27. Resilient,confused yet adored.

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  • tardigrade 9w

    I didn't have to find
    and there wasn't a map
    I simply waited, didn't swat
    the moths that a flame attracts.

    The roads I walk on
    I've never cared enough about seasons
    I know they transiently pass
    and if they overstay, they feel like prisons.

    So come summer,winter,autumn or spring
    The stars may shine or the darkness sting
    I walk to you and with you like it's my fate
    Led by the embers in your eyes, my last best friend.

    You make me happy
    than any god could ever do
    You make me better
    than any other company would

    And you do all that
    just being yourself in your own way
    Would you please be that , would you please stay
    for one more day, after the end of my days.

    - Om

  • tardigrade 13w

    Happy b'day Ali bhai.
    As I have said before,if a rare sunshine ray on an overcast dull day was a person it would be you.
    @kin_jo .

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    strength isn't always brute
    oftentimes it's dignified,and deep lay it's roots.
    empathy is what humans have to work upon
    it's an angels second nature, and there's no con.
    courage doesn't always slay the mighty demon
    sometimes it walks with a friend,when he is burnt.

    the definitions of old times,
    perhaps won't fit it seems
    so should I say strength,dignity,empathy,courage

    or just @kin_jo, because it's synonym.

  • tardigrade 13w

    But I'm okay/Make me okay

    It's funny how you seem different everyday
    But the more you change,more you stay the same,
    wish I could say that about myself but I can't today
    I didn't predict things going this way, but I'm okay.

    I remember the time I made stories from your shapes
    saw your stars shine, rain fall, got hit with your hail
    played on the school ground, as if everyday was my last day
    But like I said,I changed and you didn't,but I'm okay.

    Oh yes I have a job, I can pay the bills
    might not be earning mils but I am eating meals
    but the schoolboy in me who had glorious dreams
    won't go away and that's a shame,but I'm okay.

    As a single digit I shot questions at my dad
    In my teens I found the world and it got me mad
    And now in my twenties I ask questions of myself
    blind as a bat to them , I hope the answers come in braille

    So I ask dear sky, how did you manage to get away
    How you changed everyday, but stayed the same
    Because you know I tried, I failed, I tried again
    Could you hit me with the answers like you did with hail,
    and make me okay.

  • tardigrade 14w

    Scribbled something about life being not black and white and wins and losses being the different side of same coins.
    @kin_jo Madam sirni sangitlyawar lihayla lagtay.

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    Scattered perfection

    the brothers found a PS4 wrapped under a Christmas tree
    but their father won't make it home till they are long asleep
    they won't have anyone to teach and better to brag about their wins
    they had their present, but the festival remains still out of their reach.

    he made it out of the bed, his lungs once again working fine
    Staring at the heavens,thanking for he made it out the waiting lines
    but his wife stared back at him, his eyes looking through her
    and to the broken pile of promise now scattered perfectly upon the skies

    wandering she went in, curiosity peaking, heart on her sleeves
    experiencing feelings, naming emotions that made her skip her beats
    and while she dragged her body back across the field she once wandered in
    she took her cuts but only grew from where they thought she'd only bleed.

  • tardigrade 17w

    #personification #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Don't know if it fits but it's what I felt like writing.
    I hope everyone is doing well.Cheers!!

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    Ships are safe in harbor,
    but that's not what they're built for
    keep evading battles,
    you still get your fill of scars
    swords rust unused,
    cast in heat, they're built for wars
    Keep shooting for the moon,
    at worst you'll end up in the stars
    it's you against you,
    and I know the race is hard
    you've won already
    if you backed yourself to start.

  • tardigrade 21w

    Wrote an acrostic to do some mental exercise..

    Hope people reading this safe.Take care guys.


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    The fact that I'm comfortable in my skin
    gets your wretched skin to crawl
    resigned to the floor you creep on
    enviously you judge because I walk tall.
    about so high,that your ceiling is my floor
    try to overlook truths & cuz I question I'm a whore?
    easier to paper over cracks in culture with lies
    silly me! I'd like to break through,like Maya I'll rise
    taunts trickle down off my skin, I'm bulletproof
    star-stuff and strength is my DNA, a noble brute
    love my people,borrowed their best, & stayed gold
    understand this,my beauty ain't surface; its all soul.
    Troubles are etched on my skin,none define me
    Eulogised all of them aplenty,those refined me
    Visions I've for me, your myopia won't let you see
    enclosed inside is a song of hope and spirit
    Realtalk b,next tym you are judging,I like it,so BITE ME।

  • tardigrade 23w

    India will awake to life and freedom - J M Nehru.

    Happy 75th Maa.

    Upwards and onwards.

    Happy independence day to all celebrating.❤️����


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    ना माटी में कोई मूरत ढूंदी
    ना किताबो को सजदे तमाम किए
    जब धर्म कहा तब देश सुना
    भगत की राह पे कलाम बने

  • tardigrade 25w

    Dear corona,

    when you arrived in the summer
    the shade you brought along
    obfuscated the sun's glory
    and muted the cuckoo's song.

    The craziness of the times to follow
    hadn't dawned on us yet
    Then it did for a while but fleetingly
    until our conscience met an untimely death.

    We listened to a man
    who told us to stay locked for freedom
    light diyas and boisterously bang thalis
    be vigilant of the enemies,though we couldn't see them

    A bit by bit I lost my sanity
    while everybody was eyeing instagram vanity
    As I saw friends fall, families broken to smithereen
    those left behind, were caged on a phone screen

    I tried to hang around the kitchen for a while
    cuddle with the spatula,but he wouldn't let me spoon
    called up my mom, tried to get an old recipe
    amused as she was, she asked me to swiggy my food.

    But I kept coming coming back to the kitchen
    And to the terrace to meet the setting sun
    with my friends Mehdi and Jagjeet hitting the notes
    it was a simple pleasure,I promised I'd no longer ignore.

    But I did.

    Went for planned grocery runs with friends
    Almost reduced to tears on seeing him after long time
    As we stood in our respective socially distanced lines
    I swear I could hear him mentally high five.

    Then we lost a star with a soul
    quite a rarity in his world
    I understood the pain and felt the hurt
    Until on his pyre,they tried to burn another girl

    But I watched.Simply watched.
    There was barely anything I could do
    A man spoke loudly without a semblance of truth
    the people needed nuisance,so on he booed.

    Later we bid 2020 a good bye
    Good riddance to possibly the worst of our times
    2021 was a year of promise
    The man told us war was over,and we could fly.

    But we couldn't.

    Your second wave cut through us
    when we had our defences down
    All the while the man protecting us
    Met hordes of crowds,town after town

    and he kept recieving roses,
    while real heroes on ground got all the thorns
    the khadi went berserk and blared their horn
    while the white aprons could do nothing but warn.

    Meanwhile the shyness of my relationship was over
    I knew the address of spoon and fork
    googled recipes in after hours of dark
    Learnt to make food presentable at last.

    And hence I seeked instagram vanity of the hood
    my mother called me that night
    to know the recipes of what I'd cooked
    amused as I was I asked her to swiggy my food.

    You made me unlearn and learn a lot about myself
    how I prized my friends laugh more than all my wealth.
    A love letter to you for being the alarm I craved
    the songs of simpler joys in life, cloud out your lullaby of death.

    #Imageryc2 #laugh #wod


    Inspired by Rohan Joshis write up an.

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  • tardigrade 26w

    Hello there
    It's been some time since we have talked
    there's a few miles that have been walked

    In the rear view ,getting farther as the time grows
    but as we know,objects in rear view seem far,but are close

    Remember when you thought
    that a heartbreak was gonna end it all
    chin up champ it didn't come even near
    2021 and your still walking tall
    So good work having your feelings embalmed
    the dead tell no tales,hence that's resolved

    There's an angel looking out for you,call him father
    keep your mum in your heart,none other can barter
    keep few friends,keep fewer close cuz ships falter
    and you'll always need anchors, lest a storm startle.

    And lose the beard, flaunt the double chin
    wear that like an armor, you son of a tywin
    get fit but don't starve yourself to meet a trend
    those flyby,one minute they're dad bod,the next, lean is in.
    All you need to be is proud of imperfect skin
    flaunt your scars like they're signs of battle wins.

    Oh!And I think you should keep writing
    I've walked in your shoes and they just keep biting.

    #journal #wod


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  • tardigrade 26w

    does the pain ever end?
    probably doesn't, as far as I know
    but there's an outlet from where it flows
    as poems mirroring the poets soul.

    do we ever heal?
    only to get hurt again
    but words palliate or purge every pain
    we fall and we rise,and the pens our cane.

    does anybody ever care?
    Few do, but to some you resonate
    for them you express where their words failed
    and so begins a journey of being human again.