Let's be honest. idk how to write.��

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  • sweetlysour 8w

    She was chaos stitched betwixt smiles,
    And peace amidst the wild fantasies.

  • sweetlysour 8w

    Glare at the galaxies of your lover's eyes,
    And smell the poetry of his arms.
    When a poet in you resurrects,
    You'll know, you are alive.

  • sweetlysour 25w

    An emotion.
    A melody.
    A praise.
    A moment of bliss.
    The reason for which your heart skips a beat.
    He is everything your midnight musing soul yearns for,
    A desire.
    But only if words could collect themselves to adorn and define the pieces of his existence.
    Instead, the lanes of love redefines itself with his name.//

    I met the lost remnants of my heart, in him.
    The warmth, the serenity, the beauty he conceals in every word, could make even night's scarred beauty to fall for him.
    His purity is that of the north star, which never falls for someone's wish.
    So reclusive, yet so elysian.
    But though, his crescent smiles overwhelm solitude. Yet the heart remains there.
    Waiting for him to drench my beats with giggles of the juvenile aura, he conceals with perfectionism.
    But though, his whispers soothe my existence, like the ray of sun, leisurely staggering the clouds of pain. Yet my breath remains there.
    Waiting to be imprinted by his croons.
    But though, he touches my scarred skin, with delicacy, like the rose petals, embracing the letters of buried emotions. Yet my soul remains there. Solivagant.
    Waiting for his kisses to embellish the corners of my scarlet wounds.
    I remain there, suffocated beneath an abode of desires.
    While, I watch him beholding himself, in the name of pain.
    I watch him resurrecting himself with scattered pieces.
    But, he calls it a Poetry.
    And defines it as peace.
    He defines it as an emotion of heart, which knows no bounds and sees no horizon. An emotion which is havoc in beauty. But serenity in chaotic love.
    A midnight melody of wandering souls. A melody which mellifluously attracts the goners. And solaces the doomed.
    A praise. An invincible praise to the mortals who beautified their hearts, just to let their fading love remain immortal.
    A moment of bliss, which he inhales. To exhale some woven fantasies.
    A beat, which adorns itself, to let heart fall into the abyss of unrequited love.
    A desire. Craved by the seduced metaphors. In the name of feign love.
    He defines his existence after poetries.
    But maybe, his artless soul doesnt know.
    Every bit of his existence is
    A poetry.


    @fromwitchpen Couldn't help, when someone beautiful as you asked me to indite. You're sweet��

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  • sweetlysour 25w

    Idk if this makes sense.
    #wod #rainbow
    @writersnetwork :)

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  • sweetlysour 25w


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  • sweetlysour 26w

    Dear love,

    You know I still glare at the stars and find you in them.
    You know I still breathe the warmth of your embrace, while the folioles of fall, fade away for deliquesce crystals.
    You know I still smell at your diaries, and crave for the essence of your imperfect smiles, concealing the hymns of forelesket.
    You know, I've been adorning inevitable distances, just to make you eternal through the sonnets, my ink bleeds.
    Though my heart pierces itself.
    Though every breath strangles my neck,
    As if death seems to smirk at life.
    Though every poetry,
    existing for you,
    screams in silence.
    Yet tonight I flame my heart
    with the ashes of dystopia.







    Not because the remnants of my heart have stopped loving you.
    Not because, my words seem to meet the horizon of our love.
    But, because I know.
    Your every breath and every beat of scarlet hues only erect my fantasies and perfect illusions.
    Because, spilling my artless heart over your solivagant soul is a sin, while you embellish someone else's existence with eternal vows.
    Because, even though i know our parallel destinies would never intersect,
    in the name of love,
    Yet with every second
    I fall for you, like
    the sun, seduced by oceans.
    Whilst now I retain in a chasm.
    A chasm of you and your unrequited love.
    A chasm where I inhale stardust and exhale poetries.
    A chasm where the utter bleak walls embed my elegies, yet I find myself staring at you.

    My life.
    My death.

    I let you go, because I know I lie alone in the abyss of love.
    On which you once laid me,
    With care,

    Why do emotions magnify at night?
    Specially when it all is fiction :p

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  • sweetlysour 26w

    Every dusk he wanders midst the horizon of solitude
    To meet the shore of solace; his abode.
    An abode which remains abandoned.
    Abandoned of love, warmth, serenity and overwhelming laughters.
    Yet he seeks the reason of his euneirophrenia in it.
    An abode where the frayed walls smell like hope.
    Hope of resurrecting his pieces into an elegy, once again.
    An abode where the faded scarlet paint feels like peace amidst mayhem of exulnasis and petrichor midst summer's rage.
    Where the old wooden floor is more cinnamon, but the clemented ataraxis edges posess his mother's smile.
    Where every brick of remorse is a turmoil of lament, yet his remnants find tranquillity in itself.
    Where the rusted chimney remains closed, for the memories would sway away with the vagabond zephyr.
    Where the roof ostentates a bed of stars.
    Stars which fell, only to be his wish granting factory.
    Where the stairs of moonlight discrete four chambers,
    Of which the first chamber adorns its shelves with:
    ��eace and faded warmth of breathing memories.
    The second chamber is the boudoir of:
    ��xymorons; Orphic yet cromulent
    The third chamber sighs in disguise, for it retains:
    ��thereal sonnets, bleeding yet bedazzling
    The fourth chamber coincides his existence:
    ��aidenly mystic, yet sequaciously solivagant.
    Every dusk he seeks bliss of eternity within ephemerality.
    Every dusk he wanders midst the horizon of solitude to meet the shore of solace; his abode,
    which he has defined
    //Concealing the hymns of imperfect memories.//


    Not sure if ya'll could read the concrete.
    @writersnetwork Thank you for a like. :')

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    The four chambers


  • sweetlysour 26w

    The crisp of leaves
    The effete of lawns
    Ruses my heart's blooming metaphors.

    The abode I found
    The warmth I felt
    Vanquishes with every shedding leaf.

    The beauty of you,
    The beauty of fallen leaves, is
    All my vagabond words embellish.

    With every word for you,
    Heart falls more, like the folioles
    Fading for ephemeral crystals.

    But indeed,
    You're gone
    Whilst the season of heart.

    The season

    The zephyr fades
    Like your breaths
    Of ambrosial aura

    The crimson dusk melts absquatulately
    With disgrace, burning feign vows
    Of undefined eternity.

    Your diaries still smell like
    Timeless spring, waiting for someone's warmth,
    To scarper clandestinely with dandelions.

    Every burdening letter of forelesket
    Still adorns wilted Roses
    Between the lines.

    While with every poesy
    Named after you, I fade into your
    Love's abyss, with elysian autumn.


    A haiku poem with 11 verses.
    #autumn #wod

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    Heart and Fall

    And indeed,
    You're gone
    Whilst the season of heart.

    The season

  • sweetlysour 48w

    Let's weave a poetry,
    Where we are together
    till eternity.

  • sweetlysour 49w

    //Good bye to the past,
    For tomorrow awaits
     a better you!//

    What 2020 taught me:-

    ☆Everyone is temporary. Everyone is just a passenger in your life, while you are the conductor of your train. We all meet someone. Sometimes they become the reason, you compose your ethereal poetries. Unless they reach their station, and get off. And then, all we are left with is, their luggage of memories, left by them on purpose.
     We sigh. We break. We heal. Yet our train moves on, nothing changes around us. But we pretend to have changed our tracks.
    We need to accept they weren’t our destiny, we still have someone waiting for us, on their station. Who would then become the driver of our moving train :)
    ☆ Sometimes, its good to remain silent, for not everyone is worth your explanations. Let them be them. For you are you. And so, silence and patience is must.
    ☆Stop expecting from everyone. People might come, and leave. It wouldn’t make a difference for them, but it might be impactful for you. Don’t let it. Don’t let your own self be disappointed from someone who doesn’t care about what and how you think and feel. Consider them as another artist, who gave a stroke of hue in the canvas of your life and left to complete someone else’s. But the rest is still left to be completed with your brush. With colours of achievements, an endless sky of optimism and a luminous rainbow of poesies!
    ☆Make someone feel special. Sometimes, we might not know but praising someone in the simplest way can make them feel good. Be an ear for them. Be someone’s ray of hope, in the world of hypocrites.
    ☆Its fine to cry. Not every time you would have someone who’d understand you. Not every time words would lessen your pain. All that what burdens your heart, cannot be healed through silent screams, or midnight rants. Sometimes making your eyes wet, can be a relief too.
    ☆Don’t let your happiness be concealed by someone else’s clouds of judgement. People are insensitive. Everyone knows how to speak. Speak the harshest. But no word, taught them to prove they do have a heart. Its fine, let them be them, for you are you.

    ☆“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times”. Dumbledore, indeed was a wise wizard.
    Not everytime, you’d get a reason to smile. Not everytime you’d get a reason to be happy. The world there sits in solitude, to sigh for the smallest of things. Someone still breathes in regret. But be the one to smile. For, the world needs to be positive.
    ☆Reality and virtuality can never be one. They are destined to be parallel. All that you scroll through screens would be within these screens.

    ☆Accept and embrace loneliness. For its not loneliness. Its the solace of yourself, amidst the chaos of world.


    Ik Im not too early :)

    @inking_soul @simple_shabd you both were the best mentor, I could ever have :)
    You made my 2020 better. Stay same. Always.

    @daphnae Though we haven't interacted much, but you're the sweetest :") Yk you are fav :)♡ And me loves your mellifluous voice! Dont ever stop singing♡

    @mirakee @writersnetwork Thank you for existing :)

    Editor's Choice?�� Thank you :") Me adores you all❤

    A very happy new year!❤


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    Let them be them
    For you are you.