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  • tessapoetessa 6w

    Drama Queen

    Drama queen
    It's not what it seems
    Living in between
    Parting at the seams

    It's your life
    Full of strife
    You most recent plight
    Your full of fright

    But in the end
    You pitch and defend
    What doesn't need to mend
    You lost a good friend

  • tessapoetessa 8w

    Is a game
    Played by fickle
    Using people
    As tools
    And pawns
    Once yawned
    And fawned
    And loved
    Kid gloved
    Raising high above
    Now gone

  • tessapoetessa 15w


    I see our world in puddles

    Puddles of rubble
    Will double
    With war
    We resolve
    To live in peace
    And decide
    To try
    To end all famine
    And war
    And poverty
    And to be love

  • tessapoetessa 21w

    Hurricane Ida

    Hurricane force winds
    Destroying what’s in its path
    Live another day


  • tessapoetessa 23w


    Enchanting thunder
    Daily wonder
    We put asunder
    Transfer our blunder

    Together ahead
    Forever dread
    Stay well fed
    Or losing instead


  • tessapoetessa 23w


    Nineteen sixty-four
    The year I was born
    How old am I?
    Do the math, just try

    July is the month
    My weight 5 lbs 2 ounces
    My mother gave birth
    To me, to this Earth

    FIfty-seven years
    I've lived many fears
    Many more to come
    I believe I've won

    Or my loss
    At all cost

  • tessapoetessa 23w

    Freedom Lost

    Taumatically bound
    Lost and found
    Trying to unwind
    What do we find
    Inevitable truth
    Lost in youth
    Working together
    Raging forever
    Universal wisdom
    Today's cynicism
    Tomorrow's laughter
    Today's disaster
    Thinking positive
    Wanting all of it
    Getting little
    Wondering the middle
    Seeking perfection
    Our reflection
    Is nothing perfect
    Yet completely worth it
    The world's people
    Liked perpetual
    Working against
    Hitting a fence
    Universal harmony
    No more armies
    Free love of the 60s
    Hate and discontent nowadays
    Where do we go
    No more to show
    People are dead
    You've lost your head
    Heading back home
    No longer to roam
    Aftermath continues
    Sadness in the venue

  • tessapoetessa 23w


    Dear sweet wolf
    My wild animal
    Living proof
    Life’s not final

    Roaming time
    Endless wonder
    Forever mine
    Yet forever asunder

    Years apart
    Years together
    Never gone far
    Yet home forever

    Life’s a mystery
    Full of wonder and bliss
    Uncomplicated misery
    Emotions amiss

    You or me
    Universal energy
    Together we see
    Around until eternity


  • tessapoetessa 23w

    Real People

    Real people
    Live real lives
    Not full of lies
    But filled with tries
    To do right
    Live in the light
    Sit tight
    With little fright
    Not hiding behind phone screens
    Living a fantasy dream
    Luring people like flies
    With their constant cries
    Of loneliness and suffering
    Asking for nothing
    And everything
    From everyone
    Annoying with their constant barrage
    Of whining and garbage
    Feeding their social media feeds
    With stupidity
    Not lucidity
    Stay away from these fakers
    They will rake her
    And forsake her
    Until there is nothing
    And I mean nothing
    Except a mess
    With stress
    And they call me


  • tessapoetessa 24w


    Today is just another day
    Is that what they say
    I try as I may
    I can’t have it my way

    Tomorrow will be here
    It’s not knowing that I fear
    The present and future dear
    Stop staring, don’t leer

    What it it I see
    Is it you or is it me
    That belongs to the sea
    The sea is a beauty

    Tired of waiting for you
    I’m tired of waiting for you too
    Tired of caring too
    What is it you do

    Stop crying over your decisions
    Make amends recision
    Trust in your oblivion
    See clearly your destination

    Anxiety has finally left
    Happy to live the rest
    Feeling I passed the test
    Truly we are blessed