Is there a place in this accursed world, where I can build a grave for my miseries?

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  • symphonygaps_ 10w

    someday, somewhere
    you will see me
    soaked in blood, dipped in tears,
    clenching teeth, signing despair

    someday, somewhere
    you will wish to see me
    the way, I was before
    to leave me in the pathetic shore

    someday, somewhere
    I will rise for myself
    building stairs with fear
    to leave your parasitic soul


  • symphonygaps_ 12w

    hand me a book,
    where life meets light;
    hand me a book,
    where chapters are magical;
    hand me a book,
    where peace is certainty;
    hand me a book,
    where words are relatable

    give me a book,
    where logics are missing;
    give me a book
    where fantasy is the only reality;
    give me a book,
    where tears are conclusion;
    give me a book,
    where science is an illusion

    hand me the book,
    I need right now;
    give me the book;
    I crave somehow;
    hand me the book,
    which says 'you can bear';
    give me the book,
    which says 'I made you reappear'


  • symphonygaps_ 14w

    3 a.m. thoughts

    only the night verses knew how
    pathetic days were,
    woven with sympathy I sang a lullaby
    to myself

  • symphonygaps_ 14w

    again I gazed the night sky for hours
    hoping you were thinking the same
    only if I had the chance to sleep
    I wish I were holding on to you

  • symphonygaps_ 15w


    What! EC(11)
    Happy happy ☺
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork

    ~ every soaring bird has a story to tell

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    a girl

    as a girl she was born
    with curses all around;
    looked down by everyone
    she grew up with sun

    with thorns everywhere
    she picked her life's tragedy
    wrapping it up with melodies,
    created a story of fantasy

    don't tell me what you did
    for her cause they're all on behalf;
    if ever the light stops shinning
    believe me you won't be blamed
    for there was no hope but only fear

    but the only request she has for you
    without any clinging satire,
    is that if the light shines brighter
    then you won't come to beg further
    for any share cause that's her

  • symphonygaps_ 15w

    rising from the grave of memories,
    she wiped her tears with hands of hope;
    zephyr touched every part of her broken
    soul singing the aubade she longed;
    tacenda came out piercing through the
    darkness; who knew this apricity wasn't
    for long; dark winter was her only company
    and fear - a friend; only if she had the power,
    she would have stopped him beforehand

  • symphonygaps_ 15w

    the smell of soot clogged
    all my ways; decaying heart
    never lost the love; waiting every
    second for your calm voice to sooth
    all pains; the only serein I had on
    those dark nights is you; the feeling
    of onsra burning all the pages of
    my book pulled me towards end;
    only if these chapters had you,
    I could have survived a little longer

  • symphonygaps_ 17w

    I'm drinking pain for every piece of ignorance you showed me; only if I had enough land I could have built a forest to hide my broken pieces of heart

  • symphonygaps_ 17w

    dead feelings, grave of love
    could not keep up with the
    withering soul, all wished to see;
    every drop of pain summed up to
    fill the ocean stressed mind, no
    longer willing to visit your
    painful memories

  • symphonygaps_ 19w


    ~Dear, these episodes will end and you will have to regret.

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    And now you know,
    how hard I tried;
    drinking every drop
    of moon's light to
    survive another night