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  • taraprasenna 19w

    Someone just come and knock some sense into me. I'm just getting emotionally too much that I want to cry. And what's worse is that these words which I read makes me tear up.

    @manasaa I know you're not here. But this one's for you. For you're loved one and mine too. Special one for you. ����

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    If I am far away from you, remember to look up the sky and find the brightest one and there, you will always find me watching you from up above the sky.

  • taraprasenna 19w

    Idk why, but it's definitely not mine, so credits goes to who knows who the great.

    Imagine you have a word phobia, not only fear but happiness. You'll feel that. It aches and gets peaceful too. Dude that's life.

    And don't forget to use people for yourself. Coz that certifies you as a bitch and damn gurl ya lost your respect that I held in myself if you used me.
    Beleive it or not. I never lied to the ones who I adore ..that doesn't mean I lie. I'm honest as long as you are. And I never USED people in my life. I just try to be sweet or kind as you may say, and they don't give a fuck.

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    Those Words

    "I could never. I love you just the way you are. Every flaw you say you have, I consider it as a quality. Every insecurity you have, I consider them you're best features. Every inch of you, I consider it to be perfect. But, accept your flaws, because that's what love is. I've learnt to love you through your flaws, and love them as well. I've accepted you. All of you. And I'm not letting you slip away from my reach. I want us to be together"

  • taraprasenna 19w

    Mother Nature Product

    If you don't know the existence of AURORA in this freaking world,
    Then you're living under a rock.

  • taraprasenna 20w

    Idk why, it's just a quick pop up.

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    Hi. Bye.

    Sometimes I forget that I exist In here,
    Yet don't feel like I belong in this paradise,
    I wish to be sculpted by the sculptor.

    Let me invite you to my demise,
    Until then, stay awake and safe!

  • taraprasenna 22w

    @manasaa Sorry too lazy to type ��

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  • taraprasenna 22w

    There it goes

    There goes my little pure heart,
    Shattered by your obnoxious words and mean actions,
    In this possessive world,
    I've been honest with myself,
    That I do not adore you as my partner,
    Yet still did for one reason,
    Now I let you go again,
    Feeling empty inside and aching,
    I lost someone who's good may be or may not be,
    May the life you will have give you peace.

  • taraprasenna 22w


    Be there, I'll devour you
    But when you go, make sure that you'll be waiting,
    For the invitation to my demise.

  • taraprasenna 23w

    @_charlie__ I've always wanted to write this but never got the true self to do. Here's the gift for you're long ago completed birthday. The least I can do is write for you, right?

    Anyways, belated belated belated happy birthday kitty, stay safe, and take care. Be happy ��

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    Dear Kitty,

    When I start to think about you,
    I am completely mesmerized by your savage aura,
    While I'm really veracious that I loathe people being sassy,
    Maybe except you, cause I adore you.

    I don't know why but it feels like you're near me,
    Yet it didn't seem far away,
    Indeed love never fades deeply Inside me,
    When there's a piece of you in everybody's soul.

    Definition of Sushmitha,
    Indeed savageness all embedded within her.

  • taraprasenna 24w

    Some things are bound to be like that. It is what it is always. ��

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    YOU were LOVED

    In this cruel world full of possessions for some,
    He confessed that he loved me, that I'm the moon in his life.

    But did he really mean it?
    Did he know that he crossed the line long ago?
    Did she show what he loved?
    Did he try to prove himself?
    Did he listen to me when I said I'm not worthy?
    Did he cry because I was in pain because of his condition?

    Never did he.
    All those were just useless words and promises.
    That he did in life.

  • taraprasenna 27w

    @manasaa I'm gonna miss you so much. I adore you. ��

    Bare me I'm out of words.

    @writersbay Thank you for the opportunity to write about this amazing and pretty person. And sorry I'm very late too. Apologies!

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    My Favourite Person

    The brawny aura that she resonates,
    Forced me to befriend the intoxicated belle,
    The smile thrives to be the most innocent one,
    Indeed a very clever and innoxious one.

    Dear Manasaa,
    A girl who has very big dreams to preach on,
    A brave bear who can personate anything,
    A baby who has one of the purest heart around the world,
    A soul who has gone through a lot of Depression and mortality.
    I adore YOU the most,Trust me.

    Here goes something for you,