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  • swati_shukla 54w

    A paragraph that may you need. This is the way I feel. Hope you can relate. ��❤️
    Not only friend, even your family or love is at that place the words are same for you.

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    Bitter truth

    It's me at 12 o' clock
    Waiting for my friend
    To care for me because
    Their words hurted me.

    Are they ashame for showing me as friend?
    Or they just bored of old stuff?
    Priority changes with time
    I have heard about it but now
    I am experienced too.

    To be honest it's not they who hurted you.
    It's your own feelings.
    Your own hope.
    Your own expectations.
    Your own thinking.

    Why are you hoping for someone else
    Who even don't care for you anymore
    To understand you?
    To understand your point, to understand your value, to understand your feelings.

    May be it was a time when you both were good together.
    They were proud to have you.
    They want you, they need you.
    But time is changed now.
    Ask yourself first if everything is same
    Like it was.
    If situation is changed how can expect a person to be same.
    It's just your feeling.. who was dreaming a future with them.
    But darling dream never last forever.
    Doesn't matter how pretty it is.

  • swati_shukla 55w

    Have you ever seen your bff turning into stranger. That hurts naa.. that literally hurt more than any break up. So this is a poem I have written about the journey how two stranger become bff. And stranger again.

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    Remember seeing a stranger in class,
    We smiled.
    Remember when we laughed together,
    We cried.
    Remember when we danced together,
    We tried.
    Remember when our bond praised by everyone,
    We felt pride.
    Remember when we hurted each other,
    We apologized.
    Remember when we invited each other home,
    We were family right.
    Remember when everything was going wrong,
    You were best in my eye sight.
    Remember how we bunked the class.
    How we ride.
    Remember those long call,
    For every beauty we fall.

    Remember how we fight,
    We lied.
    Remember how we blamed each other,
    Just to explain our side.
    Remember how our thoughts clashed,
    On nothing we relied.
    Remember how priority changed,
    Message was seen but not replied.

    Losing a bond I feared,
    Was now wierd.
    Remember how we pushed each other away,
    And overthinking at night.
    Waiting for each other to apologise,
    We lost hope and created a wall from all side.
    Memories we were creating forever,
    Is a nightmare I don't want to see ever.

  • swati_shukla 55w


    What is real, what is lie
    I am stuck in between
    And getting high.

    Want to know the truth
    But scared if it will hurt
    Should I believe what my heart says
    Or collect some guts.

    I can't find it out in right way
    Might I go for wrong
    What if the thing I am scared become real.. got detached to everything I belong.

    Want to just help you but I can't
    Hurting my own feelings a lot.
    Seeing everything in different way
    Now confused if have seen it before or not.

    Whatever is the thing
    I am broken now
    My brain is dividing into half
    I don't what to say And how.

    I am not pretty enough
    I am not that ideal figure
    Your friend is giving you right advise
    But to be honest I am not a gold digger.

    Everytime I am trying to move out
    These regrets are pulling me inside
    It injured me so deep that I can't recover in a seconds but thankful at least you tried.

    You love my heart which is pure.
    But it is broken into pieces many
    It is hallow from inside and like nothing exist.
    I faced my death without knowledge of any.

    All the thought of my mind is running in every nerve
    My hands and legs are vibrating enough.
    Should I swallow it or split
    It is getting inside my stomach making situation more tough.

    I am not a player I am a noob
    Doesn't mean anything bad how to explain
    I am not insecure or jealous just scared.
    I love you a lot can I claim?

  • swati_shukla 55w

    When you meet your long distance partner.
    Hope you will like it.
    Waiting for your feedback ��

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    When I met you

    Feeling so complete with you.
    I don't know what to do.
    Kiss you first or give a tight hug.
    I am addicted to you like a drug.

    My heart is beating faster than a train.
    Wants to be yours whether it is loss or gain.
    Your eyes are so pretty and deep.
    I am touching you again n again that so creep.
    This smile will continue on my face for days.
    I am finally with you that's so amaze.

    You are matching my vibes like hell.
    Never have I ever felt so well.
    Holding you hands in mine was my biggest dream.
    I love you so much I will scream.

    Don't look me like that,
    I am feeling shy.
    It's time to leave,
    I promise I won't cry.

    Come soon I will wait,
    Okay let's go, it's too late.
    I am not crying,
    Fine!! I am lying.


  • swati_shukla 55w

    Boys have feelings too. They can cry too. They also need love, care, time and little pampering. Ofcourse they are human too. Don't take anyone for granted. Don't play with someone's feeling if you aren't sure.

    Hope you will like it.��

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    She left me.

    At that stage of my life.
    When my girlfriend was going to be my wife.
    She left me and broke me like hell.
    And you are asking me to feel well?

    No I am not okay I am sad.
    She said I can't fool my dad.
    Why she realised it today?
    For whom I everyday pray.
    Is she saying truth or don't wanna stay.
    I want to ask her but she is far away.

    I have lost the reason of my happiness.
    The nights are sleepless.
    My heart is speechless.
    I should die I guess.

    Calling her but she is not picking my call.
    Sitting alone in the corner of wall.
    Messaging her she is not replying.
    Everyday since she left me I am dying.

    The day my mom cried,
    I realised.
    What I have done with myself.
    I am no more what I used to be.
    I am the one I never want to be.

    Looking at her I can't stop tear of mine.
    No second thought to quit my smoke and wine.
    Put my head on her laps I cried
    Oh mom! I can't forgot her how many times I tried.

    That moment my mom said
    Which touched my heart
    I was only looking at back not ahead
    She was not my life just a part.

    "You don't have to forgot anyone,
    Just accept the actions my son.
    Face the problem instead of living it.
    Tackle the situation instead of reliving it.
    You never tried to move on I am sure.
    Your actions were so childish you were never that immature.
    You don't any reason to be happy.
    Happiness finds its own way.
    Just prepare yourself for it.
    If you will do it no one can break you from that day."


  • swati_shukla 55w

    Break up

    Something is better than nothing,
    Nothing is better than anything.

    Depends on situation of life,
    You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

    Should I say it,
    Or sit quiet?
    Hundreds of word in my mind,
    I can see your eyes on her,
    I am not blind.

    But my lips are silent.
    Don't want to be violent.
    Will you listen it patiently,
    Or you don't have time?

    Neither want to create a mess,
    Nor needy to impress.
    This silence is giving me stress,
    It's just a overthinking,
    Or may be I am depress.

    Tears in my eyes.
    Why I haven't listen to my parent's advise.

    Going to tell him today,
    Hope you get all happiness I pray.
    Okay this is enough now,
    He is smiling oh wow.

    My seven years turns to a shit.
    Are you not feeling for me a bit.
    Peace is missing just like my sleep.
    Our memories are killing me deep.

    This heart is pumping without beat.
    Companions are asking why I cheat.
    This is what you have said
    We broked up I am so glad.

    These eyes are now open
    I am no more broken
    The person I loved is dead.
    Why are you putting hand on head.
    Just wait and watch baby
    Because of you may be
    I have done what I want
    Without fearing societies taunt.

    Thank you for making me so strong
    This world believe more on wrong.
    Ahaan also you were right at that time.
    I am stealing so many hearts..and it's not crime.


  • swati_shukla 56w

    The moment when you are stepping for your career and first time you face a failure..only you know what you feel.

    This is all what I felt at that time.. and sharing my feeling through a poetry to my favourite person I met online.

    Hope you will like it.��

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    This is the end or a start,
    Believe in anything with whole heart.

    Something is good behind every wrong,
    Have faith in process and stay strong.

    Believe me you are enough,
    Just the situation is little tough.

    May it takes time,
    Don't worry to be late is not a crime.

    Just give your try,
    Darling failure makes everyone cry.

    Giving up is not a solution,
    I know one day you are going to make a great revolution.

    Making good image in front of society is not need,
    Grow up you are a plant now not a seed.

    I overthink a lots,
    Are you staying or not?

    Am I capable of something or just a potato bag?
    I never want a useless fellow tag.

    Want to remove everyone from life,
    Or should I dream to be your wife.

    Nothing is right nothing is wrong,
    It's not easy to stay strong.

    My family issue is killing me deep,
    Do I started sounding creep?

    I want to give you everything,
    All happiness that I could bring.

    You are the best I ever met,
    Irony is we never met yet.

    Little thing hurts me a so,
    Time priority care understanding
    Is enough though.

    Will you provide me support instead of pressure
    As it is already around me feels like holding a treasure.

    This is not a complain,
    These are my feelings,
    I know you prefer to be hard for my good.
    But your anger make me cry understood.

    It's like I am breaking your trust.
    Makes my condition worst.

    But I know you are going to make me successful.
    Support me forever I am so grateful.

  • swati_shukla 56w

    Long distance relationship

    This distance is worse,
    You are so far ,
    But always in my heart.
    Your attention attracts me,
    Your love makes me fly.
    Just want to talk with you for whole night,
    A long soothing hug in your arms tight.
    Wants to be your bride,
    And smile with you in pride.
    But restrictions have no end,
    Just like love story of our.

    To be in long distance is our choice,
    To fall in love with you
    Without hearing your voice.

    The moment you show interest in other,
    Hurts me like hell,
    And makes me bother,
    The physical satisfaction never start,
    But will your mental last?
    This question arise again n again,
    Put yourself at my place,
    Are you feeling the same pain?

    Though your heart is gold,
    Our love is getting old.
    The dreams we see together,
    I want it last forever.
    But reality make me cry,
    Still this heart wants to try.

    No destination no end,
    Enjoy and have fun,
    This is the trend.

    The more I feel, the more it hurts.
    However hoping for a day when
    I am with you in your shirt.