a wayward soul

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  • tales_of_a_phoenix 8w

    Thank you for the repost @writersnetwork ��
    Next Time I Find Love
    I will let the world know ��

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    Next Time I Find Love

    And next time I find love
    I will be cautious with my heart
    Careless with my cares
    Riding with my soul
    With the reins given to the brain.

    Next time I find love
    I will say hello
    And be ready
    For a goodbye note.

    Next time I find love
    I will adjust
    But not compromise

    Next time I find love
    I will love me first.

  • tales_of_a_phoenix 8w

    When great souls die... The world dies a bit.
    #greatsouls #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @_firefly

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    When Great Souls Die

    When great souls die
    Souls of writers and singers,
    The poet around the corner
    The Earth turn a bit more brown.

    When great souls die
    Of scientists and experimentalists,
    Thinkers and explorers
    Time stops, but only few does know.

    When great souls die
    Of the smartest thinker & the hardest worker
    In the world of commerce and trade
    Dreams crash like falling stocks in the day.

    When great souls die
    Of they who loved us
    And judged us never
    A piece of us disintegrates
    With their going too.

    When great souls die
    Like the street dweller
    who broke bread with the stray
    Kindness crumbles in the corner
    Like his last slept torn rags lying astray.

    When great souls die
    Hope loses her way
    Lingers in the dark corridors
    Waiting for a great soul
    To be born again.

  • tales_of_a_phoenix 9w

    Been too busy with handling life for sometime... Back doing some week old @miraquill challenges #anaphora @writersnetwork

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    Sometimes I enjoy the soothing sun
    Sometimes I love the grey rain,
    Sometimes I carry a bag,
    Sometimes I carry a baggage,
    Sometimes I wear a smile
    Sometimes I wear a sunglass,
    Sometimes I wait for the mail
    Sometimes I write a letter to self,
    Sometimes I add to the cart
    Sometimes I remove from the cart,
    Sometimes I wait for your call
    Sometimes I chat with the moon alone,
    Sometimes I want to be found
    Sometimes I like to stay lost,
    Sometimes I look forward to life
    Sometimes I just wait for death.
    Sometimes every second line is more than a sometime.

  • tales_of_a_phoenix 14w

    ✨Overwhelmed by the love and comments. This is a first for me- so many hearts ��������
    #apology #wod #pod Thank you for the EC & RC @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I Apologize

    You had plans, I procrastinated,
    You had faith, I doubted,
    You deserved better, I compromised,
    You warned me, I paid no heed,
    Sorry self, I'll do better this time.

  • tales_of_a_phoenix 14w

    So... I ended up writing a poem instead of a quote @writersnetwork
    Prompt: It's a beautiful thing

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    It's A Beautiful Thing

    It's a beautiful thing to watch
    The colourful sky after a storm.
    It's a beautiful thing to put
    A 1000 pieces jigsaw together.
    It's a beautiful thing to watch
    The sunflowers search for the sun.
    It's a beautiful thing to feel
    Love after a heartbreak.
    It's a beautiful thing to let go
    Of those that cause pain.
    It's a beautiful thing to let
    One put self as a priority first.
    It's a beautiful thing to be able
    To hope, dream, and be alive,
    It's a beautiful thing to be
    A human.

  • tales_of_a_phoenix 14w

    To Binge Or Not To Binge

    Binging is bad!
    How so?
    Binging trained me to multi-task
    Take a shower in lesser time,
    Exercise on the bed!
    Watch the screen, while on the phone
    I can follow both what's going on.
    Improved my memory, given the characters list
    Better trained at doing detailed research
    After all bts, bloopers & con vids are a must!
    The plot twists and side plots
    Trained my brain to think outside the box!
    Binging is good!

  • tales_of_a_phoenix 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Lost

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    Various me are lost in my mind's maze today.

  • tales_of_a_phoenix 14w


    The very first life
    Was born in her womb,
    Many lives swim in her belly
    Roots grow under her too.
    But lives get lost
    When they fall in.
    Some trying to find
    A lost treasure,
    Some trying to see
    Something new,
    And few trying to
    Lives get lost in her belly.
    The mighty ocean she is.

  • tales_of_a_phoenix 14w

    Spring Never Left

    Spring never said goodbye
    Simply went to sleep
    Behind the autumn leaves.
    Spring flows eternal
    Under the ice.
    Blooms hide their faces
    Behind the snow.
    Squirrels and berries
    Peek from the barks.
    Deep snores from the forests
    Can be heard from afar.
    All will slowly be revealed
    As the first warm rays of the year
    Touches the skin.
    Like a prism,
    Colours will refract
    across the fields
    When the sun kisses
    The eyes of Spring.

  • tales_of_a_phoenix 14w

    The 3rd Rock

    Between a hot boiling mass
    And a cool ball of gas
    The rebellious rock
    Stopped its clock
    And Earth was formed!