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  • termiboy 3w

    The Reason

    Daunted by these recurring delusions
    My mind seeks hope in miracles,
    A fading embodiment of love,
    A reason to live for!


  • termiboy 34w

    The Stories We Never Told (2)

    I walked beside her through the muddy puddle road. The rain fell like endless loops of sorrow and she was already soaking wet. Her arms were crossed, fists clenched and the messy hair was always comforting her shady eyes. What made me stop at that moment was something I would never know. We stopped and I turned towards her. I could feel her heart exploding as I took her face in my arms. Then I kissed her between the lips. I could feel her heart playing a soothing melody when I embraced her. Home was far away and yet so close. The Path was unclear yet so clear. We knew we were already home.

    - Him

  • termiboy 34w

    The Stories We Never Told

    And that night is still as fresh as a flower. It was raining. We were on the way to home. Had no idea what was actually making me shiver. Was it the rain or your presence. But the sudden sweet peck on my lips was enough to calm my racing heart down to the feeling of serenity.


  • termiboy 35w

    The Girl I Never Knew

    The things I knew about her.

    I know you're troubled
    Troubled by the ways of this callous world
    I know you're in a dilemma
    A dilemma to choose between right or wrong
    I know you're broken
    From all the tears I had found on your damped pillow
    I know you're haunted
    By regrets that makes you stay awake at night.
    I know you love your mum
    Cause she's the one you stay alive for
    I know these words are blunt to you
    Cause you've been bled out with words before.
    I know I'm not worthy of your love
    For it's too precious for me to handle.

    I always thought I knew everything about her. But I was wrong. The things I never knew was way more.

    I never knew why she'd pick chocolate over vanilla
    Perhaps she'd want to melt away when I touch her.
    I never knew why she'd hold such grudge towards men
    Perhaps she'd understood the world more than we ever did.
    I never knew why she'd always wanted to be a workaholic
    Perhaps she'd want to tire herself to get some sleep.
    I never knew why she'd want me to fuck her like a beast
    Perhaps she'd wanted to be free and alive. Atleast to know that she still lives.
    I never knew her face nor have I never felt her skin
    Perhaps she'd never wanted me to see her tears.
    I never knew why I'd love her so blindly
    Perhaps love's blind or she's the only one that's real in this world.

    She's a mystery to me. Maybe that's what I was attracted to. My curiosity, my love. Everything to this mysterious woman. I'm happy that I've met her. I'm happy that I could love her without regrets. I wish I could her hug her tightly and kiss her, on the lips, till our hearts collapse.


  • termiboy 37w

    A tale for Fools!

    A dry oak stood by the rotten hill
    Its roots planted in the bloody dirt
    Tales of the fallen lie deep within the pith
    Screams silenced by the rough thick bark
    Begging to be heard, to be out of this miserable world.
    History is made here, they say;
    Men born, Women raped
    While orphans and bastards sprout the earth
    Waiting; to be a part of this epic Saga.
    Wicked scrolls blind these souls
    But, none yet the oak knew the truth!


  • termiboy 62w

    This world is beyond surreal. Perhaps, that's the only reason why people chose to live in it. The insanity of this world keeps me sane, and it's sanity keeps me insane. The perfect utopian world, I have always dreamt of. It was right here. I was blinded by the veils of my own pompous shadow. The blinds are still there, But I have learnt to gaze through them.

    Thoughts of an Idealist

  • termiboy 67w

    HIGH ( Hey I'm Going Home)

    I dragged myself past all those used needles. My eyes were craving for a brand new one. Guess luck only favours the needy. I'm too tired to wheedle anyways. I can hardly get up. So I lay hold of an used one from the filthy floor. The needle sucked the love juice like taking candy from a baby. Finally, eternal true love was about to happen. My veins were gonna meet her soulmate. There was a junkie seated at one of the corners of the room. He was staring at me with a sinister smile on his face. He told me.
    " You're crazy dude for getting HIGH with that used needle. "
    I replied.
    " I'm gonna get HIGH. HEY I'M GOING HOME. GOING TO HEAVEN. "
    And watched as they made love. Eternal true love. I'm home.


  • termiboy 71w


    Staring deep down into those memories
    I came across a scar that never fades.
    Perhaps it's one like Harry Potter's
    Destined to be great, it still lingers.


  • termiboy 73w

    Living Hell

    Justice is always served
    Never on a plate dented
    Crimes to be committed
    Sins are to be absolved         

    Children are chirpy
    Men cause anarchy
    A world of apathy
    Kinship of barbarity

    Humour is proactive
    while sarcasm reactive
    A life of utmost misery 
    Like Dante's Divine Comedy


  • termiboy 74w

    Pen and Paper

    A long time ago a pen and a paper had a dispute to resolve. They wanted to know who was the superior one. They both argued they were better than the other. There was a table nearby. They decided to take the matter to the table and let him decide after hearing them. The pen stated that he was stylish, and people would proudly carry him in their pockets. The paper countered that people gain knowledge by reading him, all the important documents are written on paper and are of great value. The table started bursting into laughter after listening to both of them. They were startled by the reaction of the table. They questioned the logic for his laughter. The table replied in a calm voice.

    "One of you cannot exist without the other. You serve a purpose only if the other exists."