforts are appreciated.

  • sush_1501 10w

    P.S.: Extended stop at something is not more preferable than an end. ( Full stops are better than extended commas)

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    At times...

    It feels like a full stop(.)
    When we wait too long
    With the comma (,)

  • sush_1501 14w

    Happy Rose Day folks.��

    P.S.: Be the grace you dream for. The rest surely follows❤️

    All the heart to the few people who still put up a ❤️ there, and reads on my subtle thoughts.

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    And the petals dropped,
    "To her beauty?" No.
    To embrace her, "sins"
    She committed to,
    Stand by
    H e r s e l f.


  • sush_1501 15w

    Could I ever w r i t e enough?
    Coz the tired mind
    Never retired!

  • sush_1501 16w


    Facing depression is still ok
    But then,
    //What about facing LOVE
    That you never expected?//

  • sush_1501 16w


    End of the day
    nothing matters
    But peace does

    So we are running for peace
    Instead being in peace

  • sush_1501 17w

    Leave but Live

    Fingers on chin point
    Lashes meet the others
    Head on the wall
    And a PAUSE-
    (End of the decade,
    Things would change)

    Alarm set (6a.m.)
    Gotta rush tomorrow
    Good night