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  • swapydairy 10w

    Lose and win

    Sometimes you lose just to win big

  • swapydairy 10w

    Beauty of admiration

    Just to admire the beauty of things or people, not to have them or chase them...
    But just to admire them from far.

  • swapydairy 13w


    People who appreciates your eyes beauty can really see your soul, that connection can make you feel deeper then ever... And I know you have experienced that once in a lifetime you experience that for sure

  • swapydairy 13w

    No extra drama

    Be that busy that you don't have time for the exam drama in your life

  • swapydairy 26w


    Happiness is temporary if it comes from others,
    Unless it's come from with in,
    That shift is rear

  • swapydairy 26w

    Change and embracement

    Embrace the chance that your going through, I know you may be uncomfortable at start but it won't last that long after you accept that change is part of life and it's ment to happen for reasons...It helps in growth of life...

  • swapydairy 27w

    You are right

    Yeah you are right I fucking need more always,
    Because I fucking deserve that...

  • swapydairy 28w

    He caught me, when I was dwelling on sorrow of my past
    Our first conversation was like "We never get what we really want..."
    His voice pulled me out from the darkest place I was living in
    I can't recall who asked first to become part of eachother lives,
    but we both wanted someone to fill up the void that was left behind by the past into our lives
    Meeting him was as warn as your favourite blanket or soft toy
    The walking by the seaside while holding hands, the warm hugs and kisses
    His eyes, they are big and beautiful
    His smile, adorable and cute
    His non stop talking about himself, friends and family
    His shyness and his bravery
    The Day one picture shows how happy we both are together,
    The smile that starts form one check bone and end at the other��
    His gentleness, his caring, his love, his heart❤️ that beats to fast whenever we are together
    The big heart, the simplicity that he carries makes him what he is the greatest person I ever met in my life...
    It's not that I overlooked his flaws, he became even more attractive when I saw them...
    Settings boundary because he think he is not enough
    Pleasing everyone around
    Being late, knowing he has least amount of time
    Odd choose of food and things he do

    This journey with him made me a better person, he taught me somethings through his perspective, the way he thinks, the way the chance the whole stories which I already know...
    Obviously the road was not as simple or easy it may seems, it had its up and down as every other road in life we go through...
    We faught over some silly things for sure,
    His still talking to that person even when I told him that I hate that person, I may be unreasonable to hate that person, but I can't ignore the vibes that person gives me... Anyways that's all his decision to make. Well my guts are never wrong about certain people around me... I told this to him about it whenever I feel so,
    we also faught for some perticular reason that would make sense in future, faught for eachother and against eachother
    Even when he saw my biggest flaw he choose to stay.
    The story that has ending doesn't make them sad...
    Well that's my part of story and ever story has its different angles
    It started because it was impossible by me to resist at any cost or way...
    Each of us trying to be the best version of ourselves and give their best to comfort eachother...
    It's still strong and will be till the last breath we take
    The one thing that was constant was communication,
    The one thing that was constant was you
    And for sure I skipped some details...

    I can write about it all day and night, which will bring me both joy and sorrow,
    Hundreds and thousands of feelings overwhelming me once again to live my life
    Thanks and I love you is small words to express how I exactly feel right now
    I know I am not perfect... I have made many many mistakes
    I ask for Forgiveness for the silly things I have done, for the hurt I caused...
    You may get this msg or not I am not sure...
    But I love you for what you are dear �� and very much thankful that we shared sometime of our lives together
    Their are many words I rather choose to say, but I choose to say I love you

    This love that's irresistible ❤️ Always

    #swapydiary #swapnalikakade #iloveyou #choose #lovestory

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    You can say I really fall hard for him...
    He choose to stay...
    I choose to say I love you...

  • swapydairy 37w


    He keep me in sane

  • swapydairy 38w

    Well you know

    Well you know you are on right path,
    When it feels good from within

    Well you know that's the right thing to do,
    When it feels heartwarming

    Well you know you can't Espace it,
    When it's has you all, from inside out